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Nail Polish ~ That’s What I Mint by Essence




I don’t usually buy nail polishes from a good brand unless there is a color I love and doubt I’d ever find anywhere else. I came across Essence in Sultan Center in Qurum last year. I wasn’t sure if I would like it as I haven’t heard of it before and because I visit TSC once a year I don’t remember seeing Essence’s booth there before. I came home and did a little internet research about the brand and their products and liked them instantly. Another factor that I loved about Essence was how affordable all their products were. Their nail polishes start from RO 1 which is cheaper than what we get from exhibitions, which are considered the epitome of cheap rates here, and often times the quality of nail polishes isn’t that good.

I saw That’s What I Mint on an Instagram blogger’s profile, Lisa (link here), and knew right away I wanted it. Summer is either about super bright colors or soothing pastel shades, according to me. I listed this nail polish in my Summer Wishlist #1 (link here) too and I am happy to say I ticked this off my list. 🙂

That’s What I Mint is a very light shade of mint which actually looks like a mix of pale blue and white. It has a cooling effect and looks super nice in day time as well as night. It goes well with vibrant colored dresses like red, plum, yellow and orange, and gives a pop of color to dress in black and grey.

I must say it is one of my favorite nail polishes and I have been wearing it quite a lot ever since I bought it. The quality is beyond what I had expected at such a price. I just had to apply it once to get a flawless coat. It lasted on my nails for three days without chipping once and be assured I had been doing the dishes, laundry, packing and all sorts of work. The shine did not go either and looked like I had just applied it. What more can a girl ask for? ❤

Are you an Essence nail polish fan? What is your favorite shade?


Fam xx

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