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I am Fatima (aka Rebel). I live in the Middle East in a country called Sultanate of Oman. I started Rebel’s Spot in uni as a way to get back to writing, loosen up a bit and express myself. While doing so I developed an interest towards all things beauty which is often the theme of many posts on here.

I love to talk about books, beauty, fashion, food and lifestyle. I love shopping so there are always some hauls going on. I pop in snippets of my life as well in my weekly Lately posts and if I’ve had an exceptionally awesome day, I might just blog about it. You will easily get to know what are my on going obsessions as i keep posting about them nonstop till it becomes an overdose and I have to switch topics, ha.

Feel free to follow the blog, leave a comment and start a conversation. 🙂

Oh, also, I am obsessed with a boy band called One Direction 😀

And… I refuse to grow up. B-)

Much Love!

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29 thoughts on “The Blog & I”

    1. Heyy!! Thank you for the tag. I am travelling for now, so once I am back I’ll check the tag as well as the award u nominated me for!! THANKYOUU ♡ xx

  1. Just to leave my footprints or should I say textprints :* that i came i saw i read and fell in love again babe ❤

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