Skincare ~ Marks & Spencer Shower Products


I feel like I haven’t spoken enough about the awesomeness of Marks & Spencer shower products that I bought a while back. Marks & Spencer has a nice little range of skincare products here. They have hand wash, moisturizers, shower foams and scrubs. I bought M&S Nature’s Extract Aloe Vera foam bath with added moisturizer on a whim and haven’t regretted the decision till date. I don’t really know the difference between a shower gel and a foam bath because I found them pretty much the same. Foam bath lathers a lot more I guess.

M&S foam bath comes in a 500ml transparent plastic bottle with a silver cap. The product is colored gel. It lathers well. It has added moisture that leaves the skin feeling soft, extremely silky and smooth. The amount is huge so it will last you a long while even if you use it every day. All the fragrances are very pleasant and lasts a while on the body.

After I bought the Aloe Vera foam bath, I went to M&S again and spotted another foam bath in Water Lily. It’s pink and has the sweetest fragrance ever. It’s my absolute favorite. Ever since I bought this I used the Aloe Vera one rarely.

The next I bought was Nature’s Extract Coconut cream bath with added moisturizer. This is similar to the foam bath too. It’s just creamy in texture and there is more moisture. I am not a fan of coconut fragrance but this one is way too pleasant and makes me want to get a coconut body mist. *this was a hint – more to come in the coming days* 😉

If you’re looking for a high quality, good amount of product and quarter the price of The Body Shop shower gels, I would highly recommend a visit to Marks & Spencer. Their range is fabulous. BTW, I am not against The Body Shop. I love their products but in my opinion their shower gels are a complete waste as their scent doesn’t last at all and they are unreasonably expensive for the amount you get.

Price: RO 2.000 (1.500 in sale)


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