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#LongLastingLove ~ New Nail Colors from Essence Cosmetics

#longlastinglove -

I did a huge haul of a mix of things and i am still making up my mind on blogging about it or not but here are two things that I just had to write about because pretty nails, ha.

I didn’t go to Essence Cosmetics counter for a new nail polish in a while now and that’s just so unlike me. I always love picking up vibrant colors from them as their collection never disappoints. Life got just too hectic and I didn’t get much time to spend at the mall hence there hasn’t been an update but I went there a few weeks back and got my hands on these two.

Hot Pink - Lucky -

Now everyone here knows how much I love my blue nails and all that blue jazz but I made a little change this time. I decided to go for a pink shade. *who is this person?* I got Essence the Gel Nail Polish in shade #09 Lucky. It’s a gorgeous hot pink and is so flattering on the nails. The formula as usual has been amazing and one coat makes the nail opaque. I am very happy with this purchase.

Lets Get Lost -

I tried checking out without getting a blue shade but how is that even possible?! I got Essence the Gel Nail Polish in shade #30 Let’s Get Lost – Oh, interesting name. 😀 It is a robin’s egg blue color. The formula for this one is good too. This shade looks a lot like Rimmel Salon Pro Lycra Britpop can be considered as its perfect dupe.

These colors are from their summer collection I believe, I am not sure, but they are hash tagged with Long Lasting Love. You guys need to head out to an Essence counter near you and check their collection because they have come out with a whole new range of colors and all of them are amazing. I have my eyes on the maroon and purple one. 😀

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Hello Y’ll!!

Hope everyone is having an amazing time enjoying the start of Spring.

Love this quote ❤

This might turn out to be the quickest post ever but i wanted to share some of the latest shades of nail color I have been rocking these previous weeks.

1- Grey


This color has become my favorite ever since i put it on two days before a conference i had to attend. I did remove it the next day and reapplied it for the conference and was complimented by several people. The Taupe color of my wallet really brings out its beauty so now we have an idea which color outfit would look lovely with grey 😉

2- Purple



This shade of Purple, trust me, is an EYEGASM!!! It so beautiful you can not stop looking at it. It goes so well with pastel colored outfits. Looks stunning and is such an attention grabber. ❤

3- Blood Red


No nail color collection is ever complete without a little red in it. I bring you my blood red nails. I love them. period.

4- Navy Blue


Some of you might already know I am obsessed with color Blue. For a change i shifted from tiffany/aqua blue to a darker shade, Navy Blue. I got this one from NYX from their Matte nail polish collection. I love the matte effect. Its super sober.

Hope you guys enjoyed this mini post.

Till next time, take care, be good and do good.


Fam ❤

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Tiffany Blue Nails


In the beginning of 2013, when my nail polish craze resurfaced and I finally thought to buy some, this was the first color I bought. I had already spent a lot previous year on expensive nail polishes which just sat on my dresser never being used. This time I wanted to act a little smart and experiment around to see which color suits me and if I would really use them on a daily basis. I thought of buying polishes from the exhibitions where they sell them on a cheaper rate (which actually is not true if compared to Center Point).

I got this polish for like OR 2. It is a Robin Egg blue or more commonly known as Tiffany Blue. My God, this one nail polish has stuck with me throughout 2013 without getting dry or ruined. It does not belong to any established brand but its quality is pretty okay. I have used it so much that it’s a miracle it did not run out still.

Blue is my favorite color and Tiffany Blue is just love, and seeing how much I have used it, I will probably be going to Inglot soon to get me a proper bottle of the same color. I hope I do find it there.

What is your favorite nail polish color? Which brand do you prefer to get your polishes from? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 🙂

Much Love ❤

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Nameless Nail Polish Bottle xD

Random picture of my colored thumb nail on a Subway Chocolate Chip Cookie!! xD
Random picture of my colored thumb nail on a Subway Chocolate Chip Cookie!! xD