Lately #7

Call It Spring 1

1- Reads

I popped into Call It Spring in Muscat City Center and picked up their booklet. It was quite interesting and consisted of interviews by their staff and some famous bloggers about various dressing styles and what items they are more interested in. It also had some great photography. I felt the theme was quite awesome. Don’t forget to grab a copy if you find their outlet in your local mall.


2- Music

I can NOT stop listening to 1989 by Taylor Swift lately. This album is just so good. I love all her Harry related songs especially Wildest Dreams, Styles and You’re In Love. Shake It Off, Blank Space and I know Places are amazing tracks too.

Red Cup

3- Drinking

I had my first Red Cup of the season from Starbucks this week!! I am one happy chappy and can’t wait to have more. 😀 The return of Toffee Nut is welcomed with open mouths.


4- Movie Time

I went for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 on the weekend. Totally loved the movie and would recommend every Hunger Games fanatic to go and see it. Don’t forget to take a tissue box with you because you will need it A LOT.


5- Flowers

Brightening up the dining room by placing this gorgeous bunch on the dining table.

20141125_184436 ed

6- Bobbi Brown

Had a cheeky appointment with Bobbi Brown the other day. Stay tuned for details in the coming days. 😉

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