DISAPPOINTING PURCHASE ~ The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist (

Some of you guys might think that I like almost every product I write about but that’s not the case. I am just mostly very selective with what I buy and there are times when I get something and am utterly disappointed by it. I am doing a post about one such product today.

I started a new tradition last year. I planned to buy myself a birthday gift every year. Last time it was Moulinex Waffle + Panini + Sandwich Maker. It had been amazing and I got such good use out of it. This year I was short on money but I wanted to keep up so I got myself a little something from The Body Shop.

Now if you’ve been following me from a while you would know how much I love The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom range. The smell is so exotic; one sniff of it and my face turns into heart eye emoji. I thought what can be a better gift than the fragrance from the range.

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance Mist comes in a 100 ml transparent round bottle with a small round silver cap. The bottle has the whole Japanese Cherry Blossom transparent logo around it. It has the same mesmerizing smell. There is just one huge problem; it doesn’t last at all. I have sprayed it on me little and so much but it didn’t work. Leave the person next to me; even I couldn’t smell it after less than five minutes. I do know mists are supposed to be light but they shouldn’t be nonexistent.

I can’t explain how disappointed I was with this purchase. The saddest part was that I tried it after my receipt expired so there was no way I could exchange it. It was for RO 7.400 and such a waste. I spritz it sometime in hopes that maybe it will work suddenly but it doesn’t so now I just sniff it every now and then and that’s about as much use as I can get out of it.

Please let me know if any of you had a similar experience!

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The Love-At-First-Sniff Kind of Fragrance~

Victoria’s Secret does an amazing job when it comes to fragrances. Their collection is always filled with girly floral and fruity smells that are both sweet and sexy. I love browsing through VS aisles and smelling all of them. My favorite part however is purchasing them of course. 😉

I tend to get obsessed with a certain fragrance from time to time. The most recent one is Victoria Secret’s Secret Escape. I have categorized it as love-at-first-sniff kind. It has Freesia and Guava flower undertones and has the sweetest smell. It also has Aloe Vera and chamomile that helps keeps the skin smooth and soft. I am absolutely in love with it and this is all I have been spritzing from a couple of months now so much that I am almost done with this bottle. I will definitely be repurchasing it because it is one fragrance I will miss the most on my dresser if I don’t get it soon.

What is your favorite fragrance from Victoria’s Secret or in general? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

~F x

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Fragrance, Wishlist

My Current Fragrance Wish List~

Perfume wishlist

I love to purchase a good perfume every now on then. Mine used to last quite a while previously but now I finish a bottle way too quickly. I made this wish list because these are a few I would love to have right now. This is not my ultimate list but someday I will write one. I just need to hoard more perfumes before that 😉

I am a huge fan of Victoria’s Secret Body Mists and I have been using Bombshell in Bloom and Angel Gold from a while and totally love them. I would love to get my hands on the perfumes now. While Bombshell in Bloom’s packaging is cute and girlish which goes well with its floral scent, Angel Gold’s packaging is sexy as the bottle has wings at the back. It smells of musk and sandalwood. Don’t be put off before you give it a sniff. I know you would fall in love too. 😉

The Body Shop Forbidden Flower Eau de Toilette is a limited edition fragrance that I am dying to purchase. It is not your usual light floral smell from The Body Shop. This one is a bit strong more masculine one. Definitely something that is up my street. And time name – it’s to die for. ❤

I recently tried YSL Black Opium and now I cannot stop thinking about it. A very sultry smelling perfume that costs about RO 54.600 or something; damn expensive but would be so worth it.

Carolina Herrera VIP 212 would be more of a repurchase. I love how strong and unique it smells. I kind of want to make it a staple in my fragrance collection. I tried their new edition but didn’t like it one bit. Classics are forever I guess.

~F x

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My Favorite Victoria’s Secret Body Mists ❤

My Fav VS Body Mists

I was compiling a list of perfumes for an upcoming post when inspiration hit me and I decided to share some of my favorite body mists from Victoria’s Secret. Body Mists are lighter than perfumes but are still worth having. I like Victoria’s Secret body mist more because they come in travel friendly size. I always have one of these in my bag every time I go out. I bought three a few months back and have been using them a lot in rotation and there is still so much to go.

All of these mists have a sexy smell to them. Bombshell in Bloom was the first one I started using. It has a floral smell that is girlish/flirtish sort. I fell in love with it on first sniff – definitely the one to have in your collection for summer. Angel Gold has a musk filled sandalwood kind of tone. It was the last one I started using because I wasn’t sure if I liked it that much but now it’s all I use – perfect for evenings out. Night is what love at first sight would feel like I am sure. As per VS it smells like ‘fruity notes, exotic florals, dark woods and sultry musks’, do I really need to add more? If you buy just one mist then make sure it is Night because it’s all you will ever need.

Have a good weekend ya’ll!


~F x

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I realized I haven’t done a fragrance post in a while and thought it to be a good opportunity to write one. Today I am going to write about Body Mists.

Body mists are lighter scented, less concentrated formulas. They are used on your body to make it smell better after a shower or before going out or whenever you like it. I will count it as fragrance because they make you smell good and if bough with the same perfume, it can prolong the effect.

VS Body Mists (

Victoria’s Secret is one of the most famous body mist makers followed by perfumes of the same smell for quite a number of them. I own two of their body mists which I’ve used quite a lot over two years and it quite amazing I still have a lot left. Purely because I have neglected them for quite a while as I got distracted by a lot of other options.

These were my first ever purchase from Victoria’s Secret when it opened in Muscat.

1-      Lost in Fantasy – Brazilian orchid & kiwi

It was in blue packaging so it was quite obvious I’d check this one out first. Just one sniff and I was in love. It has a very tangy smell to it – like fresh flowers right from the garden – very refreshing for summer. The thing I liked the most was its name and that it had orchids in the background of the bottle which made it look really pretty. At RO 6 it was a must-have.

2-      Sexy Little Things – Tease Body Mist

The only reason I got this body mist was because its perfume was quite expensive, RO 23, and I wasn’t ready to buy it on impulse. I bought the body mist for RO 12 instead to try on for a while just to be sure if I really wanted it or was it just for the packaging. The perfume was coming in a black and pink bottle and it had a pump (I am old school) which was so very attractive but it was a very tiny bottle. So to spend RO 23 on it didn’t seem quite sensible to me.

I kind of had a love-hate relationship with this body mist. It has a sharp smell. Some days I would love it crazy much and some days I would see myself going for Lost in Fantasy or some lighter perfume. I am still not certain if I want to get the perfume.


I like the whole idea of a body mist. It can be used as a sample of the perfume you want to buy. You can try it on for a month or two and be certain if you like the smell or not, (as I did for Tease) though the perfume would smell stronger than the mist. VS perfumes are pricey so a body mist comes in handy if you want to make a decision.

Another reason why I like body mists is because we get really hot summers. The temperature goes crazy. So putting on a perfume is good but once you start sweating, the strong smell of perfume mixes with it and you kind of start smelling repulsive. Body mists have quite a faint smell, so you can refresh it after a few hours and they don’t make you smell gross.

I love Victoria’s Secret packaging. It is cute, girly and sexy, and seeing how long it can last I think I’ll be returning to VS soon to buy some more.

Which is your favorite body mist?


~F xx


Flash by Jimmy Choo

Hello Pretty Faces!! 😀

Hope you all are having a good day.

Fragrance post today – *yaaaaaay*

I am sorry it has taken me ages to write about this. I had literally been mentioning over and over again how I want to write about another fragrance I bought alongside 212 VIP Perfume by Carolina Herrera but never came around to posting about it. Today seemed like a good day to finally write about it.

Flash by Jimmy Choo (1)

Flash by Jimmy Choo is my latest fragrance love these days. I am a massive Jimmy Choo fan and ever since I met him in 2010 when he came to Muscat, I have been even more in love with him and his work. It’s always a must if I go to any high-end store I would ask about his collection and it never disappoints me, be its shoes or fragrances.

So, I asked the sales person for the latest Jimmy Choo perfume and he introduced me to ‘Flash’. It was love at first sniff. My brother bought it for me and god I love him for that.

Flash by Jimmy Choo (2)

Its bottle is palm sized lavender colored and so very cute. It smells of spice, haha, that’s the best I can describe it – strong, spicy and distinct. It can never go unnoticed, trust me. There is one thing I would like to add, I would tag it as a night fragrance. It’s totally perfect for important dinners or meeting the girls for a drink in the evening.

Has anyone of you tried Flash? Did you like it? Would you suggest me any other Jimmy Choo fragrance?

C’ya soon!! 😀


Fam xx


You Are Not On The Guest List ;) – 212 VIP Perfume by Carolina Herrera ❤

My first fragrance post, yaaay!! *whoop whoop* 😀

I have been trying to write this since last month, but I had been too caught up with studies and didn’t get the time. Besides, I wanted to post more about things that students can buy on their mare pocket money alone hence didn’t think to really post about it at all. BUT YouTube’s excessive promotion of 212 VIP World Tour really got to me, haha! I am not a party animal or one to go to clubs and dance parties, but I like to observe things and the parties they are showing is massive and simply mind blowing. And to think it’s all happening in UAE, which is like right next to Oman, man I got excited, haha! UAE is such a cool place. I wish to settle down there someday, maybe.

Moving on, last month my brother treated me to some retail therapy because yes I needed some. 😛 I bought two perfumes. Nope I am not going to tell you about the second one; it will be featured here in its own time. 😉 One of them was 212 VIP for women by Carolina Herrera.

212 VIP - Henry and Text

The first time I smelled it, it was in February this year. I made a mental note to get it soonish and then I forgot about it, *cough* amazing memory problems *cough*.

It comes in this heavy reflective metal kind of tablet bottle in gold. Its name describes its smell perfectly – strong, unique, independent. It is a proper VIP scent which lasts a long time and is perfect for formal gatherings or office meetings where you want to make a good impression.

I was in good luck when I was buying the perfume because the sales person recommended me the gift-pack which came with 212 VIP Body Lotion and I didn’t have to pay anything extra for it. The perfume alone equaled to the whole set’s price. So I made a very wise decision and got the gift-pack instead. The body lotion is amazing as well. It leaves the skin smooth and the smell lasts.

212 VIP - (2) Henry and Text wordpress
Really hard to photograph it with all the reflection.

I would totally recommend this to anyone who isn’t much fond of very feminine scents and like to display an independent personality. Just one suggestion, don’t spray it too much in one go because it has a strong smell and if not you, it might leave your companion with a headache.

Have you tried 212 VIP perfume?! How did you find it? Have you tried any other CH product that you would like to recommend? Feel free to share your thoughts. 🙂 x