Bored @ Home? Hit The Cinema for Vacation~

*no spoiler included*

Are you have a boring weekend or can’t really make up your mind what to do? I got a suggestion for you – hit the cinemas and watch Vacation (if it’s still playing).

Vacation Movie

As you might have read countless times, I am very picky about my movies. A friend of mind decided that we need to catch up and watch a movie together. She chose Vacation and got the tickets before I could say anything. I saw the trailer and was pretty sure it will be a waste of time. Turns out it wasn’t. It was so damn hilarious from the starting till the very end. It’s not your every day cliché comedy movie. It’s an unexpected one. I enjoyed it thoroughly (esp. because they had our mighty Thor aka Chris Hemsworth – now who wouldn’t like that?).

The storyline is very basic. A man is trying to spend some quality time with his wife and two sons and because he can’t afford much he decides to take them to a theme park he went to as a kid. We see the journey, the relationship between them four and get to know them as individuals too. The acting and dialogues were spot on. Fair warning – some scenes are way too hilarious and the whole crowd would be laughing their butt off so if you don’t like that better to watch it at home. Also, it’s 18+. We got to see the censored version and that’s fine by me. I would recommend it if you have nothing else to do with your life or are feeling low. This movie will ‘shake things up’ for you. 😉 Oh, and my favorite character was Kevin, the youngest son. 🙂

Have fun!! 😀

~F x

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Movie Review ~ Love, Rosie <3

*no spoilers included*

Okay, I know I am late to the party but I got around watching Love, Rosie just a few days back. It’s based on a book called Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern. I saw its trailer when it was going to get released and it pretty much gave everything away but I was quite sure it was a movie I would not like. Hence I never bothered going for it or downloading it. Annayah recommended this movie in one of our gatherings and I said yeah why not let’s give it a go. Oh boy what did I do to my tiny heart?!

I absolutely loved this movie and I was balling throughout. I am not the crying kind okay? But this movie really hit me hard. It’s a story about two best friends; a girl named ‘Rosie’ and a boy named ‘Alex’ who has their whole lives planned in accordance to each other’s. Alex has feelings for Rosie which he is not sure about and Rosie is just in denial. They decide to go to prom with different people for the first time ever and Rosie ends up getting pregnant.  She hides this from Alex but he eventually gets to know.

The story runs from their childhood to school to uni to work until they mess/sort up their life enough to realize all they ever needed was each other and now it’s just too late.

I believe this is the most relatable story there ever could be. There was this dialogue in the movie ‘girl boy friendship is complicated’ because yes they are. Sometimes they don’t realize they don’t just care about each other but have developed more than friend-like feelings. And sometimes it also happens that they mistake each other’s friend-like feelings as love. Seriously this all is very complicated lol but I guess we all know such cases, don’t we? I am not saying a girl and a guy can never be just friends, I am saying it can get complicated – a lot of times!

I loved the whole movie and every scene was just so good… it was all so normal like it was taken out of a person’s routine life. I loved the story line. The characters were so frickin’ fun and my favorite was Ruby who was the most amusing one and Rosie’s dad who was the cutest dad ever.

The acting was good too. Lily Collins did a great job. She is such a babe and so pretty and tiny and the way she talks is just so frickin’ adorable!! Sam Claflin is perhaps the cutest dork out there and all through the movie I was thinking he looks so familiar and couldn’t recall he plays Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games – my favorite character from THG.

The soundtrack was so on point too and my two most favorite scenes were 1- when Rosie was crying while her baby was crying too* (reminded me of you Jas) and 2- when Lily Allen’s song F*ck You comes up. I’ll let you see that scene for yourself, ha!

I would recommend this movie and now I can’t wait to get my hands on the book.

Rating: 4/5

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Thoughts & Reflections

2014 Favorites :) ❤

Hola Fellaz!!

I can’t believe today is the last day of 2014. I mean it was just yesterday I was out and about shopping for my birthday. Time is passing so quickly I can hardly keep track anymore.

Now I am not a very cool person and doing monthly favorites or general favorites for that matter have never been my thing. I fall in and out of love way too quickly. However this year I decided to do a 2014 Favorites post. So let’s get started! 😀


~ Blog ~

I have written some cool pieces this year and I am kind of very proud of them (even if they aren’t very cool as per the standard, haha). The first thing I am super happy about is the ‘Lately’ posts – snippets of my everyday life. When I started Rebel’s Spot I had somewhat promised myself not to go personal on the blog but there was also a part of me who wanted to turn a section of the blog into my private diary kind of thing and hence started the Lately category. Thanks to Becky from MilkBubbleTea blog for inspiring me. I actually love all of them and am linking them (CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM) for you all to have a look. 😀

I wrote two personal posts which I love rereading every now and then and I think you should give them a read too so; SMILE – YOU ARE TOO YOUNG TO BE THIS SAD and THOUGHTS ~ Staying Strong 365 Days a Week Book by Demi Lovato & Mantra Magic

 My favorite post however remain saying Goodbye to 2013 (Click here to see it). Favorite post ever I would say.

beaut 2014

~ Beauty ~

I like how I have got into beauty recently (I don’t like the affect it has made on my saving plans though 😛 ) Most of the year has been spent checking the aisles of the beauty section of every store I have ever been to. I have experimented, learned and read so much about beauty, skincare and have discovered such nice products which is an extremely new thing for me. All in all I am happy about it.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash has been my constant partner this year keeping my oiliness much under control. The Body Shop Born Lippy in Strawberry has been a complete babe. I just love the lip balm so much. It leaves my lips soft, smooth, plum and pink. Maybelline Colossal Kajal and Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen have been amazing too. I do not look like someone has smacked my eye sockets ever since I started using these, ha. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 and Maybelline Fit Me Concealer have helped me cover up my acne so well throughout the year. I love these too as they are light on the skin and have 12+ hrs amazing staying power. The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream has been such a soothing product for my face and has fixed my dry patches immensely. The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask has been a champ. It reduces oiliness and blackheads when used regularly and I have been doing nothing else. I do let the routine slip sometimes and that’s just okay.



~ Body ~

Marks & Spencer Nature’s Extracts Fresh Aloe Vera Exfoliating Body Scrub has been amazing. It keeps the skin smooth and smells so fresh and green.



~ Nails Wise ~

Essence Nail Polish in That’s What I Mint, Wanna Be Your Sunshine and Off To Miami by Essence have been gorgeous. I love wearing these three together.



~ Fragrance Wise ~

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell in Bloom and Victoria’s Secret Night body mists has been my favorite this year. I have loved using 212 VIP Perfume by Carolina Herrera a lot too this year.


~ Fashion ~

I loved my Leopard Ring by Max and my Leaf Ear Cuff by Parfois. The best picks of this year, ha. Let’s not forget my latest purchase Printed TightsI am in love with these and can’t wait to wear them out, haha.



~ Books ~

I am actually sad about this category because I didn’t read much this year. With what little I read Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (Click here for review) has been the best book. I loved it so much and would recommend it to the whole wide world. A must, must read if you haven’t already. There are two other books I liked and did not review yet; 1- Fifty Shades of Grey (Book 1) which was all kind of amazing and 2- The Truth About Alice was such a good read and I would recommend it to every (teenage) girl out there.

I wish I could include The Book Thief and The Forty Rules of Love here but as I sucked at reading this year, these two will be included in next year’s post, lol.



~ Movies/Shows ~

I am not a movie person anymore. I’ve become too impatient for them. Favorite movie for this year has got to be The Fault in Our Stars (Click here for review). The book didn’t have that much affect on me the way the movie did. I simply loved it.

SHERLOCK and DOCTOR WHO!!!!! Team Moffat all the wayyy, haha!!! 😀 I have loved these two so muchhhh and these shows have made me cry buckets and buckets of tears but that’s alright. Mr Moffat is allowed to do as he pleases. I can’t wait to watch more of these two in 2015.


~ Music ~

Hmm, I have been hearing a few albums on repeat this year. For once I have heard old albums of One Direction on repeat. Then albums wise I have heard X by Ed Sheeran, Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey, Four by One Direction and 1989 by Taylor Swift. Singles wise: Rude by Magic, I Wanna Be Yours by Artic Monkey, Parachute (acoustic version) by Ingrid Michaelson (thanks Pretty Little Liars), Counting Stars and Love Runs Out by One Republic, Team by Lorde and Ayo Technology by Milow. Soundtrack wise: (500) Days of Summer.


I didn’t do Food favorites because… seriously how do you even decide that? Some life related stuff; I graduated from uni with Bachelors degree and I have started working full time now for an Electrical Engineering company.

 And that’s it. We have covered my year in 2014, ha.

Hope you guys had a good 2014. May you have a splendid 2015 filled with love, happiness and lots of peace of mind. 🙂

See you on the other side, aye! ❤

Love yourself – often and enough

~F x

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25 And Counting, Movies, One Direction

Where We Are Exclusive Movie Premier~


Like I said yesterday, we need a two days discussion thing on the blog for One Direction. Today I am going to talk about their latest movie.

I won tickets for Where We Are exclusive premier in VOX Cinema from Hi fm here. I could bring a friend along, and knowing how much Haya loves One Direction, I asked her. Her sister, Sarah, accompanied us as well. We messed up the timing due to which Haya got late and I was freaking out. I went over to the guys from Hi fm and explained them my situation. They were so sweet and helpful and told me it’s okay and they are going to take some time before starting the movie – extremely nice people. I am talking about Steve and Scott, the RJs, if anyone was wondering.

By the time Haya came and we entered the hall, the movie was on and we had missed a little part of the interview which was okay by me but not for Haya 😛 I think it was a brilliant idea to make a movie out of their concert because there are still so many of us who haven’t seen them live and might not ever do too but this way we had a chance to see how it all is on stage. Though I still prefer This Is Us kind of a movie more over the concert film but Where We Are was a fun watch too.

And because the movie was their concert, everyone in the cinema was singing along to the songs and was hooting and stuff. The atmosphere was awesome and we had just so much fun. Once the movie ended, Scott and Steve handed out movie posters. Mostly to kids but there was someone in the VOX management who heard me whining outside about how badly I wanted the poster too and took pity on a twenty something me and handed me and Haya posters too, haha. We were so happy. Where We Are poster graces my bedroom wall these days and it’s always a lovely sight, lol.

After the movie, Haya, Sarah and I had some lunch and chilled out at the mall but that all is for another post. I think I am done with my One Direction talk on the blog now unless of course you don’t count talking about Four, their new album. I do want to talk about it but not right away. Maybe in a week or two.

Ciao! ❤

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Review – Godzilla (Movie)

*no spoilers included*

I went for the movie Godzilla on Thursday and the moment I got out of the cinema I wanted to write a very descriptive review about it. I got busy with studies and 9gag beat me to it. This picture below sums up the movie very nicely. If you still haven’t gone for it, save yourself the misery and torture.

Godzilla - 9gag
He is Big. He is Green. He is Lovable. (Kill me please)

I am not including any spoilers. I will just tell you a few things. The story is very dull. 3D effects are nonexistent. Graphic are amazing, no doubt. Everything looked quite real. Acting is poor. And our beloved villain Godzilla is a cuddly bear. Yeah that’s Godzilla in a nutshell.

If you are going to the cinema expecting a crazy dragon movie with Godzilla destroying the world and being super badass, you are in for a major disappointment. It is more of a predator vs. prey (alien) kind of a thing, but much worst. And yes you will know what I mean by alien once you see it. It can be rated as more of a romantic movie. Yes I am serious when I say that – with a capital R.

I really want to ask the writer of the story what he was thinking and more importantly WHY he was thinking. This movie has ruined all the dragon/dinosaur movies for me and I fear if there is a Jurassic Park movie coming out, it will have far more romance than this one did and the dinosaur might be characters from Winnie the Pooh. My faith in Hollywood movies is at a loss right now.

Book Review

Review – The Winner Stands Alone by Paulo Coelho (Book)

The Winner Stands Alone is a story written about a number of individuals and their lives over a time span of 24 hours. It covers their minds, problems and plans on success. The book unfolds how their lives are inter-related and how they cross each others’ path. It is set during the Cannes Film Festival. According to me the theme was fashion, movies, fame, money and no happiness.

Igor – a millionaire and a former war soldier in search of his ex-wife come to Cannes

Hamid – an international fashion designer from the Middle East

Ewa – Igor’s ex-wife and Hamid’s current

Gabriela – an ambitious actress trying to grab some film people’s attention

Savoy – an ambitious crime detective

Jasmine – a model on the peak of achieving a gold opportunity of fame and money

The story largely revolves around them and everything that goes in their mind. Their many purposes to be at the Cannes are to fulfill their hopes of returning a success.

Igor is the main lead of the book who is obsessed with his ex-wife and the love they once shared.  He wants to take her back from Hamid and for that he would do anything, literally anything. He has come all prepared with a solid plan. He promises to destroy worlds for her. And so he does.

I found the story a little too repetitive. The concepts were recurring again and again with different words and sometimes with the same. Coelho’s books always have a positive vibe to them especially in the end. But TWSA left a very negative feel to it from the beginning to the very last word. Most of the negativity came by too much talk about The Supper Class influence on ordinary/common people and their miserable, lonely lives.

It is more of a dark book with Coelho’s touch that did not seem all that great. It gets quite boring in some parts and seems that the concepts are repeated in a way as to cram the whole thing in the reader’s mind. It was not very enjoyable like other Coelho books.

I would rate it 2.5 from 5.

Feel free to leave a comment and share your opinion about the book! 🙂

PS. My favorite character was Jasmine. 🙂