PR & Disclaimer


This is a PR friendly blog. Products for review, product launch, events and other opportunities are welcomed.


The items mentioned on this blog are purchased by myself. Items that are gifted to me are often mentioned. PR samples would be clearly stated in the posts. If the products appear in future posts after the ‘sponsored post’, it would be my personal decision to promote them for which I won’t be getting paid.  I reserve the right to post about an item or not.

Recommendation Disclaimer

I only recommend items that I genuinely like. There is a good chance that something I like, you might not.

Makeup wise please be informed not all products work the same way on all skin type so make sure the products you use suit your skin and if they cause any adverse effect or mess with your allergies. I highly recommend testing out products till it satisfies you before purchasing.


Everything on this blog is created by me unless stated otherwise. I would kindly request you to not use any pictures or content without seeking my permission first.

For business or press inquiries contact:

For questions or general talking tweet me:


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