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Review – Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (Book)

*no spoilers included*


From a few weeks I had been dying to read a romantic book. A book where the main leads don’t die and there is no crap situation going on where the whole love experience is never really explained in the book. What I actually wanted was a book that will make me fall in love with love. I wanted to experience something powerful that will make me believe in love again. And along came Eleanor & Park. 🙂

I got done reading it last night, and by the time the book was over I couldn’t help but want more of it. Rainbow Rowell wrote Eleanor & Park in such an easy manner, with simple words, that I always appreciate about a writer. I don’t mind huge words or expanding my vocabulary as is the main purpose of books, but I do love when a novelist writes with simple words and convey the most extraordinary feelings in an extraordinary way.

The love story of Eleanor & Park was romantic to a T. Two misfits brought together, Park being half Asian and Eleanor coming from a disturbed household. In the beginning I really thought it will be a depressive book, but by the first 50 pages I was grinning ear to ear and couldn’t wait for things to get hot and steamy between them, haha. It is so sad they were just 16. *pervert alert*

I loved how Rowell wrote in a day to day manner, with regular situations. There was no over the top romance. It was a perfect high school love, with perfect high school messed up situations. Some people would say things described in Eleanor’s part were too much, but I disagree. All these things do happen in today’s world. And it is sad when such situations are brought to light people try to push them aside rather ponder over it. I loved, loved, LOVED Eleanor’s part. I loved how the story was written from both the characters’ perspective. It was just perfect.

What didn’t I really like about the book was how it left a few spaces that we had to fill in with our own thoughts. Yes I know some people love the whole idea of books letting you decide the situation of the book as per your thinking, but when I read a book I really do want to know each and every aspect of the story by the writer’s point of view.

I so badly wish Rowell comes out with a sequel and she did mention in her Goodreads interview that she as well might, because really I couldn’t get enough of Eleanor & Park. I want a really epic sequel to the book with lots and lots of details about their lives and stuff. *pervert alert*

I would recommend this book to every single one of you and especially to those who have lost faith in love. This book will make you feel good, at least for as long as you’re reading it and till its effects last after you’re done. I’ll definitely be rereading it once I am done with my huge pile of unread books.

Have you read Eleanor & Park? Did you like it? What were your favorite parts?

Have a good day y’ll!


Fam xx

How it feels to be young and in love.. ❤
How it feels to be young and in love.. ❤

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2 thoughts on “Review – Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (Book)”

  1. FAVOURITE BOOK E V E R!!! i shall even read it again in the summer, it was so good, me being the one who hates people and love, definitely fell in love with love. and the characters.. perfect.. ❤ rowell amazes me! 😀

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