FASHION ~ Printed Tights

I thought to do a quick fashion post today. Now, I am not one of the most fashionable person or all that shiz. I prefer wearing clothes I am comfortable in and I don’t mind wearing them till they are totally ruined. One of my favorite clothing item is tights and I am famously known as the girl who would wear tights under tees, dresses, kameez and just about anything. I can’t help it, I just feel so comfy in them and they are easier to move in. I can’t remember the last time I wore jean, and yes one of the reason for that is my ever increasing waistline, but who cares as long as you have comfy tights to roam around in, lol.

I went to Max in Carrefour Seeb last week and got meself some printed tights. I know the fashion is almost dying now but having never tried anything exciting other than the basic plain black, blue and white tights I was excited to finally buy some.


(In case it’s not clear – I am sitting on the bed’s edge)

The first one is blue jeggings also known as my usual attire. I love these as it gives you a feeling of wearing jeans while still being extremely comfortable. It is my go-to and on-the-run tights from about a month now.

The second one is an Aztec print tight. The material is thick and seems quite sturdy. I loved this print as it was simple and singular. I usually find Aztec tights with too many prints criss-crossing each other as such a put off so when I found these I knew I had to get them.

The third one is a floral print. I always found floral print to be too girlish and some were just too in your face kind of until I tried these. These are blue jeggings with pink flowers on it and are simply gorgeous.

I am so glad I picked these as they so comfortable to wear and acceptable almost anywhere, ha. I doubt I’ll be wearing anything else now until I am forced by mum. *argues – Dobby is 18+. Dobby is a free elf. Dobby won’t take new clothes*

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Happy Monday! 🙂

Ciao & Love,

~F x

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