Best Friends Forever

Best Friends

I am spending the day with my best friend Rizi. We haven’t met in over four months and we don’t talk over the phone much either but right now we are talking non-stop and it feels like no time has passed between the last time I met her and today. You need friends like that in your life. People who don’t make you feel like friendship is an obligation. Though I do get annoyed because four months without seeing her face is an awful lot of time. I am lecturing her about it currently. I will go off before she starts taking it lightly. 😛

PS. Major food consuming session happening. #TeamFoodie

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Moments – September ’15

I have said this once before that I am not a very Monthly Favorites kind of a girl. I don’t use anything enough to form an opinion in a month. But I’ve always had a thing for documenting my life and thoughts. I find this idea so amazing because I love looking back at memories and seeing how far I have come or what I was like before and if I have changed as a person or not. I have been thinking about it from so long and have finally decided to start a new category called ‘Moments’. I plan to write a post a month about the previous one and talk about anything and everything I believe I would want to commit to my memory or look back at after a while. This post is the first installment of Moments series. I don’t know if you guys will like it but I hope you do! 🙂



I had an intense desire for wanderlust in September. I just wanted to grab a bag, pack some clothes and go away for a long while to somewhere very far. Be around the beach, get lost in the wilderness, be in the rain, sleep under the sky filled with stars, just be near nature as much as possible and live a simple life. Then I looked at my bank balance realizing I can’t afford an air ticket and all the pending work I had and asked my heart to shut up! One day I will travel the world without any restrictions and do as I please.



Last week of August and start of September were very busy days for me. I had so many errands to run and some urgent shopping to do. When I got home after I was done getting all the things I wanted and sat down ticking them off my wish list I was overwhelmed with emotions. I had all the stuff I ever wanted, even things I wrote down one or two years back when I thought I will never be able to get any of them. I felt so blessed that I was living a comfortable life, could get all the material things, had a roof over my head and dine out at good places. I thanked the Lord so much. It was my favorite moment of September.


Coca Cola Glass

I started having a little obsession with a glass in September. I am a well known mug lover and collecting them is my hobby. I am not that fussy about glasses but one day mum was rummaging through her kitchen cabinets and found some Coca Cola glasses merchandise which came with McDonald’s value meal a while back. I set eyes on them and that was it. I called dibs on all three. I have been using just one for now and I love it. It is green, has ripples and the Coca Cola logo seems super cool on it. I am not a fan of fizzy drinks but this glass is the cutest ever.



Now that I am not working and have a lot of spare time on my hand I thought why not rewatch Friends TV series from the very start. I didn’t realize I was signing up for the worst emotional trauma ever because it was 11 years ago when I finished this series and I hardly remember anything about it except season 9 and 10. I thought rewatching it wouldn’t hurt but damn did my feels box explode so freaking much.

I loved everything about the show. From ‘It’s always been you, Rach’ to ‘because you are Rachel & Ross’, to Mona & Chandler and that one drunken night in London, to Joey’s love for food, kiddish mind, crazy acting stints, being always there for his friends and falling in love with that one girl, to Phoebe’s craziness, smelly cat, David who moved to Minsk and that one special guy, I loved it all. It was all so damn perfect.

The night I finished it I had no idea what to do with my life anymore and I was so upset so I watched all their interviews and the next night I watched the first episode of season 1 again. I don’t think I will ever get over Friends now. I feel you guys who keep crying about this show and ask for a reunion. We need couple more seasons, yeah, and I don’t mind if they have aged. We all still love them madly!!

The fact that I have mastered Chandler’s expressions and his laugh is a bit alarming though because I don’t know how to loose it now. xD


Halloween 2013

I think when its September there isn’t much on a person’s mind than Halloween or at least that’s the case with me. I love Halloween because you get to dress up and all that, ha. I dressed up as Queen of The Seelie Court of New York from The Mortal Instruments in 2013 and that was so much fun. I couldn’t do anything last year which was really sad so I am looking forward to this year’s Halloween. 🙂

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Lately #15 ~ Monday Babblings



Hie you guys!

How’s everyone doing? I hope everyone had a good weekend and start of the week. I wanted to do a serious post but then I got lazy and thought of doing a chatty one instead where I just share stuff that’s been going on with me. Well there hasn’t been much except me staying at home mostly and scrubbing the house clean all day errrdayy. In between all that there have been a few things that make me believe I have a life.

For starters I have got back into reading. I was in a reading slump but now it’s all good. I am going to pop a post tomorrow so watch this space. 😀

Music wise there are some songs I have been listening to on repeat. Pretty Little Liar’s soundtrack has been on fleek this season. They had such amazing tracks but Give Us a Little Love by Fallulah have been the best. Good For You by Selena Gomez ft. A$AP Rocky is another one of my favorite these days. I love how sexy Selena’s voice is in this song and A$AP’s part is super cool. One Direction came out with their new single Drag Me Down which is nice too. I saw the video and Louis looks *insert HUGE heart eye emoji* super love. I also gave a listen to Lana Del Rey’s single High By The Beach. It’s similar to all her other numbers but I still like it plus she looks fabulous in the video.

Fashion wise Dungarees are back in trend. *8 years old me is doing the happy dance in one right now* I love the causal/comfy look. I am all about that life lol. I can’t stop drooling over all the different styles and cuts. I am extremely tempted to order them all but momma can’t afford right now, kiddos, ha. xD My favorite has got to be mid thigh/above the ankle, side buttons and ripped ones. Ah, absolute dream.

Makeup wise I have been obsessed with the brand Bourjois. I have been swatching there product every now and then when I visit the mall and I am in love. Their blushers and velvet lipsticks/lip gloss has caught my fancy. Fragrance wise I can’t stop thinking about Victoria’s Secret body mists. I want to go there and say ‘one of each please’. One day I will do that.

In other news, I have been missing L a lot from Death Note. I might have an urge to rewatch the anime and movies. I have also been re-watching Friends (yes, I have that much time) and I feel like I will never love another show again now. Not for a while at least. *psst don’t tell Sheldon*

What have you guys been up to?! Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

~F x

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People I know

Jasmine meets Aladdin ❤

Today is a milestone day in my life. My best friend is getting married to one of the most wonderful person I came across in a while. It feels like just yesterday she and I used to talk about celebrity crushes and today she is old enough to settle down and we are talking good-marriage tips. My happiness knows no bound. I’ve waited for this day for as long as I can remember and I rightly say I am far more excited than the bride and groom, themselves.

As they start a new and important chapter in their life together, I want to wish them all the very best. I pray that love, faith, trust and understanding never leave their sides. May they build a foundation that is ever so strong and indestructible.

In companionship, may they share all the life’s happiness and multiply it, and divide the burden of each other’s sorrow. Though I do heartily pray no sorrow ever touch their lives. I pray they feel easy enough to confide their fears and dreams to each other and the love they share triples with each passing moment.

May God keep them both forever young at heart and in love. May He bestow his choicest blessings on them and their future home. May the union of their families is in favor of both and the ties grow stronger with time.

With lots of love and warm wishes,

F x

blog rabit n bhai

Dear Rabbit,

No words can describe how much I love you two and the joy I feel when I see you guys together and happy. Jasmine finally met her Aladdin. 🙂

I am sad at heart as I am not there to attend such an important event in your life, but I do pray we meet soon. Because seriously, dil nahi lag raha (my heart is not at rest). Please accept this mini gift from me as a consolation prize and once we meet I’ll give you a better one. Promise. xx

Forever Yours,

Pooh Bear 🙂 ❤

Awards & Tags

TAG: Search Engine (Luckily NOT) Strangeness

So I have been tagged by Stephanie to do a post about Search Engine Strangeness. For people who have no clue what I am talking about, it’s about going to your Site Stats and view how some people have ended up on your blog while looking for something on a search engine.

Now I am fairly new to the whole blogging thing and haven’t posted much previously so I doubted I’d get any ‘strangeness’ and I was quite right.

Following are the only search words/phrases people have used which lead them to my blog. I am linking the posts too. =)

1-      Paulo Coelho Quotes / Manuscripts Found In Accra Quotes

Being a massive Paulo Coelho fan, I started my blog by posting about him, his books, and my favorite quotes by him. In fact in the start, that being summer of 2013, when I was just reading books one after another, I would post a review and then a separate post about my favorite quotes from the book. I love noting down the page number of whatever line or scene I love from a book so that once I am done with the book I can write it down or something. It’s my favorite thing to do. Do you do the same? And yes, I had read Manuscripts Found In Accra around summer so I blogged about the book and its quotes.

My Favorite Writer ❤

My Journey With Paulo Coelho

Review – Manuscript Found in Accra by Paulo Coelho (Book)

Favorite Quotes – Manuscript Found in Accra by Paulo Coelho (Book)

Review – Life: Selected Quotations by Paulo Coelho (Book)

Favorite Quotes – Life: Selected Quotations by Paulo Coelho (Book)

Review – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (Book)

Favorite Quotes – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho (Book)

2-      ‘How thick is One Direction’s official annual 2014 book’

Let me answer that first; very, very, very, freaking VERY thin.

People who have been following me from a while would have seen my obsession with the British boy band One Direction. I post about them every now and then and blogged about the book when I got it as a present in November.

Guess Who Got Lucky Yesterday?! – 1D Annual 2014 Book

This has also reminded me I was supposed to do a review of this book.

3-      Last Lecture Quotes

This just made me smile because I wasn’t expecting it. I did a quotes post on the book Last Lecture by Randy Pausch after reading it in summer ’13. I loved the book. If you haven’t read it yet, do so.

Favorite Quotes – The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch (Book)

Don’t Die..

4-      ‘I feel like I am on bad terms with my friends’

I guess this one would be due to a recent post I did on friendship. I wrote about a personal experience. Linking it below:

‘I Feel Like I’m Bothering You’


I hope you liked this post. Thank you very much, Stephanie, for tagging me. ❤

Time to tag my fellow bloggers to do a similar post 😀

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Also, anyone reading this would want to give it a try, do so and link me. Would love to read some strangeness. 😉



Posting this because i have got no picture to go with this post. Also because i have got fresh flowers on my table from three days now which i haven't clicked yet. Got this picture off Tumblr.
Posting this because i have got no picture to go with this post. Also because i have got fresh flowers on my table from three days now which i haven’t clicked yet. Got this picture off Tumblr.
iWrite, Thoughts & Reflections

‘I Feel Like I’m Bothering You’

I had the idea of writing about this blog post from a while now but I was quite reluctant as I am in the beginning of my writing practice and wasn’t sure if my words would be able to convey my feelings well. But I have been asked to write it anyway and see the response instead. So I guess I will just write about it and leave the rest on you all. 🙂


A few weeks back I met a couple of my friends over coffee. We had been together since school, like grade one till date. Last year we had a rift, and I kind of fell apart from the rest of the group and stayed that way for most of the year until recently. I let go all my anger and went back to being good friends because really how sure are you of life? Do you want to depart on bad terms with the only people you called friends? Anyhow, I wasn’t myself anymore with regards to sharing my feelings or staying in touch. If I was in a bad mood I wouldn’t bother talking. I would listen to everyone and their routines but I wouldn’t share anything of mine, just that I am doing fine and busy with college.

Some time before we planned to meet up, I finally realized I really had no one I shared my inner thoughts with (excluding a few very amazing people). But no one I really hung out or had fun with, someone who knew me through all my layers, and had seen me at my best and worst. I also realized, making new friends wasn’t easy and wasn’t even doing me any good either as it took some time to know them, a lot of time to trust them, or in the end getting to know they talk shit about you, no matter how nice you had been to them.

I tried talking to my close friends openly again. I tried to share my feelings but failed because every time I would want to, I thought I would be disturbing them by my stupid problems. So I just kept quiet. But when we met, and I finally spoke about some ‘things’ (read self made female problems only, of course) that were bothering me, not only did I get to know they feel the same way in their own life but also that I was just normal for thinking such stuff. That day I opened up to them very honestly and we had a great time. In the end I told them that I wasn’t much communicative before because I felt like I would be bothering them unnecessarily. Well, for at least 20 minutes I was abused and yelled at frantically. They all got so pissed that I would even think such a thing. Also, that they share their day-to-day details with me and never think they are bothering me, so if I think I would bother them by sharing my stuff, probably they sharing their details would be bothering me too. I explained how it never did and never would, and in response they explained how me sharing anything never bothers them. In fact they asked me to talk more, no matter how crazy I think I am, and that they miss me talking.

So the moral of the story is, just stop thinking you are bothering your friends with your problems because you are not. What will bother them would be you not sharing anything at all. Your friends know you better than anyone else, so if you’re going to pretend all is okay and think you can get off with it, you are wrong – you won’t. Your friends are always going to be there for you. They have chosen you voluntarily because they like you, your good side as well as bad. That’s the reason God didn’t make you guys siblings. He gave us the chance to choose our own friends. The more you will distance yourself from your friends, the lonelier you will become. Stick with them and they will stick with you till the very end. Everything in life is better if shared with friends, especially sorrows and tough times. : )

I learned my lesson the hard way. I hope none of you have to. This life is too short to quarrel with people whom you can spend time having fun instead.

Have you ever been in such a situation too?! Do share your experience and thoughts in the comments below.

Much Love,

Rebel ❤

PS. Dedicated to all my lovely friends, especially, Annayah, Carter, Crazy Mofo and Dreemers. I love you guys. ❤

Bug Frnds
Picture Courtesy: Njm Riz
Thoughts & Reflections

Repetition: The Common Exercise for Denial

Just last night I was having a conversation with my mum and I was talking about how I want to do a certain thing. Mid-way the convo I realized how unacceptable it is for me to do so. So instead of simply admitting that I shouldn’t, I started giving reasons as to why I shouldn’t. This made me think of a particular practice that I am quite certain most of us do.

Often times we keep repeating to ourselves and to others why we shouldn’t do a certain thing. Pretending that we are mature people who weight down all pros and cons to a situation.

Consciously, we keep giving reasons for not doing it, no matter someone proves us wrong. we still repeat how we want it to be. Subconsciously this is done not in order to show off in front of our friends that we are making a smart calculated decision but because we are trying to convince ourselves with these reasons to keep us from pursuing it. Though if given a chance we would do it in a heartbeat.

These reasons that we can ignore easily but will not because we are not alone in this decision making process. All our decisions are heavily influenced by our family, friends, society, culture and up-bringing. We continuously keep talking about these reasons with people or in our head so that it can somewhat permanently stick there.

Such a situation occurs mostly when we want to do something which is not acceptable in our society or/and culture. One of the most common examples can be of choosing a profession like being a writer or a singer, such sort of creative professions, but we don’t often opt for them because we are either not confident about ourselves or our family is not supportive enough.

Yes it is somewhat sad to realize that even though we are kids of today’s generation, the decision making process is still the same and so are the influential factors. We still opt for what is considered acceptable rather than being different. Some of us who are brave enough to be different, bravo to them all.