Appreciation Post ~ Olay Essentials Beauty Fluid

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Today I felt like writing an appreciation post for one of my most favorite and go-to product ever.

Moisturizer wise Olay Essentials Beauty Fluid – Moisturizing Day Fluid for normal/combination skin is the only one I have stuck to for years. There was a time when I would use it on and off but now it’s the first thing I reach out for in the morning after I am done with washing my face. I got into the habit of using it because of my mum. She is an avid Olay moisturizers user since the very start and her skin is super soft due to it till date.

Olay Essentials Beauty Fluid is an extremely light weight formula. It goes on the skin effortlessly and sinks in super quick. It leaves the skin soft, glowing and hydrated for hours. A coin size amount is enough to work its magic.

Here are some ways I like using it in my daily routine:

Home facials – I like to take two coin size amount of it and massage it all over my face. It softens the skin which makes it ideal for an exfoliating session right afterwards.

With facial oils – I like to mix a few drops of any facial oil I am using with a coin size amount of Olay Essential Beauty Fluid and massage it all over my face before going to bed. I wake up with super soft and smooth skin and lighter face marks the next day.

Primer Alternative – I have used this beauty fluid as a primer for quite a while and still do. Its non greasy formula is always great in giving me a smooth canvas (I am being fancy so read ‘skin’) for my makeup later.

With Foundation – Sometimes when I don’t want any foundation on but also want to blur out any acne or scars I take a pea size amount of my foundation and mix it with a coin size amount of Olay Essential Beauty Fluid and apply it all over the face. This works wonderfully as it achieves the blurring effect, gives my face a very no makeup look and I feel like there is nothing at all on my skin.

No Nighttime Routine – when I am not following any nighttime skincare routine or am being too lazy, I just apply it. It provides my skin with hydration overnight and the next morning my skin is soft and supple.

I love incorporating Olay Essentials Beauty Fluid in my daily routine any way I can because the end result is always marvelous. I can never suggest this moisturizer enough. It is one of the best multifunctional products that are out there in the market. Give it a go yourself. I am sure you won’t be disappointed. 🙂

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Empties #1

_1428829644686 (2)

Sorry for the lack of posts guys. There is something wrong with WordPress and Omantel connection here. I cannot access a lot of things on WP. Sometimes I can’t even view other blogs and that sucks. I hope they fix the problem soon because I want to get into the blogging zone again and want to discover more blogs too. I miss reading everything you guys have been posting.

For today I thought to share my garbage with you all, ha. I have been saving some of these empties from a while now and that’s absolutely gross but then it was necessary, lol.

Before we start I would like to tell you guys that back in the days I was very careful about what I pick. There wasn’t much experimenting involved. I am still careful but I do tend to experiment now. The stuff I am going to talk about is almost everything I would want to repurchase because they were really good. Now let’s get started. 😀

So I tried Carolina Herrera VIP 212 and loved it. The smell is strong, not very feminine and superb for any occasion. You can wear it on a daily basis or keep it for special occasions and it will go perfectly with anything. It might come off very strong in the beginning but you adjust pretty quickly. I love the packaging and do plan to repurchase it soon.

I remember Cabotine De Gres was suggested by Annayah to me and as soon as I had a sniff of it I knew I wanted it in my life. It’s my most favorite scent and I have worn it so much. I always used to get asked out about it. The sad thing is I went to repurchase it but they ran out of it and maybe another version of it came out and they discounted this one. That was quite upsetting but I shall find it and make it mine one day – like a gazillion bottles of it.

By the number of Olay Essential Beauty Fluid in this picture you might have already guessed my feelings for this product. Non greasy, smooth finish, hydrating – Olay Beauty Fluid for normal/combo skin is an essential for me. I go through a bottle very quickly now because I use it on a daily basis. It works as my moisturizer, primer, day and night cream; it’s basically everything for me. Thanks mum for getting me addicted to it. I have already repurchased it a number of times.

If there is one moisturizer I would prefer over Olay Essential Beauty Fluid it would be The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream. Extremely light on the skin, perfect for dry skin days because extremely hydrating, works amazingly to fix dry patches, gives a boost to your dull complexion and a superb primer. So many good qualities and I can still not make myself to repurchase it unless they put it up in the Sale section because RO 5.700 for a 50ml cream; I just can’t justify this purchase. If only they come up with a bigger tub I wouldn’t mind buying but 50ml is just too less.

I have raved about Olay Gentle Cleansers Softening Milk so much in a lot of posts. It was my favorite milk cleanser before I ran out of it and I found out they discounted it. It was the most non greasy milk cleanser, would remove my makeup in one go, was amazing as a facial routine and was generally very good. I plan to try the new Milk Cleanser they came out with but I doubt it will be as good as this one. Stay tuned for a review on it soonish because I am half way through with my The Body Shop Cucumber Milk Cleanser so Olay will be my next target.

The first time I used The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash I was not really sure if I would repurchase it. The thing is I like changing my face wash after I am done with one or I just buy a new one while already using one because I get bored and I like variety for my face washes. This bottle was very trying. It’s huge (250ml) and took me nearly 8 months to finish. I was frustrated in between and bought a Neutrogena face wash but returned to Tea Tree face wash because IT’S INCREDIBLE!! It smells a little funny in the start but the way it clears your skin after a night, no other product can. It’s very soothing and brightens your complexion. It doesn’t do much for your acne but it does help with oiliness. I repurchased it even before it ended because that’s just how much I cannot live without this product.

YC Whitening Facial Scrub with Mulberry Extract – officially my favorite scrub ever. Gentle on the skin, scrubs in well, made out of natural stuff and an extremely economical price; I love it. I repurchased it in Avocado this time. It smells a lot like Nair hair removing cream lol but love how well it exfoliate without hurting the skin.

I love my waterline black as the darkest night and nothing does that well than Maybelline The Colossal Kajal in Black/Noir. It stays in place for a really long time and is generally very good. Can be used as an eyeliner too but not for people like me who have no eyelid space. I repurchased it the moment it ended. It’s a staple.

And we are done. I hope I did not bore you guys to death because this was a really long post. I never thought it would be. o_O

Until next time,


~F x

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Lately #11


1- The Beach

I think it’s fair enough to say Oman has the best beaches. This was a shot of Azaiba Beach from a while back around sunset. I love the colors and the water. I wish I could go to the beach more often.


2- The Shopping

This has been happening and I don’t know how to stop myself. I am dealing with some real shopaholic issues. I need to focus more on saving than spending because there is so much I need to get done and only money can make that happen. I think I want to stop splurging so much for a while.


3- The Office Life

Let’s just not get me started on this. I have honestly got no time to do anything ever since I started working full time. I don’t even get time for myself. I have been working late too and that’s why sometimes there is no post the next day. It’s been a complete struggle to keep up with a normal life while working. It is just so demanding.

Olay - Fix and Henry

4- The Beauty Fluid

Now that winter is in full swings here I have gone back to using my Olay Essentials Beauty Fluid. It is just amazing when it comes to fighting off dry skin and it’s also a great face primer. I have been using The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream previously but it is almost ending and I haven’t got a second’s time to go and repurchase it. So I thought it’s a good time to revisit some old favorites. 😉


5- The Twilight Craze Resurfacing

Oh gosh, it is that time of the year again. When it gets cold here or rains, all I can think about is Forks and The Cullens. My Twilight craze resurfaces and I read the books and watch the movies nonstop. I don’t get that much time now because of work but I am taking it slow and so far I have completed the movies till Eclipse and started the first book.


6- The Domain

Guys, I have registered for a domain and as of today is live. 🙂 I can’t believe it has finally happened. I have waited so long for this. I am beyond happy. It was one of my goals thing year. Also, I want you guys to know I am not going to stop blogging and I’ll always be here – in my parts of the internet. 🙂


Sometimes writing a Lately post is as easy as breathing and sometimes it takes so much energy to gather what all I’ve been up to. This post started out as such a struggle but I am done with it so quick I can’t believe it. I also wanted to tell you guys that I haven’t been doing much lately so if there isn’t a Lately post for a week or two, don’t panic. I’ll do one as soon as I have something new to share about my life with you all. 🙂

Thank you for reading! ❤


~F x

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Review – Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream (Light)

Blemish Balm aka BB creams have been quite a thing from a while. I have read so many bloggers rave about a number of them. Being new on the makeup scene, I practically had no idea about them. I consulted a friend of mine, Sanam, about them and she told me that she had been using one as an alternative to foundation and it’s quite good. I wasn’t sure if I really needed a BB cream in my makeup routine and if so which one I should get to experiment with.

Maybelline BB Cream (1)
Hello, Mr.Grey, 🙂

Two weeks back Sanam got me a tube of Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream (8-in-1) in Light. Ever since then I have been using it on and off. It claims to:

1-      Create a natural glow

2-      Compliments skin-tone

3-      SPF-30 UV protection

4-      Hydrates all day

5-      Blurs imperfections

6-      Oil free, non-greasy

7-      Looks visibly smooth

8-      Feels fresh

I must say it’s a decent product and does fulfill most of these claims. It is non greasy which a big thumbs up for someone like me who hates the feel of anything on the face, your face looks totally natural, its application is smooth, and blurs any spots or pimple marks you have on your face. It lasts on the face a long time too. If some area on your face is darker than other, this will help you in forming a single color all over the face. Corner of my lips are darker than any other area of my face. This cream helped me in neutralizing the complexion – another thumbs up.

Maybelline BB Cream (2)

Maybelline BB Cream (3)
Bad lighting but I guess you can make out how tanned it makes my hand look. (I had been stupid enough to spread d whole cream but the sides of my hand is bare)

I’ve been having some problems with it though. For once, I have fair skin and this Light shade makes me look like I have got a tan, which would be great if I had pale skin but I don’t. It actually makes me look tired like I’ve had a longggg day and had had no time for a touch up. I have tried it in small portions as well as medium but there still hasn’t been much of a difference. I did try it on my hand for sample picture for the blog and after a while it became lighter but that did not happen for my face. I would think of getting a lighter shade but this is the lightest Maybelline has in the range. They have five shades in total for this product; light, light/medium, medium, medium/deep, and deep.

Secondly, I had it on last night and I could feel my skin burning. What am I doing wrong here? This cream can be used with or without a moisturizer and I usually do apply my Olay Essentials Moisturizer before applying this. It can’t be Olay because it’s a staple in my makeup/skincare routine and it has never given me a burn or any irritation. Is it the hot weather here? It’s like 45 degrees these days.

Whatever the reason I doubt I’ll repurchase Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream, unless of course they come up with a lighter shade, but I am pretty sure I will purchase a BB cream from another brand that goes with my skin color because it really is an amazing product. You don’t always feel like doing the whole makeup haul on your face when going out. The weather here is crazy these days anyway and it’s not even July yet. Most of the days I don’t want to have anything on my skin.

I love Maybelline and its entire product line. I actually have a strong loyalty towards this brand and am madly in love with their concealer, colossal kajal and mascaras. I was really hoping their Dream Fresh BB cream would go perfectly with my skin. I have read some people saying the same about the shades that they are not light enough. I don’t know about the deep shades but I hope they are better.

Have you tried Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream? What shade was it? Were you satisfied? Would you suggest me a good BB Cream?

Hope this helped someone! 🙂

Till next time,


Fam xx


Yes Winter, No Winter – Olay Essentials Moisturizer

Muscat’s weather has become quite moody and unpredictable. Yes, these are the exact words I would use for it. We are in the middle of December and yet are unclear if it’s winter yet or not. Some days it’s cold and some days it’s so sunny we feel like its summer. I guess that’s the matter with every Middle East country. Whatever the case, the air has become quite dry. Dry enough to make your skin rough and wrinkly. In such a weather it is very important to keep your skin properly moisturized – at all times. Yes, you heard me right – at all times. It’s practically of no benefit if you put on a moisturizer once in a day and assume it’s going to keep your skin moist throughout the day. It’s important you reapply your moisture to keep you skin soft and wrinkle-free. I know the things I am writing here is common knowledge but I would still like to write them because who knows someone like me, who has no idea about beauty and skin care, might be reading it and this might be new information. 😀

Moving on, I wanted to share about the moisturizer that I use. I have recently started taking my skin a bit more seriously than I ever did before. Now, I am not a person who likes her products dense/sticky. I get irritated and also don’t have the patience to wait and let them absorb after hours and hours. So my first choice while choosing an appropriate moisturizer was Olay Essentials – Beauty Fluid (Moisturizing Day Fluid). It absorbs into the skin quickly, leaves no stickiness, keep the skin soft and alive for hours. It goes with any skin type, the price is super economical, can be found in almost any hypermarket or store, and it lasts for at least 2-3 months.

Olay - Fix and Henry

I always make sure I apply it the first thing in the morning after I am done washing my face. I also prefer reapplying it when I clean my face in between the day. Also I have not looked into any night creams as yet and probably won’t either, I prefer applying it before sleeping. My skin is all good when I wake up the next day.

Another thing that I do hope to keep in mind and in my routine as well is that Yes Winter or No Winter, a moisturizer is essential in every skincare routine throughout the year. Especially for a person like me who is very fond of pulling multiple extremely funny (read hideous) faces every day. My skin must be cursing me since years now, but I am going to fix that. Well I am hoping I can.

Have you tried Olay’s moisturizer or any other product from the brand? How did you find them? What is your favorite moisturizer? How well does it do?

Your comments are more than welcome! 🙂


Rebel xx