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Positive Vibes Only


Start this year on a positive note. Let go of all negativity within you. That’s the best way to attract positivity in life. Happiness comes from within. You have to work hard on yourself inside out to achieve it. Let’s join hands and pledge to be our most positive self this year and encourage others to be positive too.


~F x

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Thoughts & Reflections

The Anti-Bucket List

the anti bucket list add.jpg

As my last post for this year, I thought to give The Anti-Bucket List a go. This idea was shared by one of my most favorite bloggers Emma from Girl Lost in the City who picked it up from an article by Lauren Laverne in Glamour Magazine. The idea is that instead of writing a long list of things you want to do next year, take a moment and reflect upon everything you achieved in the current year. Now these don’t have to be super high achievements. Anything that sparked happiness in you or made you proud of yourself over the year can be included.

I believe this is a brilliant idea. I have been blogging for about two years and more now and at the end of the first year (2013) I posted a blog about the main things I did that year. The second year (2014) I posted a bucket list/note to self for 2015. To be very honest, I look upon ‘what I did in 2013’ post more often than the bucket list of 2015. I can’t even seem to remember what all I wrote in that list even after reading it several times. I won’t say it was pointless as I would often read it and check with myself if I followed, at least, some of it. I am also not going to say there won’t be a bucket/note to the self list for 2016 because my love for lists is very strong but for now, let me share what I achieved this year. 🙂

1- I worked full time for six months in an electrical engineering company. How mad is that? I never thought I would ever get a full-time job let alone in an engineering company so this was quite an achievement for me. I had a good experience and I learnt so much. Heck, I even wrote a series on it on the blog – The Office Series – a beginner’s guide. It sounds so funny now. Anyway, this whole experience gave me a very good idea about what it takes to be an actual working woman in the real/practical world and if I really want to continue or get back to it in the future.

2- I got over my fear of talking to people on the phone in a professional/business sense. Previously I wouldn’t even call someone to ask for their email address so I could forward them my CV or inquire about university stuff, etc. This year I did it so much that I feel it’s not that big of a deal and I can get better at it with time.

3- I have been blogging for two years and more now but it was always on and off. This year I tried to be a little more regular and even though the schedule kept changing, I am glad I kept writing.

4- I purchased my blog url 🙂

5- I ate out a lot this year. I tried so many new restaurants, food, desserts and drinks that now I pretty much have a good idea what I like and what I don’t.

6- I have never been a very good shopper but this year I made quite smart purchases and would think before I buy/splurge on stuff.

7- I spent on things I really like. Books, mugs, sweaters, sportswear, bags, shoes and yoga mat. 😀

8- I have somewhat spent a lot this year but the thing I am proud of is that most of it was from my own hard earned money. Before this I would buy stuff by saving up my pocket money or my family would get me thing but this was a totally new and exhilarating experience.

9- I saw Ed Sheeran perform live in Muscat. ❤

10- I had a severe muscle injury but I didn’t give up on wanting and trying staying fit and healthy. This want only makes me look forward to every workout I do and effort I put in to getting back to my normal shape.

11- I didn’t waste time on reading books I was not interested in. Also happy that I tried reading more books that I would normally not and totally fall in love with them. The Miniaturist and Girl with the Pearl Earring are two of them.

12- I avoided watching movies and series I wasn’t interested in.

13- I realized that people who have stuck with you from the very beginning and know you for who you are for real are the ones that matter the most. This does mean I realized the quality of friends is more important than quantity of it. A few awesome ones are all you need in life.

14- After completely giving up and not really wanting to work, I tried to get a part time job and succeed at it. All thanks to one of my very best friends.

15- I spoke about domestic violence awareness amongst the people I know in real life over my personal Instagram account. I feel very strongly about this cause.

16- In the last few months, I gave in to the idea of meeting new people again or people in general. I used to be very social then I don’t know what happened and I stopped and with time I turned into a complete introvert. I am still not very thrilled about the whole concept but seeing how I have met some new people and like a few of them, it makes me feel proud that I am putting myself out there.

17- I read more blogs and followed some amazing new people.

18- I started all-about-books Instagram. Follow me, @BigBooksTinyHeart, if you’re interested and want to be bookish pals. 🙂

19- I got over the idea that just because I have gained weight and am fat now I shouldn’t click pictures of myself anymore.

20- I started saving money. It might not be a lot but it’s a start and I am happy about it.

21- I finally cut my hair short. YAASS!!!!

22- I live in Oman. We hardly get good weather here but when it’s good, it’s awesome with fluffy clouds and rain. Last year I was stuck at work while it was pouring and if you know me in real life you would know how mad I am about rain. I was so very sad and kind of prayed to be able to experience Muscat’s good weather the next time. It happened!! I am so happy about it that I can’t explain it in words. Waking up to fluffy clouds and Forks (Twilight reference) like the weather is my absolute dream. And now it has come true.


This was my list. Let me know if you write yours too. I would love to give it a read. 🙂

~F x

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2015 Favorites~

2015 favs

It’s time for yearly favorites *yay* I don’t do monthly favorites so I had almost forgotten about this year’s favorite post too. So glad I read it over at some other blogs and realized I have enough time to squeeze in a post before 2015 is over.

I believe 2015 went by in a blur and I didn’t get a chance to try out much stuff but when I started looking back at old posts to gather my favorites I was amazed. Damn there was a lot. Without further delay let’s get started.


2015 Beauty Favs


I realize beauty wise I got around to using quite a bunch of stuff. I got to use two different foundations, different eyeliners, lips, mascaras and what not. Below are my favorites.

Liner – I am still stuck on my Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen in 01 Darkest Black. I’ve had it since 2014 and it’s still going strong for me.

Mascara – Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Curl has got to be the one for me. Perfect effect without crisping the eyelashes, what else does one want?

Foundation – Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 hr Nude Finish Foundation because it saved me through the horrendous summer we had this year. Thank you, Rimmel, I am forever in debt.

Lip Liner – MAC Beet

Lipstick – MAC Ruby Woo


2015 Skincare Fav


I’ve been very bad with the whole skincare department this year. I am just glad I picked up The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment as it had helped a lot with blemishes.



Spritz wise Victoria’s Secret – Secret Escape Body Mist has been my bae this year and I doubt I will be falling out of love with this one anytime soon.


2015 Books Fav


I’ve been failing miserably at completing my goodreads challenge this year but I’ve got a few days in my hand and I hoping I’ll get it done in time. This year there has been just one book that I’ve wanted to reach out again and time again – The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton. I loved it so much. I am linking my review of it so you can read me cry more about it in a detailed post. (CLICK HERE!!) My second favorite was All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, but I haven’t done a review yet so I was thinking to save it for 2016. Oh well. I am highly recommending these two to everyone I know that includes you too.


That’s about it, guys. I will see you in my next post very soon! 🙂

Much Love,

~F x

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Note to Self – 2015

New Year Wallpaper.

Before 2015 started I wrote a list of things in my cell under the name of Note-to-Self. It was pointers and guidelines to remember throughout 2015 when I am feeling sad, confused or utterly lost. I thought of sharing it here too in case it helps any of you.

Note to Self

1- Not every moment needs to be filled with chatter. Silence is a beautiful state too. I was always compelled to talking more when with friends even if it was blah just so to keep that awkward silent pause at bay but honestly if you and your friend enjoy each other’s company, you guys will be fine with a few moments of silence too.

2- Not having negative people in your life is a blessing too. If you see yourself losing some, please be thankful and move on. There are far better people in the world that can inspire and motivate you than those who intoxicate your mind and soul.

3- Avoid double faced people at all cost. Someone who talks shit about other people in front of you and upon seeing them is their best friend, guarantees they have nothing good to say about you either to others. Avoid them as much as you can.

4- Surround yourself with positive people. Their happiness is contagious and good for your sensitivity.

5- You live in a world where intelligent people are full of doubts and stupid people are over confident. So don’t beat yourself too much about your confidence in things you believe in. Work on them as it will develop your confidence which will come save you at all right times.

6- If you feel like you have studied all your life, have a degree and are working but there is no improvement in your personality in any way, well that is because you let the system handle everything. Change that. Nurture yourself. Educate yourself in areas you want to do well. Develop yourself. No school, uni or workplace is going to do that for you. Even a simple task such as teaching yourself how to eat with fork and knife properly is a positive development.

7- Always pick kindness over sassiness/sauciness if you can. It might be a gentle way of conversation or simply forgiving someone. Holding on to hatred and negativity will hurt you only.

8- Be gentle to yourself. You are a work in progress. You are art. You are not a machine that will start working fine with a few repairs. You are a constant work in progress. Develop yourself in the best way possible. Take care of your etiquettes and manners, talk politely, live your life the way you want to and just be happy. In short be Benedict Cumberbatch!

9- If you’ve been single for a while, that’s okay. It is an experience as well. It gives you an opportunity to knowing yourself better and cherishing your existence. Learn to be independent and love yourself more than anyone loves you. Don’t waste this time by hitting on incompatible people or lowering your standards.

10- Eat wisely. Your body literally IS your temple. It’s the only thing that is going to stay with you forever. Don’t mess it up by feeding it just junk food and fizzy drinks. Make yourself healthy and strong by eating nutritious food. It is okay to have a cheat meal every now and then as long as you don’t overdo it.

11- Stop falling in love with Louis Tomlinson again and again.

12- Stick to anything that makes you happy to be alive. Do not give it up. But if it starts messing with your head and gets too much to handle, walk away.

13- Make the most of the days you feel strong, competitive and badass. They are very few. Hold on to them a little longer.

14- Don’t let others ruin your mood. No matter who they are, no matter what they say.

15- Never make fun of anyone. What goes around comes back around. Today you are laughing at them, tomorrow the whole world will be laughing at you.

16- Read slowly. I always rush my books/read in a hurry so that I read a lot of them but it just makes me forget everything once I close it, which sucks. Maybe I am just the forgetting type because I do remember someone mentioning this happens to them too, ha. Not alone here I guess but still I need to give reading slow a try too.

17- Don’t take comments of any sort too seriously. Relax. Take a chill pill.

18- Don’t take yourself or life too seriously. It will lead to over thinking which will eventually ruin your day-week-month-year.

19- Think of more positive thoughts every day when you wake up till the time you doze off to sleep.

20- If you notice your mind thinking negative thought, divert it by either thinking positive things or getting busy with work. Don’t let one negative thought ruin your whole day.

21- Stay active all day. You have your ‘week’ to settle in your bed and not coming out of it ever.

22- Learn how to survive-cook.

23- Take care of your nonexistent hair.

24- Spend more time in nature.

25- Save some money for the rainy days as they come unexpected and leave you extremely frustrated. You are not someone who can survive on less cash.

26- Pray.

27- Buy help/guide books than just novels.

28- Buy a new bookshelf.

29- Be passionate about everything you do.

30- Love yourself – often and enough! 🙂

Have a good year, guys! ❤

~F x

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2014 Favorites :) ❤

Hola Fellaz!!

I can’t believe today is the last day of 2014. I mean it was just yesterday I was out and about shopping for my birthday. Time is passing so quickly I can hardly keep track anymore.

Now I am not a very cool person and doing monthly favorites or general favorites for that matter have never been my thing. I fall in and out of love way too quickly. However this year I decided to do a 2014 Favorites post. So let’s get started! 😀


~ Blog ~

I have written some cool pieces this year and I am kind of very proud of them (even if they aren’t very cool as per the standard, haha). The first thing I am super happy about is the ‘Lately’ posts – snippets of my everyday life. When I started Rebel’s Spot I had somewhat promised myself not to go personal on the blog but there was also a part of me who wanted to turn a section of the blog into my private diary kind of thing and hence started the Lately category. Thanks to Becky from MilkBubbleTea blog for inspiring me. I actually love all of them and am linking them (CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM) for you all to have a look. 😀

I wrote two personal posts which I love rereading every now and then and I think you should give them a read too so; SMILE – YOU ARE TOO YOUNG TO BE THIS SAD and THOUGHTS ~ Staying Strong 365 Days a Week Book by Demi Lovato & Mantra Magic

 My favorite post however remain saying Goodbye to 2013 (Click here to see it). Favorite post ever I would say.

beaut 2014

~ Beauty ~

I like how I have got into beauty recently (I don’t like the affect it has made on my saving plans though 😛 ) Most of the year has been spent checking the aisles of the beauty section of every store I have ever been to. I have experimented, learned and read so much about beauty, skincare and have discovered such nice products which is an extremely new thing for me. All in all I am happy about it.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash has been my constant partner this year keeping my oiliness much under control. The Body Shop Born Lippy in Strawberry has been a complete babe. I just love the lip balm so much. It leaves my lips soft, smooth, plum and pink. Maybelline Colossal Kajal and Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen have been amazing too. I do not look like someone has smacked my eye sockets ever since I started using these, ha. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 and Maybelline Fit Me Concealer have helped me cover up my acne so well throughout the year. I love these too as they are light on the skin and have 12+ hrs amazing staying power. The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream has been such a soothing product for my face and has fixed my dry patches immensely. The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask has been a champ. It reduces oiliness and blackheads when used regularly and I have been doing nothing else. I do let the routine slip sometimes and that’s just okay.



~ Body ~

Marks & Spencer Nature’s Extracts Fresh Aloe Vera Exfoliating Body Scrub has been amazing. It keeps the skin smooth and smells so fresh and green.



~ Nails Wise ~

Essence Nail Polish in That’s What I Mint, Wanna Be Your Sunshine and Off To Miami by Essence have been gorgeous. I love wearing these three together.



~ Fragrance Wise ~

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell in Bloom and Victoria’s Secret Night body mists has been my favorite this year. I have loved using 212 VIP Perfume by Carolina Herrera a lot too this year.


~ Fashion ~

I loved my Leopard Ring by Max and my Leaf Ear Cuff by Parfois. The best picks of this year, ha. Let’s not forget my latest purchase Printed TightsI am in love with these and can’t wait to wear them out, haha.



~ Books ~

I am actually sad about this category because I didn’t read much this year. With what little I read Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (Click here for review) has been the best book. I loved it so much and would recommend it to the whole wide world. A must, must read if you haven’t already. There are two other books I liked and did not review yet; 1- Fifty Shades of Grey (Book 1) which was all kind of amazing and 2- The Truth About Alice was such a good read and I would recommend it to every (teenage) girl out there.

I wish I could include The Book Thief and The Forty Rules of Love here but as I sucked at reading this year, these two will be included in next year’s post, lol.



~ Movies/Shows ~

I am not a movie person anymore. I’ve become too impatient for them. Favorite movie for this year has got to be The Fault in Our Stars (Click here for review). The book didn’t have that much affect on me the way the movie did. I simply loved it.

SHERLOCK and DOCTOR WHO!!!!! Team Moffat all the wayyy, haha!!! 😀 I have loved these two so muchhhh and these shows have made me cry buckets and buckets of tears but that’s alright. Mr Moffat is allowed to do as he pleases. I can’t wait to watch more of these two in 2015.


~ Music ~

Hmm, I have been hearing a few albums on repeat this year. For once I have heard old albums of One Direction on repeat. Then albums wise I have heard X by Ed Sheeran, Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey, Four by One Direction and 1989 by Taylor Swift. Singles wise: Rude by Magic, I Wanna Be Yours by Artic Monkey, Parachute (acoustic version) by Ingrid Michaelson (thanks Pretty Little Liars), Counting Stars and Love Runs Out by One Republic, Team by Lorde and Ayo Technology by Milow. Soundtrack wise: (500) Days of Summer.


I didn’t do Food favorites because… seriously how do you even decide that? Some life related stuff; I graduated from uni with Bachelors degree and I have started working full time now for an Electrical Engineering company.

 And that’s it. We have covered my year in 2014, ha.

Hope you guys had a good 2014. May you have a splendid 2015 filled with love, happiness and lots of peace of mind. 🙂

See you on the other side, aye! ❤

Love yourself – often and enough

~F x

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THOUGHTS ~ Staying Strong 365 Days a Week Book by Demi Lovato & Mantra Magic

I recently started reading Staying Strong 365 days a year by Demi Lovato. My friend Haya’s younger sister Sarah posted a picture of one of the pages from the book which I liked and it also got me curious. I asked her if the book was any good because I have recently read so many below average books judging by a quote thinking they would make an amazing read and none of them did. -_- Sarah replied saying it’s for people who feel insecure, depressed, suicidal and are having a tough time coping with their lives.


I’ve read a few pages and so far liking it. It has some great advises for people of all ages as I do believe insecurity, depression and suicidal thoughts can come to anyone at any age. The first page itself made me like it because it talks about making it your goal of having a mantra of your own that helps you think clear and motivates you every day.

I started blogging last year but it wasn’t until now that I took it seriously. I guess it was a month or two back when I was reminiscing about previous years and thinking how naïve I was. I have this thing where I tend to compromise on myself just to see someone else happy. I made up my mind that it needs to stop because there were multiple occasions when I put myself down and let someone else shine. This usually happened when I believed that I didn’t deserve good things in life and other people did. I do know it is not wrong to be there for someone or help people out but it is wrong if you are not okay and are doing it just because you can’t see someone else upset.


I came up with ‘Love yourself – often and enough’ as a reminder to let myself know that I need to love other people alright but I don’t need to stop loving myself in the process. You must be a priority in your life or no one else will make you a priority in theirs. That’s something I’ve learned after wasting so much time on so many people who indirectly showed me that I didn’t love or respect myself enough for them to treat me with love and respect in return.

I now say this to myself in situations when I know I am slipping away into the hopeless / sadness / depression zone. I keep saying it till I don’t start feeling okay. I often add it at the end of my blogs because I do believe we forget to love ourselves with all the high expectations and goals we set for ourselves to achieve. We get busy in them and in process forget that there is lil old us who need some love and attention too by our own self.

I was very happy to read that Demi included such a small but vital advice in her book. We all need a mantra that motivates and inspires us every day.

Do you have a mantra of your own? Please do share. It’s always good to inspire positivity.

Until next time,

Love yourself – often and enough! 🙂

~F x

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Smile - You Are Too Young To Be This Sad (

Smile… you are too young to be this sad. You are too young to abandon all your dreams, wishes and hopes because of all the negativity that is surrounding you. You are too young to give up this easily. Yes, I know your heart has been broken many times, by people you trusted the most and by people you never cared about. Yes, I know people have played you like a fool and have lied to you looking straight into your eyes. Yes, I know you are filled with self doubt and don’t believe in a better life. Yes, I know you want to give up and just give in to the dark, but please don’t. You are too young to feel this hurt. Look at yourself. You have a beautiful personality. You are kind, caring, helpful, honest and sincere – qualities that one can’t find any more in this cruel world. You are a gem, a rare gem. Don’t lose yourself amongst the rocks. Have faith in yourself. Believe you can change your circumstances and work towards it. Find happiness in yourself and don’t let the world manipulate your true loving nature. Anyone would be lucky to have you but you do not belong to just anyone. You belong to The One. Yes, The One exists. All you have to do is have faith and believe. Don’t let the world beat you down. You are not a commodity. You are precious, my love. You are the universe. Don’t let sad thoughts ruin your chances on having a good day, week, month, year, and life ahead. You deserve the best and you will get it. Just fight those sad demons who want you to join them in the dark. You are a particle of light. Shine through. Hang on to your happy thoughts. Let them make you whole. Don’t let sadness pull you apart. Yes, you can do it because I believe in you. And its time you believe in yourself too.

Love yourself – often and enough.


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‘I Feel Like I’m Bothering You’

I had the idea of writing about this blog post from a while now but I was quite reluctant as I am in the beginning of my writing practice and wasn’t sure if my words would be able to convey my feelings well. But I have been asked to write it anyway and see the response instead. So I guess I will just write about it and leave the rest on you all. 🙂


A few weeks back I met a couple of my friends over coffee. We had been together since school, like grade one till date. Last year we had a rift, and I kind of fell apart from the rest of the group and stayed that way for most of the year until recently. I let go all my anger and went back to being good friends because really how sure are you of life? Do you want to depart on bad terms with the only people you called friends? Anyhow, I wasn’t myself anymore with regards to sharing my feelings or staying in touch. If I was in a bad mood I wouldn’t bother talking. I would listen to everyone and their routines but I wouldn’t share anything of mine, just that I am doing fine and busy with college.

Some time before we planned to meet up, I finally realized I really had no one I shared my inner thoughts with (excluding a few very amazing people). But no one I really hung out or had fun with, someone who knew me through all my layers, and had seen me at my best and worst. I also realized, making new friends wasn’t easy and wasn’t even doing me any good either as it took some time to know them, a lot of time to trust them, or in the end getting to know they talk shit about you, no matter how nice you had been to them.

I tried talking to my close friends openly again. I tried to share my feelings but failed because every time I would want to, I thought I would be disturbing them by my stupid problems. So I just kept quiet. But when we met, and I finally spoke about some ‘things’ (read self made female problems only, of course) that were bothering me, not only did I get to know they feel the same way in their own life but also that I was just normal for thinking such stuff. That day I opened up to them very honestly and we had a great time. In the end I told them that I wasn’t much communicative before because I felt like I would be bothering them unnecessarily. Well, for at least 20 minutes I was abused and yelled at frantically. They all got so pissed that I would even think such a thing. Also, that they share their day-to-day details with me and never think they are bothering me, so if I think I would bother them by sharing my stuff, probably they sharing their details would be bothering me too. I explained how it never did and never would, and in response they explained how me sharing anything never bothers them. In fact they asked me to talk more, no matter how crazy I think I am, and that they miss me talking.

So the moral of the story is, just stop thinking you are bothering your friends with your problems because you are not. What will bother them would be you not sharing anything at all. Your friends know you better than anyone else, so if you’re going to pretend all is okay and think you can get off with it, you are wrong – you won’t. Your friends are always going to be there for you. They have chosen you voluntarily because they like you, your good side as well as bad. That’s the reason God didn’t make you guys siblings. He gave us the chance to choose our own friends. The more you will distance yourself from your friends, the lonelier you will become. Stick with them and they will stick with you till the very end. Everything in life is better if shared with friends, especially sorrows and tough times. : )

I learned my lesson the hard way. I hope none of you have to. This life is too short to quarrel with people whom you can spend time having fun instead.

Have you ever been in such a situation too?! Do share your experience and thoughts in the comments below.

Much Love,

Rebel ❤

PS. Dedicated to all my lovely friends, especially, Annayah, Carter, Crazy Mofo and Dreemers. I love you guys. ❤

Bug Frnds
Picture Courtesy: Njm Riz
Thoughts & Reflections

Repetition: The Common Exercise for Denial

Just last night I was having a conversation with my mum and I was talking about how I want to do a certain thing. Mid-way the convo I realized how unacceptable it is for me to do so. So instead of simply admitting that I shouldn’t, I started giving reasons as to why I shouldn’t. This made me think of a particular practice that I am quite certain most of us do.

Often times we keep repeating to ourselves and to others why we shouldn’t do a certain thing. Pretending that we are mature people who weight down all pros and cons to a situation.

Consciously, we keep giving reasons for not doing it, no matter someone proves us wrong. we still repeat how we want it to be. Subconsciously this is done not in order to show off in front of our friends that we are making a smart calculated decision but because we are trying to convince ourselves with these reasons to keep us from pursuing it. Though if given a chance we would do it in a heartbeat.

These reasons that we can ignore easily but will not because we are not alone in this decision making process. All our decisions are heavily influenced by our family, friends, society, culture and up-bringing. We continuously keep talking about these reasons with people or in our head so that it can somewhat permanently stick there.

Such a situation occurs mostly when we want to do something which is not acceptable in our society or/and culture. One of the most common examples can be of choosing a profession like being a writer or a singer, such sort of creative professions, but we don’t often opt for them because we are either not confident about ourselves or our family is not supportive enough.

Yes it is somewhat sad to realize that even though we are kids of today’s generation, the decision making process is still the same and so are the influential factors. We still opt for what is considered acceptable rather than being different. Some of us who are brave enough to be different, bravo to them all.