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Red Nails for Christmas


Hello Guys!!

Last few days had been extremely busy. Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas I really wanted to put up a tree this year. Sadly that didn’t happen and to cheer myself up I planned to dip my nails in the most Red nail color I could find. My choice you ask? Rimmel Rock N Roll.

My last red nail polish dried off and I’ve needed a new bottle from a while now. Red nails are my absolute favorite. After browsing Carrefour’s beauty section for a while I found Rimmel Salon Pro Kate Moss 703 Rock N Roll. I tried it on my nails and I knew it was going in my basket. It is a deep red with shocking pink undertone and is extremely bright on the nails. More like neon red. I loved the effect.

Rock N Roll has the standard Rimmel Salon Pro packaging which I find extremely cool. It has the usual thick glossy formula that goes on so well and just one coating is enough. I love Rimmel nail brushes as they are quite broad and can cover a complete nail in just one swipe hence making the applying process effortless for people who struggle with it (I am trying to say Me).

Now I wouldn’t say Rock N Roll is one of my favorite polishes because the moment it starts chipping the shocking pink undertone is extremely visible and looks trashy. I however will continue to use it until I find a better red nail polish. If you guys have any suggestions leave them in the comments below. I will be thankful. 🙂


~F x

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NOTD ~ Rimmel Salon Pro Lycra 713 Britpop



If you’ve been following me from the very start you would know about my obsession with color Blue. I love Blue and all its shade. It is the most attractive color to me. I picked up Britpop assuming it was exactly like an unlabeled Tiffany Blue nail color I had. It was similar but not exactly alike.

Britpop is a neon tiffany blue. It is extremely bright and can put the spotlight right on your fingers the moment you apply it. It stands out really. I have worn it with neutral and monochrome clothes and it looks super. It doesn’t go with bright colors though as far as I have experimented.

Rimmel makes some of the best nail polishes I would say. Their Salon Pro Lycra range is of extremely high quality. The nail polish brush is broad enough to cover the whole finger in one sweep. The formula is thick requiring only one coat to make the nails opaque. What I love the most about Rimmel nail polishes is their color. If it’s a British blue; it is that color to a T and if it is Red – it is the proper red. I can’t wait to buy more colors from Rimmel. They are right up my street.

What is your favorite shade by Rimmel?


~F x

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NOTD ~ Off To Miami by Essence

*Effortlessly gorgeous nails alert!!*

Off to Miami (1)

Off to Miami (2)

I just can’t get enough of Essence it seems. I have bought yet another nail polish from them and this one is a massive favorite. 109 Off to Miami is a peachy salmon color that goes on your nail effortlessly, dries off real quick and last for eons. Honestly. The formal is extremely superb.

I have been reaching out for Off to Miami so much these days. It is just the perfect color to wear in this confused weather where we are not sure whether it is summer, autumn, spring or winter out there or all four of them at once. It suits all skin tones and goes well with neutral colored dresses as well as colorful ones. You don’t need to change your nail color for the evening *woop woop*

I’ve been getting quite a lot of compliments on it and people often ask which nail polish I am wearing. It’s such a fabulous feeling, ha. Essence nail polishes range impresses me yet again. Can’t wait to go back and purchase another gorgeous shade.

What do you think of Essence Nail Polish range? Do you like this color? Do let me know in the comments below! 🙂


~F x

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Nail Polish ~ That’s What I Mint by Essence




I don’t usually buy nail polishes from a good brand unless there is a color I love and doubt I’d ever find anywhere else. I came across Essence in Sultan Center in Qurum last year. I wasn’t sure if I would like it as I haven’t heard of it before and because I visit TSC once a year I don’t remember seeing Essence’s booth there before. I came home and did a little internet research about the brand and their products and liked them instantly. Another factor that I loved about Essence was how affordable all their products were. Their nail polishes start from RO 1 which is cheaper than what we get from exhibitions, which are considered the epitome of cheap rates here, and often times the quality of nail polishes isn’t that good.

I saw That’s What I Mint on an Instagram blogger’s profile, Lisa (link here), and knew right away I wanted it. Summer is either about super bright colors or soothing pastel shades, according to me. I listed this nail polish in my Summer Wishlist #1 (link here) too and I am happy to say I ticked this off my list. 🙂

That’s What I Mint is a very light shade of mint which actually looks like a mix of pale blue and white. It has a cooling effect and looks super nice in day time as well as night. It goes well with vibrant colored dresses like red, plum, yellow and orange, and gives a pop of color to dress in black and grey.

I must say it is one of my favorite nail polishes and I have been wearing it quite a lot ever since I bought it. The quality is beyond what I had expected at such a price. I just had to apply it once to get a flawless coat. It lasted on my nails for three days without chipping once and be assured I had been doing the dishes, laundry, packing and all sorts of work. The shine did not go either and looked like I had just applied it. What more can a girl ask for? ❤

Are you an Essence nail polish fan? What is your favorite shade?


Fam xx

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Hello Y’ll!!

Hope everyone is having an amazing time enjoying the start of Spring.

Love this quote ❤

This might turn out to be the quickest post ever but i wanted to share some of the latest shades of nail color I have been rocking these previous weeks.

1- Grey


This color has become my favorite ever since i put it on two days before a conference i had to attend. I did remove it the next day and reapplied it for the conference and was complimented by several people. The Taupe color of my wallet really brings out its beauty so now we have an idea which color outfit would look lovely with grey 😉

2- Purple



This shade of Purple, trust me, is an EYEGASM!!! It so beautiful you can not stop looking at it. It goes so well with pastel colored outfits. Looks stunning and is such an attention grabber. ❤

3- Blood Red


No nail color collection is ever complete without a little red in it. I bring you my blood red nails. I love them. period.

4- Navy Blue


Some of you might already know I am obsessed with color Blue. For a change i shifted from tiffany/aqua blue to a darker shade, Navy Blue. I got this one from NYX from their Matte nail polish collection. I love the matte effect. Its super sober.

Hope you guys enjoyed this mini post.

Till next time, take care, be good and do good.


Fam ❤

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