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#LongLastingLove ~ New Nail Colors from Essence Cosmetics

#longlastinglove -

I did a huge haul of a mix of things and i am still making up my mind on blogging about it or not but here are two things that I just had to write about because pretty nails, ha.

I didn’t go to Essence Cosmetics counter for a new nail polish in a while now and that’s just so unlike me. I always love picking up vibrant colors from them as their collection never disappoints. Life got just too hectic and I didn’t get much time to spend at the mall hence there hasn’t been an update but I went there a few weeks back and got my hands on these two.

Hot Pink - Lucky -

Now everyone here knows how much I love my blue nails and all that blue jazz but I made a little change this time. I decided to go for a pink shade. *who is this person?* I got Essence the Gel Nail Polish in shade #09 Lucky. It’s a gorgeous hot pink and is so flattering on the nails. The formula as usual has been amazing and one coat makes the nail opaque. I am very happy with this purchase.

Lets Get Lost -

I tried checking out without getting a blue shade but how is that even possible?! I got Essence the Gel Nail Polish in shade #30 Let’s Get Lost – Oh, interesting name. 😀 It is a robin’s egg blue color. The formula for this one is good too. This shade looks a lot like Rimmel Salon Pro Lycra Britpop can be considered as its perfect dupe.

These colors are from their summer collection I believe, I am not sure, but they are hash tagged with Long Lasting Love. You guys need to head out to an Essence counter near you and check their collection because they have come out with a whole new range of colors and all of them are amazing. I have my eyes on the maroon and purple one. 😀

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Red Nails for Christmas


Hello Guys!!

Last few days had been extremely busy. Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas I really wanted to put up a tree this year. Sadly that didn’t happen and to cheer myself up I planned to dip my nails in the most Red nail color I could find. My choice you ask? Rimmel Rock N Roll.

My last red nail polish dried off and I’ve needed a new bottle from a while now. Red nails are my absolute favorite. After browsing Carrefour’s beauty section for a while I found Rimmel Salon Pro Kate Moss 703 Rock N Roll. I tried it on my nails and I knew it was going in my basket. It is a deep red with shocking pink undertone and is extremely bright on the nails. More like neon red. I loved the effect.

Rock N Roll has the standard Rimmel Salon Pro packaging which I find extremely cool. It has the usual thick glossy formula that goes on so well and just one coating is enough. I love Rimmel nail brushes as they are quite broad and can cover a complete nail in just one swipe hence making the applying process effortless for people who struggle with it (I am trying to say Me).

Now I wouldn’t say Rock N Roll is one of my favorite polishes because the moment it starts chipping the shocking pink undertone is extremely visible and looks trashy. I however will continue to use it until I find a better red nail polish. If you guys have any suggestions leave them in the comments below. I will be thankful. 🙂


~F x

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NOTD ~ Rimmel Salon Pro Lycra 713 Britpop



If you’ve been following me from the very start you would know about my obsession with color Blue. I love Blue and all its shade. It is the most attractive color to me. I picked up Britpop assuming it was exactly like an unlabeled Tiffany Blue nail color I had. It was similar but not exactly alike.

Britpop is a neon tiffany blue. It is extremely bright and can put the spotlight right on your fingers the moment you apply it. It stands out really. I have worn it with neutral and monochrome clothes and it looks super. It doesn’t go with bright colors though as far as I have experimented.

Rimmel makes some of the best nail polishes I would say. Their Salon Pro Lycra range is of extremely high quality. The nail polish brush is broad enough to cover the whole finger in one sweep. The formula is thick requiring only one coat to make the nails opaque. What I love the most about Rimmel nail polishes is their color. If it’s a British blue; it is that color to a T and if it is Red – it is the proper red. I can’t wait to buy more colors from Rimmel. They are right up my street.

What is your favorite shade by Rimmel?


~F x

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NOTD ~ Off To Miami by Essence

*Effortlessly gorgeous nails alert!!*

Off to Miami (1)

Off to Miami (2)

I just can’t get enough of Essence it seems. I have bought yet another nail polish from them and this one is a massive favorite. 109 Off to Miami is a peachy salmon color that goes on your nail effortlessly, dries off real quick and last for eons. Honestly. The formal is extremely superb.

I have been reaching out for Off to Miami so much these days. It is just the perfect color to wear in this confused weather where we are not sure whether it is summer, autumn, spring or winter out there or all four of them at once. It suits all skin tones and goes well with neutral colored dresses as well as colorful ones. You don’t need to change your nail color for the evening *woop woop*

I’ve been getting quite a lot of compliments on it and people often ask which nail polish I am wearing. It’s such a fabulous feeling, ha. Essence nail polishes range impresses me yet again. Can’t wait to go back and purchase another gorgeous shade.

What do you think of Essence Nail Polish range? Do you like this color? Do let me know in the comments below! 🙂


~F x

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NOTD ~ Flashy Pumpkin by Essence

If you live in the Middle East, summer is never really over. While other countries celebrate spring in full swing, we wait on just the tiny ruffle of leaves. It’s not false to say we mostly experience season summer year round. Well it does give us a privilege of wearing summer clothes, accessories and do summer bits like go to the beach for a swim and not bundle up in our sweaters and stay home when we don’t feel like it, ha, and this is when I present a new nail color which goes well with our hot weather.

Flashy Pumpkin by Essence ( (1)

Flashy Pumpkin (does it ring a bell? :D) by Essence is a bright/neon orange color that goes with about anything and I do mean anything. It even looks amazing with black and grey dresses, what else would one need. I wanted to get it from a while but when I went to purchase it I was dissuaded by a friend but once home I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Hence I had to make another trip to Essence’s counter the very next day.

Flashy Pumpkin by Essence ( (2)

I have been enjoying this color very much. I love wearing it with anything white. It gives the right pop of color any plain dress or tee-shirt requires. It is such a happy and bright color and I often reach out for it more than I do for Wanna Be Your Sunshine, again from Essence. Another reason why I love Flashy Pumpkin is because of its name as it reminds me of The Slutty Pumpkin from How I Met Your Mother.

Now that Halloween is just a few days away I think I have an idea what I want to dress up as, ha. Flashy Pumpkin, you are going to come very handy this year. *evil laugh*

Have a good day everyone!

F x

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Nail Polish ~ Wanna Be Your Sunshine by Essence

Wanna Be Your Sunshine by Essence (

Wanna Be Your Sunshine by Essence ( 2

After buying That’s What I Mint (link here), I was so impressed by the quality of Essence nail polishes that I went back to purchase some more and as 145 Flashy Pumpkin was already on my wishlist (link here) I had to go back anyway. I entered The Sultan Centre Qurum to get only that but ended up buying another bright shade that had me at hello. 😀

137 Wanna Be Your Sunshine is a bright shade of yellow and makes you want to instantly change in to your swim suit and go off to the beach or wear a flowy sundress in white and show off your pretty sunny nails. It is such a happy shade that it lifts your mood too. (Tried and tested, my friend)

It took me about two coats to get a flawless texture and opaque nails. These lasted long too like That’s What I Mint. This is exactly what I love about Essence. They have such pretty nail colors with amazing quality and at such affordable prices. RO 1 for a nail polish is not a bad price especially if you compare it to brands like Rimmel/Revlon that start at RO 3.500 or what we get from exhibitions here (which are considered to be low priced but are not and their quality is super bad too).

I love the packaging too. The bottle is pear shaped and the brush is wide enough to cover your nail in one go. It can also be easily carried in a bag if you are rushing out and don’t have time to paint your nails.

I am very happy I got this color in my nail polish collection.

Which is your favorite sunny nail polish from?


~F xx

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Nail Polish ~ That’s What I Mint by Essence




I don’t usually buy nail polishes from a good brand unless there is a color I love and doubt I’d ever find anywhere else. I came across Essence in Sultan Center in Qurum last year. I wasn’t sure if I would like it as I haven’t heard of it before and because I visit TSC once a year I don’t remember seeing Essence’s booth there before. I came home and did a little internet research about the brand and their products and liked them instantly. Another factor that I loved about Essence was how affordable all their products were. Their nail polishes start from RO 1 which is cheaper than what we get from exhibitions, which are considered the epitome of cheap rates here, and often times the quality of nail polishes isn’t that good.

I saw That’s What I Mint on an Instagram blogger’s profile, Lisa (link here), and knew right away I wanted it. Summer is either about super bright colors or soothing pastel shades, according to me. I listed this nail polish in my Summer Wishlist #1 (link here) too and I am happy to say I ticked this off my list. 🙂

That’s What I Mint is a very light shade of mint which actually looks like a mix of pale blue and white. It has a cooling effect and looks super nice in day time as well as night. It goes well with vibrant colored dresses like red, plum, yellow and orange, and gives a pop of color to dress in black and grey.

I must say it is one of my favorite nail polishes and I have been wearing it quite a lot ever since I bought it. The quality is beyond what I had expected at such a price. I just had to apply it once to get a flawless coat. It lasted on my nails for three days without chipping once and be assured I had been doing the dishes, laundry, packing and all sorts of work. The shine did not go either and looked like I had just applied it. What more can a girl ask for? ❤

Are you an Essence nail polish fan? What is your favorite shade?


Fam xx

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Hello Y’ll!!

Hope everyone is having an amazing time enjoying the start of Spring.

Love this quote ❤

This might turn out to be the quickest post ever but i wanted to share some of the latest shades of nail color I have been rocking these previous weeks.

1- Grey


This color has become my favorite ever since i put it on two days before a conference i had to attend. I did remove it the next day and reapplied it for the conference and was complimented by several people. The Taupe color of my wallet really brings out its beauty so now we have an idea which color outfit would look lovely with grey 😉

2- Purple



This shade of Purple, trust me, is an EYEGASM!!! It so beautiful you can not stop looking at it. It goes so well with pastel colored outfits. Looks stunning and is such an attention grabber. ❤

3- Blood Red


No nail color collection is ever complete without a little red in it. I bring you my blood red nails. I love them. period.

4- Navy Blue


Some of you might already know I am obsessed with color Blue. For a change i shifted from tiffany/aqua blue to a darker shade, Navy Blue. I got this one from NYX from their Matte nail polish collection. I love the matte effect. Its super sober.

Hope you guys enjoyed this mini post.

Till next time, take care, be good and do good.


Fam ❤

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~Lately I’ve Been, I’ve Been..~

20 points to you if you sang the title as One Republic’s Counting Stars starting. 😉

Hello lovely people!!

How are you all doing? How was the weekend? I hope you all are having a good start to the week.

Muscat has been given a warning for bad weather that includes rainstorm, thunderstorm and probably hailstorm as well. Looking forward to it, lol. I hope there are no damages done though, be it of life or material.

I was very busy last two weeks planning a wedding shower and made it happen. It went superb. Then I got very busy in my finals. In the mean time, my mum went off to a trip right a day before my finals got over. Currently I am very busy in packing as I am travelling soon. Not very excited, just stressed out. There is so much to do in a few days and I really don’t feel up to the mark.

Today I thought of doing a little post about what’s been going on in my life lately. I got the idea for this post from Becky’s Milk Bubble Tea blog. She often does such posts and they are always lovely. And because everything is scattered to a T in my room/life right now and I don’t feel much energized to do a proper post and I thought of this instead.

1- Lately.. the events I have been dealing with

Pakistani Wedding Shower


This was the seating for the event. It was a mix of South Asian (wooden sofa, sitting cushions next to it, and the colorful drapes at the back) and Arabian (Majlis) look. =)

2- Lately.. what I had read and felt.. 😐

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green


I read it some days back. I don’t know if i just have a cold heart because unlike most of the people, i didn’t shed a tear while reading this book. Nor could i complete it in one go. I read 77 pages a few months back and the rest last week. I.. I wasn’t really moved by the book. Maybe i need to reread it twice or so to get it. I liked the writing and some parts were nice but I didn’t connect with it at an emotional level like everyone else did. I have started questioning myself, am i heartless? :s

3- Lately.. I’ve been sleeping to..


Books, Dreams, Fantasies, Hopes, Smiles, Happiness, Khula Aasmaan (open sky) and This.. ❤ Life is beautiful 

4- Lately.. I’ve been drinking in


I’ve been having my coffee in Mum’s black and white striped cup because my Mug has got a very big crack line and two days back ever since a cup broke right when i was pouring hot water in it (yes it had a small crack line too) I’ve been afraid to use mine, haha. So much for being super strong.

5- Lately.. I’ve discovered


A gorgeous wallet with Pakistan’s traditional artwork on it. Found this in mum’s wardrobe. I’m stealing this one, aye. 😉


6- Lately.. on my desk

Mugs 1--

These pretty mugs. The one on the left was given to me on my birthday and the one on the right was given by a close friend as a token of friendship. Love these two. The red one has some inscriptions inside.

Mugs 2--


burn baby burn

My candle pot and the fragrance Enlighten by Adore. Love this smell. It’s heavenly. So very refreshing.

7- Lately.. what finally made its appearance

pencil box

My pencil box because of my finals, haha. I bought it a year and half back. It always makes its appearance at the end of my uni semesters on my written exams. This pouch was overpriced but I bought it still because I loved the print. So many different faces and them red lips, LOL. It is quite spacious too.

8- Lately.. the weather


Muscat has been covered with fluffy clouds lately and its just such a pretty and rare sight. This picture was taken on 19th. The sun was playing hide and seek throughout the day. Loved it. 

9- Lately.. major problem


I have got just one question: How the hell do we even pack light???!!

10- Lately.. my obsessions

Makeup and other products


Trying to smooth out my skills with a pen than my usual wand stick and create a proper wing shape with my new Revlon liquid eye pen liner.


 On my nials – Britpop, Britpop, Britpop. ❤ 

Rimmel – Salon Pro Nail Polish by Kate Moss 713 Britpop

11- Lately.. I’ve read

If I Stay by Gayle Forman (If I Stay #1)

if i stay

Been doing some ebook reading because very broke to buy real books. 😛 Also, din’t find it in Borders here. I wasn’t going to buy it anyway because wasn’t sure if I’d like it. Got done with it last night and found it really good. Will prolly do a review once I am back or something.

12- Lately.. Reading

Where She Went by Gayle Forman (If I Stay #2)

Where she went

Started it last night. So far its going good. Can’t wait to read more. =)

13- Lately.. been listening to

Summer Love by One Direction

Summer Love

Such a massive fan of 1D but I’d never listened to this song or She’s Not Afraid or Loved You First until two weeks back. :/ Like i did hear them in the movie but i didn’t have the full songs. Finally downloaded them and damn, love at first hear i’d say.

This brings us to the end. I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed compiling them. =) Also, I prolly won’t be able to post much in the coming three weeks because I have a complete wedding to plan, prepare and execute, haha. Wish me luck. 😀

Love you guys. xx

PS. Please don’t be a silent reader or shy to state your opinion about my posts in the comments below. I love hearing from you all. (:

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Tiffany Blue Nails


In the beginning of 2013, when my nail polish craze resurfaced and I finally thought to buy some, this was the first color I bought. I had already spent a lot previous year on expensive nail polishes which just sat on my dresser never being used. This time I wanted to act a little smart and experiment around to see which color suits me and if I would really use them on a daily basis. I thought of buying polishes from the exhibitions where they sell them on a cheaper rate (which actually is not true if compared to Center Point).

I got this polish for like OR 2. It is a Robin Egg blue or more commonly known as Tiffany Blue. My God, this one nail polish has stuck with me throughout 2013 without getting dry or ruined. It does not belong to any established brand but its quality is pretty okay. I have used it so much that it’s a miracle it did not run out still.

Blue is my favorite color and Tiffany Blue is just love, and seeing how much I have used it, I will probably be going to Inglot soon to get me a proper bottle of the same color. I hope I do find it there.

What is your favorite nail polish color? Which brand do you prefer to get your polishes from? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 🙂

Much Love ❤

1 ----

2 -----

4 ----

5 ----
Nameless Nail Polish Bottle xD

Random picture of my colored thumb nail on a Subway Chocolate Chip Cookie!! xD
Random picture of my colored thumb nail on a Subway Chocolate Chip Cookie!! xD