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Review – Manuscript Found in Accra by Paulo Coelho (Book)

Manuscript Found in Accra is the latest book by the very famous and bestselling, and my favorite, author Paulo Coelho. It has been one of the most anticipated books of 2013. It was published in April in USA, UK, Germany and France.

As books reach a little later in the Middle East, I got my copy by May from Borders. The cover as usual is beautiful, a blend of red and golden.

According to me, Manuscript Found in Accra is one of the best examples of Paulo Coelho’s writing. Very easy to read, understand and relate. His way of expressing sentiments and providing examples for better understanding is exemplary. He does not use way too difficult words but simple ones which allows a person to read comfortably rather checking his/her dictionary after every two lines.

Manuscript Found in Accra is not a real story kind of book but more of a lecture with a small backdrop. In the Preface chapter of the book Paulo narrates how he met with an English man who tells him about a manuscript found in a city close to ancient Accra which describes the last meeting of the town’s people before the French invasion.

The people of the city gather at the square to listen to a wise Roman man had settled there a long time back. In that meeting the Copt talks about how they all are quite aware that they do not stand a chance against the invasion and in this difficult time the best they can do is to spread the teaching of their civilization to all parts of the world when the scatter the next morning. He asks them to take the knowledge with them where ever they travel and tell the world their history and what kind of people were they.

The topics range from defeat to uselessness to change, love to solitude, beauty to sex to elegance, luck to miracles to anxiety, and loyalty to enmity, which are discussed in forms of separate chapters.

The most significant part of the book was the last three chapters where the Copt asks the three priests of different religion, i.e. Muslim, Christian and Jew, sitting next to him to add to whatever they think the Copt has left.

All in all it was a beautiful read and quite inspiring to an extent. A one sitting book! 🙂

I would rate it 5 from 5.

Feel free to leave a comment and share your opinion about the book! 🙂



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