My Favorite Writer ❤

Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In his teenage he realized his ambition was to become a writer. But his parents were against this path of a career and insisted on him joining a Law school instead. An year later, Coelho dropped out of college and traveled to South America, North Africa, Mexico, and Europe.

After two years, Coelho returned to Brazil and became a songwriter and had a successful career. In 1974, he was imprisoned for a short time by the military dictatorship then ruling in Brazil considering him dangerous due to his occultist lyrics in some songs.

Finally in 1986, Coelho pursued a full-time career as a writer. His first book The Alchemist was published in 1988. After that began a series of brilliantly written novels with life lesson theme and light-reads.

Some of his books are: Veronika Decides to Die, Like the Flowing River, The Fifth Mountain, Aleph, etc and the newly released Manuscripts found in Accra.

PS. I will be writing a post on my experience with his books shortly. Stay tuned!! 🙂

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