Review – The Fault in Our Stars (Movie)

*no spoilers included*

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My last post was a review of The Fault in Our Stars book and some of my favorite parts from the book (Link Here). I thought to do a review for the movie too.

My friend and I went for The Fault in Our Stars movie last week on Wednesday and without a doubt loved it. I had previously seen its trailer and it really caught my attention. I wasn’t sure if I’d go for it though because I didn’t like the book much. I procrastinated for about two weeks before I went. I am so glad I didn’t miss it because I do believe the movie made me like the book. (That’s a first.)

The acting was so good. Ansel Elgort did an amazing job portraying a cocky yet lovable Augustus Waters. Shailene Woodly was the perfect sarcastic and gorgeous Hazel Grace. Their chemistry was strong and they looked totally adorable together. The direction was great, plot, everything was done so well. They have included as many parts as they could from the book, which is always a thumb’s up. The soundtrack was good too and suited the movie’s theme.

Things I loved the most about the movie

1-      Their text conversations. I loved how they popped up on the screen – totally cute. I loved Ansel’s smirk and all the charm he brought to the screen. He made me question how a guy can be so freaking cute and humble. Major loved him. I watched Shailene in Divergent and didn’t like her that much. I found her okay. Maybe it was the braid thing. But in TFIOS she looked super nice even with the tube. The short hair suited her so well. (I am contemplating on getting the same haircut because so attractive.)

2-      ‘Oh go fuck yourself’ –Hazel Grace

Haha, this was my most favorite part and ever since seeing the movie I am tempted to say this to quite a few people. 😛 I simply loved the way she said it.

3-      Isaac!!!!! What is there to not love about this character? He is in mortal pain. He has cancer, he is losing his eyesight and his girlfriend is crazy. I loved all his parts especially the one in the start where he is singing out loud while listening to music with headphones on.

4-      ‘I am a good person but a shitty writer. You are a shitty person but a good writer.’ The way Ansel’s said this; wow, wow, wow.

Things I didn’t like about the movie

1-      The ending.


Naww, it should’ve been

I Do

But Okay? 😦 Anyway, I do think it wouldn’t have gone with the whole scene, so understandable. But…

I do, Augustus.

I do.

2-      Two of my most anticipated parts weren’t there

Last shred of dignity..
I dislike living in a world without Augustus Waters. (me too, bro, me too.)

3- Also, i was on edge waiting for the whole Gus pissing scene because that would mean the ending was near. It never came. -.- *False anxiety alarm*

Every book movie has their pros and cons but TFIOS movie had way many pros than cons. Even though in Muscat all their kissing scenes and love scene was censored but we loved the movie. People were laughing at all the humorous scenes and then everyone cried too while I sat there like. 😐 *heartless moments*

If you haven’t gone for the movie yet, I’d strongly suggest you to go. Coming from a person who is very picky about what I watch I’d say don’t miss out on this one even if you haven’t read the book. This movie is love.

For those of you who have read the book and/or watched the movie, how did you find it? I would like to know your opinion. Leave a comment below. 🙂


Fam xx

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