Best Friends Forever

Best Friends

I am spending the day with my best friend Rizi. We haven’t met in over four months and we don’t talk over the phone much either but right now we are talking non-stop and it feels like no time has passed between the last time I met her and today. You need friends like that in your life. People who don’t make you feel like friendship is an obligation. Though I do get annoyed because four months without seeing her face is an awful lot of time. I am lecturing her about it currently. I will go off before she starts taking it lightly. 😛

PS. Major food consuming session happening. #TeamFoodie

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‘I Feel Like I’m Bothering You’

I had the idea of writing about this blog post from a while now but I was quite reluctant as I am in the beginning of my writing practice and wasn’t sure if my words would be able to convey my feelings well. But I have been asked to write it anyway and see the response instead. So I guess I will just write about it and leave the rest on you all. 🙂


A few weeks back I met a couple of my friends over coffee. We had been together since school, like grade one till date. Last year we had a rift, and I kind of fell apart from the rest of the group and stayed that way for most of the year until recently. I let go all my anger and went back to being good friends because really how sure are you of life? Do you want to depart on bad terms with the only people you called friends? Anyhow, I wasn’t myself anymore with regards to sharing my feelings or staying in touch. If I was in a bad mood I wouldn’t bother talking. I would listen to everyone and their routines but I wouldn’t share anything of mine, just that I am doing fine and busy with college.

Some time before we planned to meet up, I finally realized I really had no one I shared my inner thoughts with (excluding a few very amazing people). But no one I really hung out or had fun with, someone who knew me through all my layers, and had seen me at my best and worst. I also realized, making new friends wasn’t easy and wasn’t even doing me any good either as it took some time to know them, a lot of time to trust them, or in the end getting to know they talk shit about you, no matter how nice you had been to them.

I tried talking to my close friends openly again. I tried to share my feelings but failed because every time I would want to, I thought I would be disturbing them by my stupid problems. So I just kept quiet. But when we met, and I finally spoke about some ‘things’ (read self made female problems only, of course) that were bothering me, not only did I get to know they feel the same way in their own life but also that I was just normal for thinking such stuff. That day I opened up to them very honestly and we had a great time. In the end I told them that I wasn’t much communicative before because I felt like I would be bothering them unnecessarily. Well, for at least 20 minutes I was abused and yelled at frantically. They all got so pissed that I would even think such a thing. Also, that they share their day-to-day details with me and never think they are bothering me, so if I think I would bother them by sharing my stuff, probably they sharing their details would be bothering me too. I explained how it never did and never would, and in response they explained how me sharing anything never bothers them. In fact they asked me to talk more, no matter how crazy I think I am, and that they miss me talking.

So the moral of the story is, just stop thinking you are bothering your friends with your problems because you are not. What will bother them would be you not sharing anything at all. Your friends know you better than anyone else, so if you’re going to pretend all is okay and think you can get off with it, you are wrong – you won’t. Your friends are always going to be there for you. They have chosen you voluntarily because they like you, your good side as well as bad. That’s the reason God didn’t make you guys siblings. He gave us the chance to choose our own friends. The more you will distance yourself from your friends, the lonelier you will become. Stick with them and they will stick with you till the very end. Everything in life is better if shared with friends, especially sorrows and tough times. : )

I learned my lesson the hard way. I hope none of you have to. This life is too short to quarrel with people whom you can spend time having fun instead.

Have you ever been in such a situation too?! Do share your experience and thoughts in the comments below.

Much Love,

Rebel ❤

PS. Dedicated to all my lovely friends, especially, Annayah, Carter, Crazy Mofo and Dreemers. I love you guys. ❤

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People I know

Someone of your stature.

My guy best friend Carter and I have been friends for almost more than 9 years now.

( Oh my God yes!! :O )

And he is one of those person in your life who know you from inside out no matter how much you fake in front of them. They can pick up your moods or your emotions like they are some kind of experts. Yes, its kind of annoying sometimes when you are trying to hide some thing from such people but that’s how life is and that is exactly how God bestows you with the best of friends.

I recently got on my Summer break and Carter has been urging me to write again and do something useful with my time. And me being a bad friend and a bad person in general keeps saying to him that yeah yeah i will definitely do something good this break. He knows me too well to read between the lines and come to conclusions which are often very right.

So, last night we were talking and he started the whole Summer-Break-Utilize-Your-Time-Rebel topic again and I knew i was busted the second he did. Actually Carter has taken it all up to his tiny shoulders that he will make sure i get my life back on track so you see according to him, he has every right to badger me as much as he wants about ANYTHING.

Our Conversation goes as follows:

Carter: SO Rebel, whats the plan for this summer break?! 🙂

[ Me acting like all grown up, mature and someone who has it all figured out replied very confidently ]

Me: Oh you know Carter this summer i am not making any plans. I am going to take one day at a time as it comes and try to utilize it as much as i can. Now lets see what this summer has stored in for me.

Carter: Okay so you are saying very diplomatically that you are going to sleep your ass off all summer till you find anything more interesting and useful to do.

Me: -_-

Carter: Yes.

Me: Why do you have to be such a bitch to me?!

Carter: Because i am your Mommy Dragon. And your Mommy Dragon is going to make sure you do NOT waste this summer break.

Me: Hmm. Ya Okay. -.-

Carter: So what is the plan, Rebel?

Me: Okay i did not actually wanted to say it out loud because i did not wanted to get embarrassed and feel like a failure if i did not achieve any of my plans on my Summer Things-To-Do list. Plus you know right how every time i talk about how i want to do a certain thing and that never happens then.

Carter: Oh my little Baby Dragon, nothing of that sort happens. Its all in your head. Now don’t go all down-down and tell me what you have in mind.

Me: Nothing grand this time because i want to focus on more practical goals. So this summer i want to learn how to cook, sew, read more books and watch movies. 😀

Carter: Wait a second. Let me just go and get my eyes checked.

Me: What?! :S Why?!

Carter: I read something that is very hard to digest.

Me being a dumb person, thinking he must have read some football post and is freaking out ]

Me: What did you read, Carter?!

Carter: You cooking and sewing. Ohhh kaaayy!!

Me: CARTER!!!!! >.< >.<

Carter: No seriously, the last two things on the list i can still comprehend and imagine you doing. But cooking and sewing?! And here i thought we were talking about practical goals.

Me: Dammit Carter why do you think i cannot cook and sew?! >.<

Carter: Because my darling.. when i look at you.. and knowing your history.. Reading books come naturally to you and movies you can bear too.. but the rest seems quite adventurous for somebody of your stature. 😛

[ The thing is, I had been a tomboy all my life and the only house related thing i do is clean my room a bit sometimes. There is nothing else i can do. I am a disaster in kitchen. And most probably will be in sewing too. And because Carter knows me too well, he knows i cannot cook for shit. ]

Me: Go die, Carter. -.-

Carter: Hahaha, your signature line for me.

Me: I am serious this time. -.-

Carter: You sure are embarked on an adventure this time!! 😛

Me: Yes, I aaammmm. 😀 That is the reason why i am all pumped up and happy for this summer break!! 😀

[ Not to forget, i am getting a summer break after two and a half year of university torture. ]

I did surprise Carter yesterday it self 🙂

After a while of talking i said to Carter to wait a jiffy and i am sending him something.

And this is what i sent him with the caption!!

Fish Biryani! Made by someone of my stature :)
Fish Biryani! Made by someone of my stature 🙂

Carter: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: 🙂

Carter: I got a big smile on my face (like a proud Mommy Dragon). So much so that my jaws are hurting. 😀

Me: 🙂

Carter: It looks so professionally cooked. With the color and spices and all perfect!!!

Me: Hope it tastes good too!! 😛

Carter: Of course it will. I LOVE biryani and i definitely know when it is going to taste good. And this looks great!!

Me: 🙂

Carter: I am so happy right now you cannot even imagine. I am so proud of you Baby Dragon. :’) Maybe you will after all not waste this summer break. 🙂

Me: Haha, lets not get our hopes high now!! 😛

The End 😛