Yes Winter, No Winter – Olay Essentials Moisturizer

Muscat’s weather has become quite moody and unpredictable. Yes, these are the exact words I would use for it. We are in the middle of December and yet are unclear if it’s winter yet or not. Some days it’s cold and some days it’s so sunny we feel like its summer. I guess that’s the matter with every Middle East country. Whatever the case, the air has become quite dry. Dry enough to make your skin rough and wrinkly. In such a weather it is very important to keep your skin properly moisturized – at all times. Yes, you heard me right – at all times. It’s practically of no benefit if you put on a moisturizer once in a day and assume it’s going to keep your skin moist throughout the day. It’s important you reapply your moisture to keep you skin soft and wrinkle-free. I know the things I am writing here is common knowledge but I would still like to write them because who knows someone like me, who has no idea about beauty and skin care, might be reading it and this might be new information. 😀

Moving on, I wanted to share about the moisturizer that I use. I have recently started taking my skin a bit more seriously than I ever did before. Now, I am not a person who likes her products dense/sticky. I get irritated and also don’t have the patience to wait and let them absorb after hours and hours. So my first choice while choosing an appropriate moisturizer was Olay Essentials – Beauty Fluid (Moisturizing Day Fluid). It absorbs into the skin quickly, leaves no stickiness, keep the skin soft and alive for hours. It goes with any skin type, the price is super economical, can be found in almost any hypermarket or store, and it lasts for at least 2-3 months.

Olay - Fix and Henry

I always make sure I apply it the first thing in the morning after I am done washing my face. I also prefer reapplying it when I clean my face in between the day. Also I have not looked into any night creams as yet and probably won’t either, I prefer applying it before sleeping. My skin is all good when I wake up the next day.

Another thing that I do hope to keep in mind and in my routine as well is that Yes Winter or No Winter, a moisturizer is essential in every skincare routine throughout the year. Especially for a person like me who is very fond of pulling multiple extremely funny (read hideous) faces every day. My skin must be cursing me since years now, but I am going to fix that. Well I am hoping I can.

Have you tried Olay’s moisturizer or any other product from the brand? How did you find them? What is your favorite moisturizer? How well does it do?

Your comments are more than welcome! 🙂


Rebel xx

7 thoughts on “Yes Winter, No Winter – Olay Essentials Moisturizer”

  1. It’s been a years I haven’t used anything on my face :/ Because of acne problems.
    But just a month back I bought Maybelline cc cream and it’s a good one, leaves no stickiness, keep the skin soft and glowing for hours..
    That’s the only Cream i’m using for my face.
    For Body i use Dove & Vaseline body lotion 🙂

  2. I am simply awful at taking care of my skin, it’s like go hard or go home, and I go home all the effin time hahahaha!
    BUT, Since this, I went and got a cream, but not olay, it’s Vaseline with the cocoa smell 😉 NOW I SMELL GOOD ALL THE TIME!

    LOVE THIS! x

    1. Vaseline is an amazing body lotion. Well picked, love!! 😀 but take care of your face too. Its very important. Get yourself a good moisturizer and keep your face skin soft and wrinkle free. xx

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