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Hello everyone!! 😀

Hope everyone is doing! 🙂 The Iftar gathering at our place went superb. Everybody loved the food and went home in a very happy mood, which made my parents days and did justice to all our efforts. 🙂 It was really fun and the food was really delicious. Mum’s the best cook ever. ❤ I don’t know in which century I will ever learn to cook as awesomely as she does, and with such ease. She makes cooking look like a child’s play.

Anyway! As I shamelessly admitted in my last post that I had ditch my Summer-Reads list for a bunch of books I borrowed from a close friend, Annayah, I would like to share their titles with you!! 😀

1-      The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

2-      One Man’s Art (The MacGregors, #4) – Nora Roberts

3-      Friends Forever – Danielle Steel

4-      Have a Little Faith – Mitch Albom

5-      The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch

6-      Fallen – Lauren Kate

7-      Thinner – Stephen King

8-      I Don’t Know How She Does It – Allison Pearson

9-      How To Be Popular – Meg Cabot

10-   Remembrance – Danielle Steel

So far I am done with the first three books in the list. Of course I had to start it off by reading Paulo Coelho’s first. It’s more like a ritual to me. 😀 After all he is my favorite author!! xD

I liked them three, but on a different level each.

I wanted to read something girly hence Annayah suggested me I Don’t Know How She Does It and How to Be Popular. I hope they fill my appetite for something fun, humorous and girlish. I think I remember reading a bit of How To Be Popular a few years back and found it a little boring. Let’s see how I find it now.

I really wanted to read Stephen King as I have just read one book by him and disliked it a lot. But I want to give myself a second chance with his work. Maybe I just got on with the wrong book of his to start with. Like some people say the read Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and never liked it but loved all his other books. I am biased about Coelho though. 😛 I love all his work. Except for The Winner Stands Alone. Though I did end up liking one character, Jasmine, and branded her one my favorite from all Coelho’s characters.

Fallen’s cover is really beautiful. 😛 Annayah liked it so yes I wanted to read it too. Mitch Albom is another of my really favorite writers. 🙂 That’s why his book made it to the list. And then Annayah suggested me The Last Lecture.

I took Remembrance before I borrowed all these books. I wanted to read Danielle Steel because it had been really long I didn’t read a novel by her. I had only read one, Accident, which was good and a very long time back. Plus I have this really cute person called Niall’s Mofo, who wrote that Bruno Mars Fan Fiction for me, and her best friend Izzie, who is just as adorable as Niall’s Mofo. They are HUGE fans of Dianelle Steel and wanted me to read her again. 😀 So yeaaah!!! xD

For now I think I will take a little break from reading. I am worried I will screw my eyes. So I am going to lay a little off. Plus I have an Iftar gathering to go to tomorrow and one again on Wednesday. Then prolly we are inviting some guests for Iftar on Thursday. So I think it’s going to be a busy week again and I wont have much time to do anything at all. I hope it’s a fun week though. 🙂

~Keep Calm & Read On ❤



Whyy Are You NOT Posting Much, Rebel?! – Explanation =P


Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well. I know, I know, I have been away for a really long while. But I had been caught up with reading so many books and doing very little of anything else. I think that is what happens to a person when they stop reading seriously for a few years and then start off again out of the blues.

I had been away from reading like a maniac for some time but as I finally am on my summer break after two and a half years I really want to make the most of it. And reading is a very crucial part of my to-do list this summer. In fact I think there is nothing else I have been doing from a few weeks. Haha! Good enough. Though my room is in a state of catastrophe and so is my house because of my negligence. It won’t be long before my mum kicks me out of the house for being so careless.

I know when I started this blog I wanted to write as often as I could. But recently I haven’t been posting much. And I think it’s going to be hard anyway because of Ramadan activities. I feel sleepy 24-7. In fact I think I am sleeping for more than 10-11 hours these days. :O but then again I am not really having any great sleep. I go to bed exhausted, I wake up even more exhausted.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you guys what I had been reading lately. 😀 Yes, of course the reviews will follow later on with my favorite quotes as well. For starters I would like to tell you guys that I have almost ditched my Summer-Reads list altogether after borrowing a couple of books from a friend. And now I’ll be diverting all my attention into completing them as I have to return them back soonish too. 😀 Another thing, the books I ordered from US are here as well finally!!! 😀 and I have read two of them so far lol.

Recently Read:

1-      The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games #1) by Suzanne Collins

2-      Manuscript Found in Accra by Paulo Coelho (Already done with its review and my favorite quotes :D)

3-      River’s End by Nora Roberts

4-      The Reef by Nora Roberts

5-      Life: Selected Quotations by Paulo Coelho (Already done with its review and my favorite quotes :D)

6-      Bared to You (Crossfire #1) by Sylvia Day

7-      Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2) by Suzanne Collins

8-      Mockingjay (The Hunger Games #3) by Suzanne Collins

Right now I am busy with preparing for an Iftar gathering at our place on Saturday. Probably, I will not be posting till Sunday or so. I have a pile of books on my shelf that I need to get done reading. And lots and lots of stuff to write and post here!! My procrastinating behavior needs to stop lol.

See you guys soon!! 😀

Much Love ❤

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Favorite Quotes – Life: Selected Quotations by Paulo Coelho (Book)

Following are some of my favorite quotes from Life: Selected Quotations by Paulo Coelho. I have typed them out according to their categories. Hope you guys like it. 🙂


The Dream

1)      The fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself. And no heart ever suffered when it went in search of its dreams. – The Alchemist


2)      The first indication that we are killing our dreams is lack of time. The second indication that our dreams are dead is certainty. The third indication that our dreams are dead in peace. –The Pilgrimage


The Path


1)      In his or her life, each person can take one of two attitudes: to build or to plant. Builders may take years over their tasks, but one day they will finish what they are doing. Then they will stop, hemmed in by their own walls. Life becomes meaningless once the building is finished. Those who plant suffer the storms and the seasons and rarely rest. Unlike a building, a garden never stops growing. And by its constant demands on the gardener’s attentions, it makes of the gardener’s life a great adventure. –Brida


2)      At every moment of our lives, we all have one foot in a fairy tale and the other in the abyss. –Eleven Minutes


3)      Choosing one path means abandoning others – if you try to follow every possible path you will end up following none. –Brida


4)      Your heart is where your treasure is, and you must find your treasure in order to make sense of everything. –The Alchemist


5)      We always have a tendency to see those things that do not exist and to be blind to the great lessons that are right there before our eyes. –The Pilgrimage


6)      Finding something important in life does not mean that you must give up everything else. –Brida


7)      The only way to make the right decision is to find out which is the wrong decision, to examine that other path without fear, and only then decide. –The Pilgrimage


8)      When we postpone the harvest, the fruit rots, but when we postpone our problems, they keep on growing. –The Fifth Mountain


9)      It hurt when I lost each of the various men I fell in love with. Now, though, I am convinced that no one loses anyone, because no one owns anyone. That is the true experience of freedom: having the most important thing in the world without owning it. –Eleven Minutes


10)   If you go around promising what you do not yet have, you will lose the will to achieve it. –The Alchemist


11)   Remember: never behave arrogantly towards the humble and never behave humbly towards the arrogant. –Chronicle – Stories About Arrogance


12)   In order to live fully, it is necessary to be in constant movement, only then can each day be different from the last. –The Zahir


13)   Only by accepting our desires can we have an idea of who we are. –Brida



1)      Accumulating love brings luck, accumulating hatred brings calamity. –Manual of The Warrior of Light


2)      The moment we set off in search of love, it sets off in search of us. And saves us. –By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept


3)      Do not try to explain feelings. Live everything intensely and treasure what you feel as a gift from God. –Brida


4)      We all know people who try to cover up their kindly gestures with irony and indifference, as if love were synonymous with weakness. –Chronicle – Notes For A Non-Existent Diary


5)      The energy of hatred will get you nowhere; but the energy of forgiveness, which reveals itself through love, will transform your life in a positive way. –The Zahir


6)      During the worst of all my crises, friends appeared. Since then, the first thing I do is ask for help. –Chronicle – Crises and Their Traps


7)      Love is full of traps. When it wants to reveal itself, it shows only its light and does not let us see the shadows cast by that light. –By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept


8)      Love is always new. It doesn’t matter if we love once, twice or ten times in a lifetime, we will always find ourselves faced by an unfamiliar situation. –By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept


9)      Love means sharing the world with someone else. –The Valkyries



1)      Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant. –Eleven Minutes


2)      The cup of suffering is not the same size for everyone. –Manual of The Warrior of Light


3)      The secret lies in the present – if you pay attention to the present, you will be able to improve it. And if you improve the present, whatever happens afterwards will be better too. Each day brings us Eternity. –The Alchemist


4)      She said she was neither happy nor unhappy, and that was why she couldn’t go on. Each person knows the extent of their own suffering, or the total absence of meaning in their lives. –Veronika Decides to Die


5)      You should try all wines – of some, take only a sip, of others, drink the whole bottle. How can you distinguish one from the other? By taste. Only someone who has tasted sour wine can recognize good wine. –Brida


6)      You do not drown simply by plunging into water; you only drown if you stay beneath the surface. –Manual of The Warrior of Light


7)      I discovered that searching can be as interesting as finding – as long as you overcome your fear. –Brida


8)      Before certain storms invade our garden, they send faint messages which, out of laziness, we ignore. –Chronicle – Crises and Their Traps


The Journey

1)      There are moments in life when the only possible option is to lose control. –Brida


2)      When there is no turning back, then we should concern ourselves only with the best way of going forward. –The Alchemist


3)      We do not need to know “how” or “where”, but there is one question that we should all ask whenever we start anything: “What am I doing this for?” –The Valkyries


4)      Man needs to choose, not just accept, his destiny. –The Fifth Mountain


5)      Those who make promises they fail to keep end up powerless and frustrated, and exactly the same fate awaits those who believe those promises. –The Devil and Miss Prym


6)      Courage does not mean an absence of fear, but the ability not to let yourself be paralyzed by that fear. –Chronicle – Hagakure and The Path of The Samurai



1)      By changing the way you do routine things you allow a new man to grow inside you. –The Pilgrimage


2)      A blessing rejected becomes a curse. –The Alchemist


3)      Life moves very fast. It rushes us from heaven to hell in a matter of seconds. –Eleven Minutes


4)      Anyone who interferes in the destiny of others will never discover his own. –The Alchemist


5)      Wagers and pacts are made with angels – or with devils. –The Valkyries


6)      The Lord smiles contentedly because this is what He wants, that everyone should take responsibility for their own lives. –The Fifth Mountain


7)      Every person on the face of the earth has a gift. In some this reveals itself spontaneously, others have to work to find it. –By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept


8)      On some nights, the warrior of light has nowhere to sleep, on others, he suffer from insomnia. “That’s just how its is,” thinks the warrior. “I was the one who chose to walk this path.”


9)      I believe that every single day people are offered the chance to make the best possible decision about everything they do. –The Zahir


The Good Fight

1)      No man is an island. To fight the good fight we need help. –The Pilgrimage


2)      When we renounce our dreams, we find peace and enjoy a brief period of tranquility, but the dead dreams begin to rot inside us and to infect the whole atmosphere in which we live. What we hoped to avoid in the Fight – disappointment and defeat – become the sole legacy of our cowardice. –The Pilgrimage


3)      Don’t try to be brave when it is enough to be intelligent. –The Pilgrimage


4)      Start to do something. That way, time will be an ally, not an enemy. –The Fifth Mountain


5)      Teaching is merely showing that something is possible. Learning is making something possible for yourself. –The Diary of A Magus


6)      You must be committed to the place you choose. A divided kingdom cannot resist the attacks of its enemies. A divided human being cannot face life with dignity. –By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept


The Mystery

1)      The warrior knows that the most important words in all languages are the small words. YES. LOVE. GOD. They are words that are easy enough to say and which fill vast empty spaces. –Manual of The Warrior of Light


2)      When God wants to make someone mad, he grants all their desires. –The Valkyries


3)      Suffering occurs when we want other people to love us in the way that we imagine we want to be loved, and not in the way that love should manifest itself – free and untrammeled, guiding us with its force and driving us on. –The Zahir


4)      When I had nothing to lose, I had everything. When I stopped being who I am, I found myself. –Eleven Minutes



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Review – Life: Selected Quotations by Paulo Coelho (Book)

Life: Selected Quotations is another of Paulo Coelho’s most beloved book. It contains a number of quotes from some of Coelho’s famous works. The Zahir, Brida, The Devil and Miss Prym, Manual of The Warrior of Light, Alchemist, Maktub, The Pilgrimage, The Fifth Mountain, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept, Eleven Minutes, and Chronicles, all make the list.

The quotes are very inspirational and do give us a bit understanding to some of the world’s reality to some extent, i.e. if a person wants to look at it with such a point of view.

The best part about this book is that it’s divided into 8 parts and the quotes are arranged according to their categories. Some of the categories are; Love, Dreams, Mystery, etc.

The cover of the book is done by a famous Norwegian artist Anne Kristin Hagesaether.

One can easily finish it within an hour and a half or they can relax and read it from time to time.

It gives you a complete sight on Coelho’s fantastic and easy way of writing. A very soothing and refreshing read. 🙂

Have you read Life: Selected Quotations by Paulo Coelho?! What is your opinion about it?!



Why Write?!

The reason why people like me need to write is so that we can put our minds at ease. We tend to live too many realities and lives parallel to our real existence and hence are bound to lose ourselves in them. This leads to us not being able to distinguish between the real one and the one we had imagined in our head or lived for someone else.

For people like me, writing is a therapy. To set aside what had been done, what we have been through or simply felt, so that it does not come back haunting us when we don’t have our guards up and take us back to the moment we are trying to forget. Or best trying to put in a picture of words so that we can let that piece rest in peace in some corner of our mind where we don’t have to visit it as often as our unconscious mind is making us to.

bleed (1)


Ramadan Kareem 1434 A.H.

Habby Ramadan, everyone!! 🙂

Hope every one of you has a blessed month! 🙂

Sorry haven’t been posting anything lately. Will be back soon in my form. For now a bit occupied with Ramadan’s first few days. It will take a bit to adjust in the new routine.

Stay happy, stay blessed!! 🙂

Much Love!! ❤


Ramadan Kareem by Water Arts

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Favorite Quotes – Manuscript Found in Accra by Paulo Coelho (Book)

I have a habit of saving quotes I like from any book I read. I am sharing some of my favorite quotes from Manuscript Found in Accra by Paulo Coelho. 🙂


1-      Ask the river: ‘Do you feel useful, given that all you do is to keep flowing in the same direction?’

And the river will answer: ‘I’m not trying to be useful. I’m trying to be a river.’ (pg 45)


2-      Everything has a reason to exist. (pg 45)


3-      Even you, the person asking the question. ‘I’m useless’ is the answer you give yourself.

Soon that answer will poison you and you will die while still alive, even though you still walk, eat, sleep and try to have a little fun whenever possible. (pg 45)


4-      Don’t try to be useful. Try to be yourself: that is enough, and that makes all the difference. (pg 45)


5-      It’s nice to dream that we will have plenty of time in the future to do our travelling and that, one day, we will travel. It cheers us up because we know we are capable of doing more than we do. Dreaming carries no risks. The dangerous thing is trying to transform your dreams into reality. (pg 52)


6-      Don’t run the risk of becoming a stranger in a strange land. (pg 55)


7-      If we are happy, we are on the right road. (pg 55)


8-      Fear gradually ebbs away, because it wasn’t given what it felt was its due importance. (pg 55)


9-      Tomorrow, and only tomorrow, will I take another step. Besides, I can always turn back, because I know the road, but one more step won’t make much difference. (pg 56)


10-   ‘Difficulty’ is the name of an ancient tool that was created purely to help us define who we are. (pg 58)


11-   Religions teach that faith and transformation are the only ways of drawing near to God. (pg 58)


12-   Faith shows us that we are never alone. (pg 58)


13-   Transformation helps us to love the mystery. (pg 58)


14-   The Unwanted Visitor visits those who don’t change and those who do. But those who did change can say: ‘My life was an interesting one. I didn’t squander my blessing.’

And those who that adventures are dangerous I say, Try routine: that kills you far more quickly. (pg 59)


15-   We deny our own beauty because others can’t or won’t recognize it. (pg 64)


16-   Instead of accepting ourselves as we are, we try to imitate what we see around us. (pg 64)


17-   We try to be what other people think of as ‘pretty’ and, little by little, our soul fades, our will weakens, and all the potential we had to make the world a more beautiful place withers away. (pg 64)


18-   We forget that the world is what we imagine it to be. (pg 64)


19-   Love passes by and says: ‘I never noticed you before.’

And our soul responds: ‘Well, pay more attention, because here I am. It took a breeze to blow the dust from your eyes, but now that you have recognized me, don’t leave me again, because all of us desire beauty.’ (pg 66)


20-   Beauty exists not in sameness but in difference. (pg 66)


21-   It is imperfect that astonishes and attracts us. (pg 66)


22-   A sunset is always more beautiful when it is covered with irregularly shaped clouds, because only then can it reflect the many colours out of which dreams and poetry are made. (pg 67)


23-   Pity those who think: ‘I am not beautiful. That’s why Love has not knocked at my door.’ In fact, Love did knock, but when they opened the door they weren’t prepared to welcome Love in.

They were too busy trying to make themselves beautiful first, when, in fact, they were fine as they were. (pg 67)


24-   They were trying to imitate others, when Love was looking for something original. (pg 67)


25-   They were trying to reflect what came from outside, forgetting that the brightest light comes from within. (pg 67)


26-   Because Enthusiasm is the Sacred Fire. (pg 73)


27-   They seem quite mad. And sometimes they behave like mad people. But they are not mad. They have discovered true Love and Will. (pg 73)


28-   But only the person who accepts God’s plan with humility and courage knows that he is on the right road. (pg 75)


29-   In order to hear Love’s words, you must allow Love to approach. (pg 79)


30-   They think they can seduce Love through submission, power, beauty, wealth, tears and smiles.

True Love, however, is the love that seduces and will never allow itself to be seduced. (pg 79)


31-   Love transforms, love heals. But sometimes it lays the deadly traps and ends up destroying the person who decides to surrender himself completely. How can the force that moves the world and keeps the stars in their places be, at once, so creative and so devastating? (pg 80)


32-   Love is an act of faith, not an exchange. (pg 80)


33-   Contradictions are what make love grow. Conflicts are what allow love to remain by our side. (pg 80)


34-   We love because we need to love. (pg 80)


35-   And yet, even when Love does not appear, we remain open to its presence. (pg 81)


36-   Sometimes, when loneliness seems about to crush everything, the only way to resist is to keep on loving. (pg 81)


37-   Our great goal in life is to love. The rest is silence. (pg 81)


38-   We need to love. Even when it leads us to the land where the lakes are made of tears – that secret, mysterious place, the land of tears! (pg 81)


39-   Tears speak for themselves. (pg 81)


40-   Because we realized that the person who left us did not take the sun with them or leave darkness in their place. They simply left, and with every farewell comes a hidden hope. (pg 81)


41-   Love is only a word, until we decide to let it possess us with all its force. (pg 83)


42-   And time will cease to exist, because in the land of pleasure-born-of-true-love, everything is infinite. (pg 101)


43-   Because friendship is one of the many faces of Love, and Love is not swayed by opinions; Love accepts its companion unconditionally and allows each to grow in his or her own way. (pg 107)


44-   Love is an act of faith in another person, not an act of surrender. (pg 107)


45-   Do not seek to be loved at any price, because Love has no price. (pg 107)


46-   If they (friends) once took a wrong and dangerous path, they will never come to you and say: ‘Don’t ever do that.’

They will merely say: ‘I once took a wrong and dangerous path.’

This is because they respect your freedom, just as you respect theirs. (pg 107-108)


47-   Stay close to those who sing, tell stories and enjoy life, and whose eyes sparkle with happiness. Because happiness is contagious and will always manage to find a solution, whereas logic can find only an explanation for the mistake made. (pg 110)


48-   No matter how you are feeling, get up every morning and prepare to let your light shine forth.

Those with eyes to see will see your light and be enchanted by it. (pg 110)


49-   The simplest things in life are the most extraordinary. (pg 115)


50-   Elegance is not a matter of good taste. Every culture has its own idea of beauty, which is often completely different from ours. (pg 115)


51-   Arrogance attracts hatred and envy. Elegance arouses respect and Love. (pg 115)


52-   Arrogance causes us to humiliate our fellow man or woman. Elegance teaches us to walk in the light. (pg 115)


53-   Arrogance complicates words, because it believes that intelligence is only for the chosen few. Elegance transforms complex thoughts into something that everyone can understand. (pg 115)


54-   Obsession doesn’t help at all; it only confuses us as to which path to follow and ends up taking away the pleasure of living. (pg 129)


55-   What is success?

It is being able to go to bed each night with your soul at peace. (pg 132)


56-   Help us to understand that Love’s strength lies in its contradictions, and that Love lasts because it changes and not because it stays the same and never faces any challenges. (pg 136)


57-   Help us to be humble when we receive and joyful when we give. (pg 137)


58-   Never miss an opportunity to show your love, especially to those close to you, because we are always at our most cautious with them for fear of being hurt. (pg 155)


59-   Love does not need to be understood. It needs only to be shown. (pg 155)


60-   The greatest gift God gave us is the power to make decisions. (pg 156)


61-   We are told, from childhood on, that what we wanted to do was impossible. As we accumulate years, we also accumulate the sand of prejudices, fears and guilt.

Free yourself from that. Not tomorrow, not tonight, but now. (pg 156)


62-   The true hero is not the man who was born for great deeds, but the one who managed to build a shield of loyalty around him out of many small things. (pg 170)


63-   The true lover is not the one who says: ‘You need to be by my side and I need to take care of you, because we are loyal to one another.’ But the one who realizes that loyalty must go hand-in-hand with freedom. (pg 170)


64-   The enemy is not the person standing before you, sword in hand. It is the person standing next to you with a dagger concealed behind his back. (pg 179)


65-   Never repay hatred with hatred, but with justice. (pg 179)


66-   ‘Go in peace.’ (pg 194)


67-   Life has many ways of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing at all or by having everything happen all at once.


68-   Life is short. There is no time to leave important words unsaid.


69-   Scars speak loudly than the swords that caused them.


70-   There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve, the fear of failure.


71-   Don’t allow your wounds to turn you into a person you are not.


72-   Only he who gives up is defeated. Everyone else is victorious.


73-   Only three things can change our lives; dreams, suffering and love.


74-   One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.


My favorite parts were from Beauty, Love, Friendship, Elegance and Loyalty.

Which were yours?! 🙂


paulloooo mfia

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Review – Manuscript Found in Accra by Paulo Coelho (Book)

Manuscript Found in Accra is the latest book by the very famous and bestselling, and my favorite, author Paulo Coelho. It has been one of the most anticipated books of 2013. It was published in April in USA, UK, Germany and France.

As books reach a little later in the Middle East, I got my copy by May from Borders. The cover as usual is beautiful, a blend of red and golden.

According to me, Manuscript Found in Accra is one of the best examples of Paulo Coelho’s writing. Very easy to read, understand and relate. His way of expressing sentiments and providing examples for better understanding is exemplary. He does not use way too difficult words but simple ones which allows a person to read comfortably rather checking his/her dictionary after every two lines.

Manuscript Found in Accra is not a real story kind of book but more of a lecture with a small backdrop. In the Preface chapter of the book Paulo narrates how he met with an English man who tells him about a manuscript found in a city close to ancient Accra which describes the last meeting of the town’s people before the French invasion.

The people of the city gather at the square to listen to a wise Roman man had settled there a long time back. In that meeting the Copt talks about how they all are quite aware that they do not stand a chance against the invasion and in this difficult time the best they can do is to spread the teaching of their civilization to all parts of the world when the scatter the next morning. He asks them to take the knowledge with them where ever they travel and tell the world their history and what kind of people were they.

The topics range from defeat to uselessness to change, love to solitude, beauty to sex to elegance, luck to miracles to anxiety, and loyalty to enmity, which are discussed in forms of separate chapters.

The most significant part of the book was the last three chapters where the Copt asks the three priests of different religion, i.e. Muslim, Christian and Jew, sitting next to him to add to whatever they think the Copt has left.

All in all it was a beautiful read and quite inspiring to an extent. A one sitting book! 🙂

I would rate it 5 from 5.

Feel free to leave a comment and share your opinion about the book! 🙂





After the last heart break,

She locked her heart so tight,

And threw the key so far,

That now when she wants to retrieve it,

To breathe again,

She cannot find it.

She has lost the key to her heart…

She has lost herself…

And she will soon die,

Suffocate with nothingness…