BEAUTY || Lipsticks To Lust Over – Bobbi Brown Edition

When it comes to lip products, I usually don’t get much action there but slowly and gradually I am trying to change that. I have been visiting a lot of high end counters lately with Bobbi Brown being one of my favorites. Here are my three picks of some of their best lip colors.

Bobbi Brown

1- Carnation #12

Carnation is a part of Bobbi Brown creamy/semi matte lipstick range. It comes in their luxe golden and black packaging. You know with the gorgeous Bobbi Brown printed on it. ❤

Carnation lipstick is a peachy pink color which goes somewhat nude on my lips. It is highly pigmented and gives a full coverage. It glides on well and has a smooth texture. It is light but I felt if you build it, it gets a little heavy. A very good pick if you’re looking for an everyday/nude lipstick.

2- Cherry Pink #6

Cherry Pink is a part of Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color range. It is a berry toned lipstick. The formula is very light. It glides on well too and has a very glossy texture. This is perhaps the only lip color that I could call my perfect nude as my lips are kind of dark and this lip color goes amazingly with it. It screams ‘my lips but better’ to me, ha.

3- Hollywood Red #94

How exactly can I leave Bobbi Brown without finding a Red lip color and falling in love with it? Hollywood Red is the kind of red I love – extremely bloody. It is a fuchsia based red lipstick that has a creamy/glossy texture that glides on well too. This one also comes in their luxe packaging and is a sight for sore eyes. If you are into rich colors or love red lipsticks, you need to have this in your collection.

I really want to say one of these lipsticks is my favorite but I can’t because all three of them are just so darn good!! Let me know which one’s your favorite lip color from Bobbi Brown. I need to try more from BB. 😀

Have a good day ya’ll! 🙂


~F x

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BOBBI BROWN The Hot Collection – Limited Edition

bb1 Intro

It is that time of the year again when Bobbi Brown comes out with her limited edition collection. To begin with, I am a massive Bobbi Brown fan especially her limited edition collections because they are always super cool. Having lost the chance of buying her previous two collections; Rich Chocolate Collection and Nectar & Nude Collection, I am very determined to get my hands on her latest one – The Hot Collection in collaboration with Kate Uptown. I first saw it on Bobbi Brown Middle East Instagram and knew right away it’s totally up my street.

The collection features:


Three Limited Edition Sheer Lip Color Shades – Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Hot Berry

I got a chance to try Hot Berry and really liked. It gives a very sheer glossy dark pinkish color to your lips leaving them looking very natural and quite drool worthy. Most of the berry toned lip colors I try are always too dark for me and kind of make me look like a vampire but this one was perfect – not very dark not very light – just the perfect amount of pinkish berry color.


Three Limited Edition Art Stick Shades – Hot Pink-10, Hot Orange-11, Hot Berry-09

I have my eyes on the Hot Berry one because I like Hot Berry Sheer lip color a lot and I am not the one who spends on glossy stuff but if I do get it I might just pick the Art Stick too. Would do anything to prolong the lip color effect, ha.


Limited Edition Hot Nudes Eye Palette –

Row 1 – Left to Right – Ivory, Smoke Shimmer Wash, Peach Sugar Shimmer Wash, Cement Sparkle

Row 2 – Left to Right – Nude Petal, Bronzed Beige Metallic, Taupe, Blackest Brown

I love Bobbi Brown Limited Edition Eye Palettes. They are always so good. Their Hot Nudes Eye Palette is something I would definitely spend on. It has all the perfect colors that can be used for any occasion, casual or formal. You can dress up with them or dress down. Absolutely love it.


Limited Edition Cheek Palettes –

I am not into cheek palettes as I like individual pots more and I have recently purchased an extremely gorgeous pink blush (I’ll share soon, lovelies 😉 ). From Left to Right – Pale Pink Blush / Pink Highlighter / Powder Pink Blush


Limited Edition Ink Liner

A pen ink liner in shade Darkest Black. Not something I would invest in because I have no eyelid space lol but wouldn’t mind giving it a go.

As far as I know it’s retailing in Oman from 15th of May (yessss I have some time to save up for all of it) but I shall keep you guys updated if I see it in store before that.

So what do you guys think about The Hot Collection? Which product would you spend on? I definitely need the Hot Nudes Eye Palette in my life.

Till next time,


~F x

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