Movie Made Me Read It

This is new I know. It’s always the other way around that you read a book and then you watch its movie but a few days back I was noticing how some movies made me want to read their books instead. Often time movies are not a very good version of the books and they can also put you off a good book if the movie is not that well made. I don’t intend to disrespect any filmmaker. I know everyone gives a hundred percent to their work and creating a whole movie out of a book is not an easy task. Thumbs up to people who still try to do so and give us a visual product.

As I often say I am very picky about the movies I watch and like, there have been some movies that, even if they aren’t that good, got me interested in their book.

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1- Twilight

I guess I belong to the minority now who would admit these days that they liked Twilight movie. Most of the people I know who were really crazy about the movies dislike them now.

I was travelling to attend my aunt’s funeral when this movie came out and of course I wasn’t going to pop up in the local cinema to watch Twilight. Two weeks later when I got back home it was off cinema. I watched it at home and loved it so much. I regretted not watching it in the cinema. Then I bought a copy of the book and read it. I didn’t like it. There were so many parts that weren’t in the movie and the ones that were in the movie were kind of different in the book. I got really confused and wasn’t able to visualize the book’s story. My mind was stuck on the movie version. Then before their movies released I read New Moon which I liked, Eclipse was my favorite and Breaking Dawn was okay. I read Twilight again last year and loved it so much I reread it once more and attempted to read it a third time too but got busy with uni so never got a chance to complete it.

My favorite character was Jasper and that’s the reason I loved Eclipse so much because he had such a vital role in it. Carlisle was an amazing character and Emmet was another favorite because he was big, strong, and tough and teddy bear like.

2- Harry Potter

Yes, I am one of those who hadn’t read the books till they came out as movies. I started the books after the fifth movie was released because I couldn’t take the suspense and straight away read book six and damn do I get why most HP book lovers hate the HP movies so much. When the sixth movie came out and I went for it I actually wanted to bang my head against the seat in front of me. The movie felt like bits and pieces were glued together and there was so much more to the story. I know it’s hard to fit a 500-600 pages of book into a two hour movie but don’t ruin it at least.

Coming from a person who started the books just due to the movies I know hardcore HP books fans would say I don’t get a say because I wasn’t there in the fandom from book one but seriously guys I do sympathize with you all. I sometimes go as far as saying I shouldn’t have read the books at all till all the movies were out because the books did ruin the movies for me. I would love to read the entire again again and have a HP movies marathon too hopefully soon.

3- The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I watched this movie so very late but once I was done with it I was eager to read the book. Emma, Logan and Ezra’s acting was so good and the storyline was different from what I usually watch. Patrick was my favorite character in the movie and in the book Charlie and Sam were my favorite. I found the end a little confusing but because I had seen the movie already I didn’t go blank or get annoyed. I would want to reread it again one day but in paperback this time.

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4- The Mortal Instruments – City of Bones

Oh, The Mortal Instruments! A friend of mine suggested me the book series and I wasn’t keen on reading it but all it took was a glimpse of Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace in City of Bones trailer to woo me in. A lot of people didn’t like the movie and found Jamie unsuitable for the role but I loved him as Jace, even after reading the books. I could picture no one else as Jace than Jamie while I was reading the series because he acted amazingly in the movie. I liked the movie and there were parts where I would say ‘this part would be amazing in the book’, ‘I am sure they have messed this part in the movie’, ‘oh, the details, the romance’ and ‘book would be so much more’. By the end of the movie I was shocked and heart-broken and if you have read CoB you would’ve been too and all I was saying was ‘I can’t wait to read this damned book’. The books were amazing and I am hoping and wishing they come out with the next part of the movie series because I can’t wait to see Jamie as Jace again.

5- The Great Gatsby

This movie was every bit as beautiful as Leo looked throughout it. The sets, the direction, the music, the dialogues, everything was perfect. I liked it so much but by the end I wanted to kill Daisy, Leo’s love interest in the movie. After I came back from the cinema I downloaded the e-book and read the whole thing. I liked it and it made me very sad.

6- The Book Thief

I bought the book first and downloaded the movie later. I watched the movie first and then started reading the book. I loved the movie. It was beautiful. The acting and direction was amazing. Liesel, Rudy and Max were my favorite characters. The movie was pretty long but I am glad it was because while I was reading the book I noticed how the movie didn’t really miss a thing. At least not till where I have read it. I am still in the process of reading it and am enjoying it so much that I sometimes read it really slow or stop reading at all because I don’t want it to end. I love the writing and the illustrations in the book and have been suggesting everyone to read the it but in paperback because that’s when you will really enjoy it.

That’s all for now guys. I hope you enjoyed this post. I might do another post of this sort if I see any movie that inspires me enough to read its book too. Let me know in the comments below if there was any movie that made you read the book it was based on.

Till next time,


~F x

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