Updates – Updates – Updates

Update-your-siteHello there everyone,

Just thought to write a little post to let you know what’s going on with me and about some upcoming posts.

1)       I am done with The Hunger Games 😀 Oh yesss!!! I was reading it last night and then I took a 3 hours nap, got up and started reading it again. Finished it somewhere around afternoon and by that time I was famished and dead sleepy.

2)      I finally bought Manuscript Found in Accra!! Hell Yeah!!! 😀 😀 The cover is so prettyyy I don’t feel like touching it in fear of ruining it!! 😀 It will definitely be my next read. It looks totally beautiful!!

3)      A couple of reviews coming up soon 🙂

4)      There is a page coming up as well which I am excited about lol. 😀

And all this will be achieved once my eyes are back to normal. #HellBadEyeSightProblems

Right now I can’t even keep them open properly as my eyelids keep dropping. Either I am way too sleepy or my eyes are totally giving up. Hmm!

Will be posting soonish 🙂

Much Love!

4 thoughts on “Updates – Updates – Updates”

  1. U might as well try some toothpicks, they’d help u hold on to those eyelids 😛
    Looking forward to the reviews..

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