I realized I haven’t done a fragrance post in a while and thought it to be a good opportunity to write one. Today I am going to write about Body Mists.

Body mists are lighter scented, less concentrated formulas. They are used on your body to make it smell better after a shower or before going out or whenever you like it. I will count it as fragrance because they make you smell good and if bough with the same perfume, it can prolong the effect.

VS Body Mists (

Victoria’s Secret is one of the most famous body mist makers followed by perfumes of the same smell for quite a number of them. I own two of their body mists which I’ve used quite a lot over two years and it quite amazing I still have a lot left. Purely because I have neglected them for quite a while as I got distracted by a lot of other options.

These were my first ever purchase from Victoria’s Secret when it opened in Muscat.

1-      Lost in Fantasy – Brazilian orchid & kiwi

It was in blue packaging so it was quite obvious I’d check this one out first. Just one sniff and I was in love. It has a very tangy smell to it – like fresh flowers right from the garden – very refreshing for summer. The thing I liked the most was its name and that it had orchids in the background of the bottle which made it look really pretty. At RO 6 it was a must-have.

2-      Sexy Little Things – Tease Body Mist

The only reason I got this body mist was because its perfume was quite expensive, RO 23, and I wasn’t ready to buy it on impulse. I bought the body mist for RO 12 instead to try on for a while just to be sure if I really wanted it or was it just for the packaging. The perfume was coming in a black and pink bottle and it had a pump (I am old school) which was so very attractive but it was a very tiny bottle. So to spend RO 23 on it didn’t seem quite sensible to me.

I kind of had a love-hate relationship with this body mist. It has a sharp smell. Some days I would love it crazy much and some days I would see myself going for Lost in Fantasy or some lighter perfume. I am still not certain if I want to get the perfume.


I like the whole idea of a body mist. It can be used as a sample of the perfume you want to buy. You can try it on for a month or two and be certain if you like the smell or not, (as I did for Tease) though the perfume would smell stronger than the mist. VS perfumes are pricey so a body mist comes in handy if you want to make a decision.

Another reason why I like body mists is because we get really hot summers. The temperature goes crazy. So putting on a perfume is good but once you start sweating, the strong smell of perfume mixes with it and you kind of start smelling repulsive. Body mists have quite a faint smell, so you can refresh it after a few hours and they don’t make you smell gross.

I love Victoria’s Secret packaging. It is cute, girly and sexy, and seeing how long it can last I think I’ll be returning to VS soon to buy some more.

Which is your favorite body mist?


~F xx