How I Met Myself (Very Much Related to How I Met Your Mother)

Lately I have been watching How I Met Your Mother. Yes, from the very start. I used to like this show since it came on TV, and though I know I saw it later than it hit the tubes for the first time, but that’s how it is on my desert, you see the best things when they are almost over.

I remember watching the first season years before and totally loving Ted. He was just so adorable and madly in love with Robin. I was young and thought that was so freaking cute. Especially when he made it RAIN!! Oh yeah, the rain dance!! How can we possibly ever forget that!! HOW CUTE CAN LOVE GET!! *excited love struck gestures of a teenage version of me*

Yeah, I don’t think like that anymore. I have become a pessimist now. (Just kidding) (Of course I am NOT!!!! *shrieked in Robin’s usual talking manner with Patrice*)

Okay, so this summer I downloaded the complete HIMYM series, season one to eight. Now boy was I excited. Haha!

I remembered most of the first season still (wow, that’s a new), so it was more like I was skipping through most of the mushy, romantic stuff. Then came season two and so on. I was enjoying it so much that I stopped watching it once I was done with season six. I mean, I just didn’t want it to end, it was so amazing. But then I got bored of my life and got back to the show.

The first two seasons, I was into Marshal and Lilly, more than Ted. They were the only couple and were totally cute and crazy together. Not really ashamed to admit, but I didn’t really have any attention on Barney. Even though before downloading the show, my friend Mana, more like warned me he is hard to miss and very influential. I am such an exception, I tell you people.

Third season, I started noticing Barney.

Fourth season, MORE.

Fifth season, I was DEAD on Barney.

People who have seen the show must know whyyy season fifth would have such an effect. The first five episodes were my most favorites. I LOVED them!! Whenever in future I will watch HIMYM again, I am pretty sure that’s where I’ll start from. Yes, I ship Barney with someone SO BAD. Then came season sixth, seventh and eighth, and I cried my eyeballs out on season eighth episode eleven and twelve. :’) Tears of joy ❤

Now, something really stupid happened while I was on my HIMYM series conquest. Okay, I shouldn’t dub it that way because most of us go through it, you know, looking at some fictional character and realizing how similar you two are. THIS IS NORMAL GUYS. Of course dramas, movies and books are written based on normal beings itself. It is just that they are more exaggerated and with happy endings. Dude, I am in my early twenties, I know such stuff does not exist for most of us normal people. -_- Like I mentioned earlier, I have become a pessimist.

Anyway, so while watching How I Met Your Mother, just imagine who I realized I was more like. What do I hear?

Lilly? – Ah, naaww!! *passing a foxy smile and shrugging a hand in the air*

Probably Marshal then – Oh guys, com’n no! *doing Marshal’s crazy inner goddess gestures*

Robin? – I WISH!! *aiming and shooting a cardboard head with accuracy, without flinching, in fact with a triumph smile*

Barney?! – Haha, No. *wait-for-it*




Must be Scooter – Who are you kidding?! *hair tied up under a cap and working at Lilly’s school canteen still*

(If you haven’t seen the show you probably have noooooo idea what I am doing or talking about here)

This leaves us with just ONE person, one person I so dread to say I am like.

*Drum rolls*

Barney: Have you met TED?!





Yes, he is cute and adorable and a ray of sunshine and hope and STUFF. But he is also almost everything wrong and I so wish I wasn’t. In the start I used to think I am more like Robin mentality wise but to my disappointment I was wrong.

Ted and my similarities:

1-      He is a romantic. (Let’s not even go there! I am just going to pretend I never wrote this)

2-      He believes in destiny. (Are you serious, dude? – Yes I am -_-)

3-      He is impulsive. (Big time!)

4-      He takes life too seriously. (Everything has a deep meaning – No, it doesn’t, bitch! -_-)

5-      He has a set goal for every phase of life, which he never achieves, because he has somewhat forgotten about it. (I forget about everything. It won’t be much of a surprise when I forget how to eat too someday)

6-      He falls in love too quickly. (Have you ever seen my list of crushes?! Let me make it easy for you – ASK MY MUM!)

7-      He is too caring for his own good. (No comments.)

8-      He can’t let go – of anything – and I literally mean anything, not just people but non living things too.

9-      He doesn’t take relationships slow. He just dives into them and wants to get to the end part first even before reaching the first quarter of the relationship. By end part I mean, saying I love you, marriage, kids, etc. He wants and plans for it all even before knowing a person well enough. He doesn’t even bother asking them if they are ready for such commitments. (Kill me, no please – DO IT!!! *Lilly’s he-is-dead-to-me voice*)




10-   He thinks he is super cool, whereas he is a dork, a BIG one. (I am a challenge-accepted amount of a  dork -_-)

11-   He is socially awkward. I score higher than him here. I top up by being anti-social as well.

12-   He is the worst advisor. (Don’t even think of coming to me regarding any advice. I will ruin your life.)

13-   He doesn’t really have many friends, but he would lay his life for his four besties. 🙂 (The ONLY good thing about Ted)

It was already bad enough in my head, but now that our similarities is in a list right in front of me in a more physical form where I can read and reread it, I feel like I should indeed shoot myself. 😀

Now of course Ted is going to mature up a little bit, like we saw in season eight, but he is still a dork. There is only one thing we can truly be happy about regarding him; at least he is going to get his better half by the end of season nine. *Yaaay!!*

As for me, I don’t stand a chance with either Jamie Campbell Bower or Harry Styles. (Fan girl much?)

My today’s Lipton Green Tea feel-good tip: Enjoy feeling fabulous today. (You bet I will! -_-)

4 thoughts on “How I Met Myself (Very Much Related to How I Met Your Mother)”

  1. Gotta say, ure maturing as a writer n even though I’ve missed a lot of ur pieces but this one made me realize what I had been missing..
    Looks like I can’t even say ‘keep up the good work’ coz it can’t get any better..

    1. I am not liking season 9 at all. They are making it blah. Its the last season, they should end it nicely. I am very disappointed with the director(s). 😦

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