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Repetition: The Common Exercise for Denial

Just last night I was having a conversation with my mum and I was talking about how I want to do a certain thing. Mid-way the convo I realized how unacceptable it is for me to do so. So instead of simply admitting that I shouldn’t, I started giving reasons as to why I shouldn’t. This made me think of a particular practice that I am quite certain most of us do.

Often times we keep repeating to ourselves and to others why we shouldn’t do a certain thing. Pretending that we are mature people who weight down all pros and cons to a situation.

Consciously, we keep giving reasons for not doing it, no matter someone proves us wrong. we still repeat how we want it to be. Subconsciously this is done not in order to show off in front of our friends that we are making a smart calculated decision but because we are trying to convince ourselves with these reasons to keep us from pursuing it. Though if given a chance we would do it in a heartbeat.

These reasons that we can ignore easily but will not because we are not alone in this decision making process. All our decisions are heavily influenced by our family, friends, society, culture and up-bringing. We continuously keep talking about these reasons with people or in our head so that it can somewhat permanently stick there.

Such a situation occurs mostly when we want to do something which is not acceptable in our society or/and culture. One of the most common examples can be of choosing a profession like being a writer or a singer, such sort of creative professions, but we don’t often opt for them because we are either not confident about ourselves or our family is not supportive enough.

Yes it is somewhat sad to realize that even though we are kids of today’s generation, the decision making process is still the same and so are the influential factors. We still opt for what is considered acceptable rather than being different. Some of us who are brave enough to be different, bravo to them all.


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