Fitness Inspiration of the Day #1 ~ Brittne Babe

I have been thinking to start writing about health and fitness on the blog on a daily from a while. I won’t say I am a fitness freak or take care of my health to a T but I am very enthusiastic about it. There are weeks when I don’t work out or eat properly or on time and then there are weeks when I am working out daily, eating the right food and on time.

I am a huge Instagram lover and more than that I am a huge fitness insta-blogs follower. I especially like those accounts that put up videos. Practical demonstration always motivates me more. I follow quite a number of such blogs on Instagram and I love discovering more of such accounts. From now on I’ll pop those accounts here so that any of you who are interested can follow them for inspiration as well as tips.

Brittne Babe

Instagram: @BrittneBabe


Some of you might already know her but I just discovered an amazing account by a girl named Brittne. She is 20, is a full time college student, an online health couch and is a natural body builder. Though I prefer leaner body type for myself, I enjoy her videos so much. She demonstrates such strength which inspires me a lot and makes me keener to work out on my strength and flexibility. She is really down to earth too which is always good to know about someone who has a huge following.

Give her a follow if you haven’t already and let me know if you like her account as much as I do.

Have a fit day y’ll!

~F x

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