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#LongLastingLove ~ New Nail Colors from Essence Cosmetics

#longlastinglove -

I did a huge haul of a mix of things and i am still making up my mind on blogging about it or not but here are two things that I just had to write about because pretty nails, ha.

I didn’t go to Essence Cosmetics counter for a new nail polish in a while now and that’s just so unlike me. I always love picking up vibrant colors from them as their collection never disappoints. Life got just too hectic and I didn’t get much time to spend at the mall hence there hasn’t been an update but I went there a few weeks back and got my hands on these two.

Hot Pink - Lucky -

Now everyone here knows how much I love my blue nails and all that blue jazz but I made a little change this time. I decided to go for a pink shade. *who is this person?* I got Essence the Gel Nail Polish in shade #09 Lucky. It’s a gorgeous hot pink and is so flattering on the nails. The formula as usual has been amazing and one coat makes the nail opaque. I am very happy with this purchase.

Lets Get Lost -

I tried checking out without getting a blue shade but how is that even possible?! I got Essence the Gel Nail Polish in shade #30 Let’s Get Lost – Oh, interesting name. 😀 It is a robin’s egg blue color. The formula for this one is good too. This shade looks a lot like Rimmel Salon Pro Lycra Britpop can be considered as its perfect dupe.

These colors are from their summer collection I believe, I am not sure, but they are hash tagged with Long Lasting Love. You guys need to head out to an Essence counter near you and check their collection because they have come out with a whole new range of colors and all of them are amazing. I have my eyes on the maroon and purple one. 😀

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First Ever Cosmetic Haul Review

There is just one thing I want to do before this year ends – write a review of my first ever cosmetic haul (Click here to see it) I did back in January and never got around to writing a final impression post. Before I get down to it lets keep a few things in mind; 2014 was the first year I started using makeup. I wasn’t decked up in makeup every day and not even frequently but by the end of this year I had read/watched and experimented enough to know a few things.

Now let’s get started.


1-       Maybelline – Fit Me Concealer

This has got to be the best concealer ever. The formula is light, creamy and blends out real well. It has a great staying power as well. I love the extremely chic packaging. It is easy to carry around in your bag and I have done that year around. The packaging is sturdy and I have never encountered a leakage. Because I haven’t used it enough I still have a lot to get through. I am really excited to get done with it so I can buy another one. That’s like one of my goals for 2015, lol. My current concealer is a shade 20.

2-       Maybelline – The Colossal Kajal

Aaahh, the best kohl pencil I have tried so far. It is jet black and lasts forever. It can be used as eyeliner too but if you have droopy eyelids like mine which are oily as well, this isn’t a good idea. But if you want something that will stay on your waterline all day all night long, this is the product for you. I have sensitive eyes and it took me a while to get used to this pencil but once I got used to it, I never bothered taking it off. Love, love, LOVE this. I have already bought another one and am so proud I actually finished off the first one within this year.


3-      Revlon – Color Stay Liquid Eye Pen

This liquid pen eyeliner has been so nice to me all year. I have neglected it so much but every time I picked it up from my makeup bag it proved to be so good. No eyeliner really stays for long on my lids because they are droopy and oily but this out of all has given me the most hours. Also I was under the impression that it might have dried off by now but nope. It has stayed in good condition and I can go as far as saying it has become better. Is that even possible? If you are into trying new stuff but returning to your old ones too from time to time, this is a great liner. Also, of you are a wand eyeliner person and are thinking to shift to pen, I would highly recommend Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen.

4-      Rimmel – Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner (240 Aqua Sparkle) 

This gorgeous pencil has been on my eyes more than any eyeliner or kohl this year. Blue is my absolute one true love and I am so glad I bought this. Though I must admit I never went back to buy more colored eyeliner but then again I didn’t buy much cosmetic all year. (Goals 2015 = buy more makeup)

I have used it on my eyelids most and sometimes outer part of the waterline. Never on the waterline though because I was afraid would I irritate my eyes. When I sat down to write this post I realized I never used this eyeliner on the inner corner of my eyes. Another one in the Goals 2015 list, ha.

5-      Rimmel – Lasting Finish – 1000 Kisses Stay on Lip Contouring Pencil

I have nothing to say about it because I lost it before I could experiment with it. 😦


6-      Rimmel – Lipstick Collection by Kate Moss – 084 Amethyst Shimmer

A year has passed and this lipstick remains a bad decision, Hahaha. This time I have even put up a picture for you guys to see.


7-      Rimmel – Salon Pro Nail Polish by Kate Moss 713 Britpop

I love Salon Pro range from Rimmel. The formula is thick, glossy and one swipe is enough to make your nails opaque. I have done a complete post on Britpop (click here) and my recent purchase Rock N Roll (click here). Click on the links to read the deets. 😀


8-      Maybelline – Color Sensational Lipstick – 527 Lady Red

Favorite red lipstick 😀 Color Sensational Lipstick range is really amazing. Lady Red is a bright red with orange undertone. It is so creamy and glides on the lips effortless. It doesn’t flake nor does it leaves your lips dehydrated. The formula is light as well.  It tastes really good too, lol. I still don’t wear it often but sometimes I do and those days are such happy days, haha. I am just not very bold about my makeup yet.

Copy of 1604467_10151905197242671_597923184_n

9-      Maybelline – Master Drama Kohl Liner

The last time I wrote about it, it was a one liner – worst mistake ever. I think I should elaborate now. It’s not often (read ever) that I dislike something from Maybelline. I love Maybelline and have a strong brand loyalty towards it but this product was such a disappointment. It would just not appear on my lids no matter how hard I tried. Then its lead kept breaking and every time I would sharpen it, it wouldn’t come up properly. You know right, when the skin is covering half the lead? That’s what happened with me. So upsetting because I thought this would be better compared to The Colossal Kajal. They have some new products out in Master Drama range which a lot of people are raving about but I am reluctant to get them. Let me know if you guys have used the new products and if there is anything worth investing in.


10-      Maybelline – Super Stay Foundation 010 Ivory

This was my first ever proper foundation and I was idiot because I chose it in a color darker to my skin tone. I have no idea now where I read that’s how you choose a perfect foundation but it taught me a very good lesson, ha. I didn’t really like the formula of this one as I could easily feel it on my skin and that is just something I don’t like. I think I would have stuck to it if I got it in a proper shade but alas we would never get to know that end of the story because I gave it away, haha. I am glad I did because my mum got me Bobbi Brown Foundation then, lol.


Done, done, doneeee!! 😀 I have achieved my goal. I am so happpyyy, haha. I hope you guys had fun going through the review and I hope there are more shopping hauls in 2015 because I really love talking about new shopping and about makeup once I am done experimenting with it. I hope you all have great plans for the coming year and may you all find peace of mind and happiness in the New Year. ❤

Lots of Love,

~F x

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Red Nails for Christmas


Hello Guys!!

Last few days had been extremely busy. Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas I really wanted to put up a tree this year. Sadly that didn’t happen and to cheer myself up I planned to dip my nails in the most Red nail color I could find. My choice you ask? Rimmel Rock N Roll.

My last red nail polish dried off and I’ve needed a new bottle from a while now. Red nails are my absolute favorite. After browsing Carrefour’s beauty section for a while I found Rimmel Salon Pro Kate Moss 703 Rock N Roll. I tried it on my nails and I knew it was going in my basket. It is a deep red with shocking pink undertone and is extremely bright on the nails. More like neon red. I loved the effect.

Rock N Roll has the standard Rimmel Salon Pro packaging which I find extremely cool. It has the usual thick glossy formula that goes on so well and just one coating is enough. I love Rimmel nail brushes as they are quite broad and can cover a complete nail in just one swipe hence making the applying process effortless for people who struggle with it (I am trying to say Me).

Now I wouldn’t say Rock N Roll is one of my favorite polishes because the moment it starts chipping the shocking pink undertone is extremely visible and looks trashy. I however will continue to use it until I find a better red nail polish. If you guys have any suggestions leave them in the comments below. I will be thankful. 🙂


~F x

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NOTD ~ Rimmel Salon Pro Lycra 713 Britpop



If you’ve been following me from the very start you would know about my obsession with color Blue. I love Blue and all its shade. It is the most attractive color to me. I picked up Britpop assuming it was exactly like an unlabeled Tiffany Blue nail color I had. It was similar but not exactly alike.

Britpop is a neon tiffany blue. It is extremely bright and can put the spotlight right on your fingers the moment you apply it. It stands out really. I have worn it with neutral and monochrome clothes and it looks super. It doesn’t go with bright colors though as far as I have experimented.

Rimmel makes some of the best nail polishes I would say. Their Salon Pro Lycra range is of extremely high quality. The nail polish brush is broad enough to cover the whole finger in one sweep. The formula is thick requiring only one coat to make the nails opaque. What I love the most about Rimmel nail polishes is their color. If it’s a British blue; it is that color to a T and if it is Red – it is the proper red. I can’t wait to buy more colors from Rimmel. They are right up my street.

What is your favorite shade by Rimmel?


~F x

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NOTD ~ Off To Miami by Essence

*Effortlessly gorgeous nails alert!!*

Off to Miami (1)

Off to Miami (2)

I just can’t get enough of Essence it seems. I have bought yet another nail polish from them and this one is a massive favorite. 109 Off to Miami is a peachy salmon color that goes on your nail effortlessly, dries off real quick and last for eons. Honestly. The formal is extremely superb.

I have been reaching out for Off to Miami so much these days. It is just the perfect color to wear in this confused weather where we are not sure whether it is summer, autumn, spring or winter out there or all four of them at once. It suits all skin tones and goes well with neutral colored dresses as well as colorful ones. You don’t need to change your nail color for the evening *woop woop*

I’ve been getting quite a lot of compliments on it and people often ask which nail polish I am wearing. It’s such a fabulous feeling, ha. Essence nail polishes range impresses me yet again. Can’t wait to go back and purchase another gorgeous shade.

What do you think of Essence Nail Polish range? Do you like this color? Do let me know in the comments below! 🙂


~F x

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Hello Y’ll!!

Hope everyone is having an amazing time enjoying the start of Spring.

Love this quote ❤

This might turn out to be the quickest post ever but i wanted to share some of the latest shades of nail color I have been rocking these previous weeks.

1- Grey


This color has become my favorite ever since i put it on two days before a conference i had to attend. I did remove it the next day and reapplied it for the conference and was complimented by several people. The Taupe color of my wallet really brings out its beauty so now we have an idea which color outfit would look lovely with grey 😉

2- Purple



This shade of Purple, trust me, is an EYEGASM!!! It so beautiful you can not stop looking at it. It goes so well with pastel colored outfits. Looks stunning and is such an attention grabber. ❤

3- Blood Red


No nail color collection is ever complete without a little red in it. I bring you my blood red nails. I love them. period.

4- Navy Blue


Some of you might already know I am obsessed with color Blue. For a change i shifted from tiffany/aqua blue to a darker shade, Navy Blue. I got this one from NYX from their Matte nail polish collection. I love the matte effect. Its super sober.

Hope you guys enjoyed this mini post.

Till next time, take care, be good and do good.


Fam ❤

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Latest Cosmetics Haul

Hello Everyone!!

I am finally doing a Cosmetic Haul post *yaaaay* I have been putting it off from a week but thought of posting it now as I have a lot of other things I want to blog about.

So my new year’s day was spent shopping with mum at Centerpoint in Carrefour, Seeb. As I have been a little makeup obsessed lately I was sure I was going to purchase some. What I didn’t really expect was that my obsession and compulsive buying behavior will be leaving my wallet crippled, haha. Even with the sale, makeup was quite expensive, at least for someone who survives on pocket money. I don’t really understand now how people keep up with all the latest products from all the different brands. I mean hats off to all the beauty junkies. I seriously feel for your bank accounts.

Okay, enough blabbering and let’s get down to business. Following are the products I bought from the recent sale.



1-       Maybelline – Fit Me Concealer

When I thought of buying my first ever concealer, Maybelline came to my mind. I don’t really know why but maybe because I see it in almost every store here. I didn’t know how to pick one and tried to Google it but couldn’t find anything useful. So I went with the same theory I used for picking my foundation. I read/heard it somewhere that you should get it in one shade down from your natural skin tone. (Is it true?)

My concealer is a number 20. It is blends in perfectly and leaves no traces at all, making the skin look pretty natural. Also, I recently got some bad-pimple spots on my face, this concealer helped cover them quite well.

2-       Maybelline – The Colossal Kajal

A kajal (Kohl) is a staple in any South Asian girl’s life. We love, love, LOVE using it. One of our first kajal would always be ‘Hashmi Kajal’ Hahaha. It is of amazing quality, dark, cheap, and one stick lasts forever. But the only problem with Hashmi Kajal is, it runs all over your eye area making you look like either a panda or like somebody smacked you in the face. So I decided to go for a proper kohl pencil.

A lot of my friends have raved about Maybelline’s Colossal Kajal recently and even though I already had enough in my cart that day, I couldn’t stop myself from buying this little pencil. I would just say it stood up to its reputation. It is beyond perfect. The sheer black, lasts for as long as forever and the only time it’s going off is if you, yourself, wipe it from your eyes. It can also be used as a perfect eyeliner so bonus.

3-      Revlon – Color Stay Liquid Eye Pen

My friend suggested me this when I told her I wanted to buy liquid eyeliner. She said this would be perfect as the color is proper black and applying from a pen is easier. I would say the color is good indeed but because I had previously used wand liquid eyeliner, it’s still taking me time to warm up to the whole pen concept.

4-      Rimmel – Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner (240 Aqua Sparkle) ❤

I guess by this time, if you’ve been nice and following all my posts, you would know I love color blue and all shades of it. It’s like, Blue is me, I am blue. I loved it as soon as I set my eyes on it and when I tried a swatch of it I knew I just had to get it. It’s perfect and totally gorgeous. They had more colors in this and if you are a fan of colored eyeliner as much as I am, you would definitely buy these. I will prolly go back and buy some other colors too. ❤

5-      Rimmel – Lasting Finish – 1000 Kisses Stay on Lip Contouring Pencil

I actually got it to go with the lipstick I bought. It’s nice as well. There is nothing much to say about it.

6-      Rimmel – Lipstick Collection by Kate Moss – 084 Amethyst Shimmer

So I actually wanted to get a coral color or something really light but ended up buying this. It doesn’t really suit me, so bad decision eh? I have worn it in the house sometimes in hopes of getting a hang of it but haven’t worked out yet.

From Left To Right: Maybelline The Colossal Kajal, Revlon Color Stay Liquid Eye Pen,Rimmel – Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner (240 Aqua Sparkle), Rimmel – Lasting Finish – 1000 Kisses Stay on Lip Contouring Pencil, and Rimmel Lipstick Collection by Kate Moss 084 Amethyst Shimmer
From Left To Right: Maybelline The Colossal Kajal, Revlon Color Stay Liquid Eye Pen, Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner (240 Aqua Sparkle), Rimmel Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Stay on Lip Contouring Pencil, and Rimmel Lipstick Collection by Kate Moss 084 Amethyst Shimmer

7-      Rimmel – Salon Pro Nail Polish by Kate Moss 713 Britpop

In one of my previous posts I had mentioned a Tiffany Blue unlabeled nail polish I bought at an exhibition and that I want to buy the same color from a good brand. So I spotted Britpop in the store that day and got it because 1) blue and 2) kind of looked like the one I already have. I am super happy with this purchase. ❤


Index finger has Britpop and the middle finger has the unlabeled polish.
Index finger has Britpop and the middle finger has the unlabeled polish. (Even the nail polishes i get are British, LOL)

And I was thinking while I am at it, I will include two more products I bought last year in March and hadn’t really use.

1-      Maybelline – Color Sensational Lipstick – 527 Lady Red

I was obsessed with everything red last year. Also, red lipstick started appearing everywhere and became a must have. So when I went out with a friend, we stopped by Maybelline’s stall and while looking over some products we found Lady Red. I was reluctant to buy it but my friend insisted it look cool on me. I gave in and purchased it. Haven’t worn it ever because I am just cool like that. (I waste a lot of money on stuff I will never use, I know!!!!)


2-      Maybelline – Master Drama Kohl Liner

Biggest mistake ever. It dried off too soon.

Copy of 1604467_10151905197242671_597923184_n

Kohl Pencil and Lady Red Swatch.
Kohl Pencil (only worked here) and Lady Red Swatch.

3-      Maybelline – Super Stay Foundation 010 Ivory

Yes, this is when I got meself a proper foundation *yaaay* If it wasn’t for my mum, I’m pretty sure it would have dried off too. It suited her more than me and she made good use of it all year. Good for her. She hardly buys makeup now. Thinks she is too old for it. Nope, she ain’t. No woman is ever old for makeup. I also use it now when I am in the mood of makeup.

Copy of 1507900_10151906171167671_1777415506_n

I am finally done with this post and now it’s your turn to tell me what you think of the three brands I have purchased from. Also, do let me know if you guys have any favorite products from them and what would you suggest me to try.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. 😀

Thank you so much for reading. Please keep commenting and interacting. It really makes me happy to hear from you all. =)


Fam xx

Rimmel Amethyst Shimmer 084 vs. Maybelline Lady Red 527
Rimmel Amethyst Shimmer 084 vs. Maybelline Lady Red 527

A very funny. smiling-like-an-idiot me.
A very funny, smiling-like-an-idiot me with Rimmel Eyeliner Aqua Sparkle on.
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Tiffany Blue Nails


In the beginning of 2013, when my nail polish craze resurfaced and I finally thought to buy some, this was the first color I bought. I had already spent a lot previous year on expensive nail polishes which just sat on my dresser never being used. This time I wanted to act a little smart and experiment around to see which color suits me and if I would really use them on a daily basis. I thought of buying polishes from the exhibitions where they sell them on a cheaper rate (which actually is not true if compared to Center Point).

I got this polish for like OR 2. It is a Robin Egg blue or more commonly known as Tiffany Blue. My God, this one nail polish has stuck with me throughout 2013 without getting dry or ruined. It does not belong to any established brand but its quality is pretty okay. I have used it so much that it’s a miracle it did not run out still.

Blue is my favorite color and Tiffany Blue is just love, and seeing how much I have used it, I will probably be going to Inglot soon to get me a proper bottle of the same color. I hope I do find it there.

What is your favorite nail polish color? Which brand do you prefer to get your polishes from? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 🙂

Much Love ❤

1 ----

2 -----

4 ----

5 ----
Nameless Nail Polish Bottle xD

Random picture of my colored thumb nail on a Subway Chocolate Chip Cookie!! xD
Random picture of my colored thumb nail on a Subway Chocolate Chip Cookie!! xD