22nd November, 2013 – An Exceptionally Good Day

This post is more of an update on one of the best days I’ve had so far. If you are not interested in knowing about my life or about me, then you can skip through this one, and if you are interested then; Keep Calm and Read On. 😀 ♥

On 21st November’s evening, it rained cats and dogs in Muscat, with hailing in some main city areas. It was a new experience for us Muscatis as something as close to as snow falling down in our desert is quite a huge thing. Unfortunately I wasn’t amongst the lucky ones to witness it. I was busy packing my parents’ luggage for their flight to our hometown the next morning. I did get to enjoy the rain later at night though, but it was more of a drizzle and not super rainstorm/thunderstorm kind of a thing which I am very crazy about. Would say I missed the best rain Muscat has ever seen in ages.

The weather forecast for the next day and a couple more said it would rain heavily again. My siblings and I were a little worried for our parents’ flight knowing it would surely get delayed. Other than that the news had me all excited as I am a major rain fan. 😀

We woke up to a cloudy weather the next day. I am not very good at saying goodbyes hence I wished my parents farewell and stayed back home while my brothers drove them to the airport. Another reason was I was major sleep deprived and needed to regain some energy from the previous night’s insomnia. So once home alone I tried my very best to sleep but all my efforts were in vain.

It had started drizzling by then and Muscat transformed into a fairytale land for me. Muscat in the rain is just beautiful. Words cannot describe its beauty. Following are two pictures to show you how it looked like from my window.



As I was looking out of the window totally mesmerized, I got a call from my brothers asking me to get ready because they were coming to get me for some breakfast outside and a cruise ‘round the city. As tired as I was, I still got up, got dressed properly, for once did my hair, and whoosh I went on the mighty adventure.


The clouds ♥
The clouds ♥

Now we were four famished, sleep deprived, low on energies people seeking for food on a rainy day at wee hours in Muscat. We were taking names of every spot we could think of, from fast food to traditional. The argument went on and on, and so did the wheels of the car. 😀

Yes, Muscat is under construction in several places.
Yes, Muscat is under construction in several places.


The first stop we made was to Gulf Beach – because we wanted to see the sea, and also because we were on our way to Jawharat Al Shatti.



My favorite place.
My favorite place.


On our way to JAS we passed Royal Opera House, which looked like a haunted place to me. On normal days, it is one of the most beautiful buildings in Muscat. 🙂 Here is a scary version of it from my camera, LOL.



Our first choice at JAS was D’Arcy Kitchen, but it was packed. To stop me from passing out, I was treated to my most favorite drink that makes me a happy bunny, Dilato from Second Cup. Milk, Coffee, Oreas and whipped cream – oh my god, life is beautiful with every sip of it. ♥


The argument was still in full swings when we finally decided to go to Al Makan Café in MGM. The weather was beautiful and a rooftop view of the city while eating would have been all a person could ask for.

The moment I stepped into MGM, a visit to Borders is a compulsion, followed by a visit to Hallmark. Borders make me a happy bunny as well. 😀 Any good bookstore in any mall is my favorite and happy place. Borders is where I got my One Direction Official Annual 2014 Book from – All the more reasons to be happy. 🙂 I wasn’t hoping to buy the book before next month’s pocket money, but God was kind on me that day, and *someone* got me the book as a late birthday present. 🙂 What more can a person ask for in one day.

Anyway, to our bad luck Makan was closed and we had to resort to eating McDonald’s for breakfast that day. 😛 *McDonald’s is happiness too!! :D*

Once done from there, we all went home and slept our bums off and got up around evening. Before I could think of rocking my PJs for the rest of the evening and sulk around in every corner of the house which is my usual routine when mum dad go away somewhere for long, my brother asked me to get dressed because we were going out hunting for camping stuff. He had a plan of going for camping the next weekend (which was this weekend, like last night) and was insistent I go along. But I was stuck with a lot of college work as well as other things to do, so I had to refuse, 😦 plus washroom issues.

After two hours of searching Sultan Center’s camping portion high and low, Bro told me ‘The Hunger Games; Catching Fire’ is on tonight and lets go for it. Boy was I excited. 😀


I have read the series over the summer and even though I did not like the first movie The Hunger Games, Catching Fire was my favorite book in the series and I wanted to watch the movie, to see if the directors have disappointed me again this time or was it any good. I wasn’t sure if I was willing enough to watch it in the cinema though. But the day was going good and this could have been the perfect end to it. So I said, ‘alright, bring it on.’ And to be very honest, it was worth it. 🙂

So, let us do the math now.

1-      Rainy Day – Check

2-      Second Cup – Check

3-      One Direction Book – Check

4-      McDonald’s for breakfast – Check

5-      Movie Night in cinema that too Catching Fire – Check

Could this day be any more perfect?! I guess not. 😀

God, Thank You for blessing me with such an amazing day and surrounding me with such amazing people. ♥

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