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Cupcakes @ illy

And I am back with a food post. You can expect quite a lot of such posts in the coming blogs because I have pretty much stopped shopping for products and shifted all my attention back to food and books.




I finally tried illy, a small open area bakery/café in Muscat Grand Mall (MGM) on the second floor. Personally I don’t like completely open café and prefer the privacy a proper shop provides but illy has a very cute and cozy feel to it and I couldn’t resist, ha.




They mainly serve a variety of cakes, cupcakes and coffees too. I tried their Rich Chocolate Cupcake and Oreo Cupcake. Rich Chocolate cupcake had a plain chocolate cake with a gooey chocolate topping. It wasn’t too sweet which I found perfect. I don’t like anything overly sweet. Oreo Cupcake had the same plain chocolate cake and had Oreo cream as topping with half an Oreo as decor. It tasted mild too which I of course found good but I doubt proper Oreo lovers would prefer such a light taste.

The prices were very reasonable and the customer service was good too. I wouldn’t say they were the best cupcakes I ever had and that I would be returning there anytime soon but it’s a good enough place to try. I actually have my eyes on their Banana loaf and might try it the next time around.

~F x

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