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There hasn’t been a Catch Up post in some weeks because I haven’t been posting regularly every day. I have been posting as much as I could as I’ve been very busy looking for a job and sorting my life out generally. So I thought I would do a collective Catch Up post for all the recent articles I have written.


1- GET OFF YOUR BREAK AND COME TO TELLY ALREADY – In this post I wrote about TV shows I can’t wait to start watching again once they are back from their break. The Big Bang Theory and Downton Abbey made it to the list.

2- A BIT OF SHOPPING #2 – My latest shopping haul that included purchasing a high end foundation, sportswear, lifestyle bit, a trip to Victoria’s Secret and some makeup shopping.

3- BOOK REVIEW ~ IF I STAY and WHERE SHE WENT by GAYLE FORMAN – Did a proper review of Gayle Forman’s If I Stay series.

4- HAIR CARE ~ L’Oreal Elvive Total Repair Hair Mask with Serum Review – Did a complete review and my experience with the product.

5- Fitness Inspiration of the Day #1 ~ Brittne Babe – Shared a fitness babe with y’ll for inspiration.

6- Movie Made Me Read It – One of my favorite posts; I wrote about how some movies inspired me to read their books.

7- AWARD ~ The Very Inspiring Blogger Award – I did a blogger’s award and tagged some of my favorite and well deserving bloggers. ❤

8- NOTD ~ Flashy Pumpkin by Essence – My love for Essence nail polish continues as I share my latest go to nail polish from their summer collection.

9- My Pamper Routine – It was about time I did a pamper routine post and here you will find all the details.

10- Cupcakes @ illy – Diverting my mind back to food, I wrote about my latest eating experience in Muscat.

Have fun going through them all if you haven’t already! 🙂


~F x

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~Lately I’ve Been, I’ve Been..~

20 points to you if you sang the title as One Republic’s Counting Stars starting. 😉

Hello lovely people!!

How are you all doing? How was the weekend? I hope you all are having a good start to the week.

Muscat has been given a warning for bad weather that includes rainstorm, thunderstorm and probably hailstorm as well. Looking forward to it, lol. I hope there are no damages done though, be it of life or material.

I was very busy last two weeks planning a wedding shower and made it happen. It went superb. Then I got very busy in my finals. In the mean time, my mum went off to a trip right a day before my finals got over. Currently I am very busy in packing as I am travelling soon. Not very excited, just stressed out. There is so much to do in a few days and I really don’t feel up to the mark.

Today I thought of doing a little post about what’s been going on in my life lately. I got the idea for this post from Becky’s Milk Bubble Tea blog. She often does such posts and they are always lovely. And because everything is scattered to a T in my room/life right now and I don’t feel much energized to do a proper post and I thought of this instead.

1- Lately.. the events I have been dealing with

Pakistani Wedding Shower


This was the seating for the event. It was a mix of South Asian (wooden sofa, sitting cushions next to it, and the colorful drapes at the back) and Arabian (Majlis) look. =)

2- Lately.. what I had read and felt.. 😐

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green


I read it some days back. I don’t know if i just have a cold heart because unlike most of the people, i didn’t shed a tear while reading this book. Nor could i complete it in one go. I read 77 pages a few months back and the rest last week. I.. I wasn’t really moved by the book. Maybe i need to reread it twice or so to get it. I liked the writing and some parts were nice but I didn’t connect with it at an emotional level like everyone else did. I have started questioning myself, am i heartless? :s

3- Lately.. I’ve been sleeping to..


Books, Dreams, Fantasies, Hopes, Smiles, Happiness, Khula Aasmaan (open sky) and This.. ❤ Life is beautiful 

4- Lately.. I’ve been drinking in


I’ve been having my coffee in Mum’s black and white striped cup because my Mug has got a very big crack line and two days back ever since a cup broke right when i was pouring hot water in it (yes it had a small crack line too) I’ve been afraid to use mine, haha. So much for being super strong.

5- Lately.. I’ve discovered


A gorgeous wallet with Pakistan’s traditional artwork on it. Found this in mum’s wardrobe. I’m stealing this one, aye. 😉


6- Lately.. on my desk

Mugs 1--

These pretty mugs. The one on the left was given to me on my birthday and the one on the right was given by a close friend as a token of friendship. Love these two. The red one has some inscriptions inside.

Mugs 2--


burn baby burn

My candle pot and the fragrance Enlighten by Adore. Love this smell. It’s heavenly. So very refreshing.

7- Lately.. what finally made its appearance

pencil box

My pencil box because of my finals, haha. I bought it a year and half back. It always makes its appearance at the end of my uni semesters on my written exams. This pouch was overpriced but I bought it still because I loved the print. So many different faces and them red lips, LOL. It is quite spacious too.

8- Lately.. the weather


Muscat has been covered with fluffy clouds lately and its just such a pretty and rare sight. This picture was taken on 19th. The sun was playing hide and seek throughout the day. Loved it. 

9- Lately.. major problem


I have got just one question: How the hell do we even pack light???!!

10- Lately.. my obsessions

Makeup and other products


Trying to smooth out my skills with a pen than my usual wand stick and create a proper wing shape with my new Revlon liquid eye pen liner.


 On my nials – Britpop, Britpop, Britpop. ❤ 

Rimmel – Salon Pro Nail Polish by Kate Moss 713 Britpop

11- Lately.. I’ve read

If I Stay by Gayle Forman (If I Stay #1)

if i stay

Been doing some ebook reading because very broke to buy real books. 😛 Also, din’t find it in Borders here. I wasn’t going to buy it anyway because wasn’t sure if I’d like it. Got done with it last night and found it really good. Will prolly do a review once I am back or something.

12- Lately.. Reading

Where She Went by Gayle Forman (If I Stay #2)

Where she went

Started it last night. So far its going good. Can’t wait to read more. =)

13- Lately.. been listening to

Summer Love by One Direction

Summer Love

Such a massive fan of 1D but I’d never listened to this song or She’s Not Afraid or Loved You First until two weeks back. :/ Like i did hear them in the movie but i didn’t have the full songs. Finally downloaded them and damn, love at first hear i’d say.

This brings us to the end. I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoyed compiling them. =) Also, I prolly won’t be able to post much in the coming three weeks because I have a complete wedding to plan, prepare and execute, haha. Wish me luck. 😀

Love you guys. xx

PS. Please don’t be a silent reader or shy to state your opinion about my posts in the comments below. I love hearing from you all. (: