FITNESS ~ A Little Background of My Injury

Injury Post (

I doubt I have spoken about it here but I thought let’s give it a go. Round about this time last year I was in a gym filling their forms and paying for a membership for 6 months. I was nervous and excited at the same time because I believed joining a gym would help me get back into my fitness routine. Fast forward three months, I was working full time, barely made it to gym three times a week and losing whatever fitness I had left.

I decided to take up drastic measures and started working out at home early in the morning and later in the gym in the evenings if I made it in time. My gym’s closing time was 9pm and I would leave work around 7pm or sometimes 8pm so I would mostly not go. The morning workouts were always rushed as I would leave for work around 6:30am so I was at my desk at sharp 7am. During one such rushed workout session in February I ended up injuring a back muscle on my left side. The pain was horrible. I couldn’t move, walk, sit, lie down proper or do pretty much anything. My doctor instructed me complete bed rest.

Fast forward to July; the pain was still there even if it had lessened a bit in magnitude. I would get bouts of it quite frequently. If I put just a little pressure on my left side, I’d be in tremendous pain within half hour. Three months later the pain was gone but I would still get fits occasionally.  This rendered me from exercising completely and all I could really do was lying in bed most of the time. Every time I would exercise the next day I would not be able to move. The most recent fit I got was in the middle of October. I woke up one day and I could hardly stand up. It took me three to four days to recover. All this time Panadol and hot bottle were my best friends.

In November I got sick of this injury taking over my life and ruining my health. I became so inactive and unhealthy I could hardly keep up my breath. In November I took the plunge and got back into working out. I started off with walking on my treadmill for 30 to 45 minutes. I would do it at least 3 times a week. By the end of November I got more serious about setting a proper routine and wanted to get started with exercising.

We are in second week of December. I have been walking at least 4 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes now. Today I did my first round of exercise and I am so happy about it and extremely breathless. I haven’t felt any major pain in my back yet and I am hoping it doesn’t start again. *fingers crossed*

The reason I am writing this post is to share with you guys that I couldn’t exercise for a complete year and it had made me very unhappy. But it made me realize that unconsciously I was always a fitness enthusiast. I always thought that exercise was something I would do just to lose some fat but now I realize that I actually love working out. The other thing I wanted you guys to know was that a lot of us are suffering from some kind of injury or health issue and its okay to lie down for a while till you’re not okay. Your internal system would let you know when it’s enough and you need to stop making your injury into an excuse and get your shit together. I believe that’s what happened with me. 9 months after my injury I started thinking that maybe my injury was not as horrible as I believed it in my head and I needed to start looking after my fitness and health again. I took it really slow because I didn’t want to go back to bed rest and I believe that was/is the best approach when you start working out again post injury.

I really hope I stay on track and get back to being well and fit again.

Thanks a lot for reading! 🙂


Fam xx

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Lately #8


1- Eating

So we got a pack of Guylian Trufflina and I binge ate them because I haven’t tasted more amazing chocolates. This is just half portion of the pack. They are Belgian with milk chocolate filling and are extremely cute shaped. They remind me of Daleks from Doctor Who though. If you haven’t tasted Guylian before, grab a pack from the nearest store. You won’t be disappointed.


2- Shopping

I’ve been going a bit crazy with the whole ‘shop till you’re broke’ mantra of mine recently. I bought meself some essentials this time though. I am thinking to do a collective shopping haul post in the coming days. Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing it.


3- I Am an Old Soul

Once every year I get bored of reading the normal novels I do and nothing fixes me than Jane Austen. I don’t know as to why that happens but it mostly happens in winters. Last year I headed to Borders and stacked some classics due to this reason. And boy I am glad I did so because this year I just went to my bookshelf and got my Jane Austen books out before I became extremely restless.


4- I’m In Love & Always Will Be~

I think I haven’t emphasized enough on the blog about how much I love One Direction and Louis Tomlinson in particular. I’ve been madly in love with him from album one. Maybe it was his mischievous nature that took my heart away or his sass, I don’t know for sure but my love for him is unconditional and endless. When that love becomes too much to handle I distance myself from One Direction completely. I eventually go back to them and that’s when I fall in love with Louis all over again. Let me just tell you how not very easy it is. I don’t know if it’s humanly possible to love someone as much as I love Lou but I just can’t control myself when I see his cute nose and his extremely perfect jaw line and oh those blue eyes – I can drown in them ❤ and when he speaks.. His voice is the brightest I have ever heard. He is such sunshine in my life. If I am having a bad day or stressed out, I just have to listen to his voice and it makes me smile ear to ear. I love this guy so much. *sobbing*

(Picture credit: @ZouisBro on Instagram)


5- In Between News

I don’t know if you remember but a few Lately (Lately #2 – wow I can’t believe it. Time flies) posts back I talked about how much I miss Jamie Campbell Bower and the whole The Mortal Instruments movie. A few weeks back we heard great news that the movie is going to turn into a TV series which is AWESOME. I always find movies ruin books but TV series are always great. Not as awesome as books but far better than movies. Not sure if it’s going to be a continuation or they are going to take it from the start but I really hope they don’t change anyone from the cast because it was perfect and I do hope they make it as per the book completely. That’s the only way they can make it a hit because TMI books were really good. I did a review on them some times back to. (Click here to read it)

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