My Favorite Victoria’s Secret Body Mists ❤

My Fav VS Body Mists

I was compiling a list of perfumes for an upcoming post when inspiration hit me and I decided to share some of my favorite body mists from Victoria’s Secret. Body Mists are lighter than perfumes but are still worth having. I like Victoria’s Secret body mist more because they come in travel friendly size. I always have one of these in my bag every time I go out. I bought three a few months back and have been using them a lot in rotation and there is still so much to go.

All of these mists have a sexy smell to them. Bombshell in Bloom was the first one I started using. It has a floral smell that is girlish/flirtish sort. I fell in love with it on first sniff – definitely the one to have in your collection for summer. Angel Gold has a musk filled sandalwood kind of tone. It was the last one I started using because I wasn’t sure if I liked it that much but now it’s all I use – perfect for evenings out. Night is what love at first sight would feel like I am sure. As per VS it smells like ‘fruity notes, exotic florals, dark woods and sultry musks’, do I really need to add more? If you buy just one mist then make sure it is Night because it’s all you will ever need.

Have a good weekend ya’ll!


~F x

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Lately #11


1- The Beach

I think it’s fair enough to say Oman has the best beaches. This was a shot of Azaiba Beach from a while back around sunset. I love the colors and the water. I wish I could go to the beach more often.


2- The Shopping

This has been happening and I don’t know how to stop myself. I am dealing with some real shopaholic issues. I need to focus more on saving than spending because there is so much I need to get done and only money can make that happen. I think I want to stop splurging so much for a while.


3- The Office Life

Let’s just not get me started on this. I have honestly got no time to do anything ever since I started working full time. I don’t even get time for myself. I have been working late too and that’s why sometimes there is no post the next day. It’s been a complete struggle to keep up with a normal life while working. It is just so demanding.

Olay - Fix and Henry

4- The Beauty Fluid

Now that winter is in full swings here I have gone back to using my Olay Essentials Beauty Fluid. It is just amazing when it comes to fighting off dry skin and it’s also a great face primer. I have been using The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream previously but it is almost ending and I haven’t got a second’s time to go and repurchase it. So I thought it’s a good time to revisit some old favorites. 😉


5- The Twilight Craze Resurfacing

Oh gosh, it is that time of the year again. When it gets cold here or rains, all I can think about is Forks and The Cullens. My Twilight craze resurfaces and I read the books and watch the movies nonstop. I don’t get that much time now because of work but I am taking it slow and so far I have completed the movies till Eclipse and started the first book.


6- The Domain

Guys, I have registered for a domain and as of today is live. 🙂 I can’t believe it has finally happened. I have waited so long for this. I am beyond happy. It was one of my goals thing year. Also, I want you guys to know I am not going to stop blogging and I’ll always be here – in my parts of the internet. 🙂


Sometimes writing a Lately post is as easy as breathing and sometimes it takes so much energy to gather what all I’ve been up to. This post started out as such a struggle but I am done with it so quick I can’t believe it. I also wanted to tell you guys that I haven’t been doing much lately so if there isn’t a Lately post for a week or two, don’t panic. I’ll do one as soon as I have something new to share about my life with you all. 🙂

Thank you for reading! ❤


~F x

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A Bit of Shopping, Fashion

New In Closet~


After tearing a giant hole in my Parfois bag that I intended to blog about and breaking my Adore bag recently, I was yet again on the hunt of finding a new bag that will take my rough treatment. I wanted to go for a plain black bag and wasn’t in the mood of spending much. H&M usually do expensive bags and I haven’t heard any reviews about them from people I know, so I never gave their bags much thought. Two weeks back I went there aimlessly and that’s where I found this beauty.

It’s a hard material plain black bag with gold detailing which is my favorite combination ever. It has short straps as well as long strap attachment too that turns it into a Satchel but I don’t take it that way (cuz I overdid that style for 2 years). The interior isn’t fancy. It has no compartments. It just has a small zip pocket on one side and two pockets on the other. It is very spacious too which is just awesome. It’s a dump-everything-in-me-while-rushing-out-of-the-door-cuz-you’re-late-AF bag. I LOVE IT!!!! The best thing about it is, it is weightless. I carry so much stuff with me + a huge book (always) and that all is weighing it down, but it still seems far weightless compared to my previous bags. Finding and purchasing it was like a dream come true.

It was originally RO 20.900 or RO 21.900 I guess, but it was reduced to RO 8.000. Now wasn’t that a great bargain?

Have a good day y’all 🙂


~F x

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A Bit of Shopping, Beauty

A BIT OF SHOPPING #4 ~ First Ever Shopping From MAC + Building A Basic Brushes Collection

I give up. I have been trying so hard to sleep early every day so that I get 7+ hours sleep and I am not sleepy at work. It hasn’t been working very well this past two weeks. I don’t know the reason why but let’s make the most of this opportunity and start late night blogging again, ha.


So this happened. 😀

I made a trip to MAC couple of days back and did my first ever purchase from there. I splurged on two brushes. I am trying to build my basic brushes collection and I don’t want to get all the brushes from one place. These two were just so hard to resist.


MAC 168 – (R.O. 18.500) I love contouring and what a great difference it brings to a no shape face (read me). Now I am no professional but my first few tries from a normal beauty kit brush went pretty great. That’s when I thought it is time to invest in a proper contouring brush. MAC 168 caught my eyes last year when I was looking for a nice blusher brush and read some reviews how it could be used for contouring and blusher as well. It won’t hurt to get a multi-task brush now would it? I went to the store to see it and fell in love with how pretty it was. So far I haven’t tried it for contouring but it is not that great with blush. That’s just an initial observation but I would do a proper review soon in a few weeks. 🙂


MAC 217 – (R.O. 11.500) This was kind of a well thought purchase. I read Anna’s post about this brush saying how it’s the best eye shadow brush for cack-handed people for making their eye shadow look flawless (Click Here To Read It!!). I really like eye shadows but because of my droopy lids I never gave it a go. After reading this post I thought to take the plunge. I got it, I’ve been using it and I AM LOVING IT!!! This is such an easy all-over-your-lid-in-one-swipe brush and does give a flawless finish no matter how hurriedly you do the process. I have been using it every morning and it doesn’t even take me a minute to get done with my lids. A must buy if I can say already. Full review would be up soon.

I would love to know which your favorite brushes are as I still have a long way to go to complete my basic brushes collection. Let me know in the comments below and be an enabler, ha.

Hugs and Kisses,

~ F

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Lately #8


1- Eating

So we got a pack of Guylian Trufflina and I binge ate them because I haven’t tasted more amazing chocolates. This is just half portion of the pack. They are Belgian with milk chocolate filling and are extremely cute shaped. They remind me of Daleks from Doctor Who though. If you haven’t tasted Guylian before, grab a pack from the nearest store. You won’t be disappointed.


2- Shopping

I’ve been going a bit crazy with the whole ‘shop till you’re broke’ mantra of mine recently. I bought meself some essentials this time though. I am thinking to do a collective shopping haul post in the coming days. Let me know if you’d be interested in seeing it.


3- I Am an Old Soul

Once every year I get bored of reading the normal novels I do and nothing fixes me than Jane Austen. I don’t know as to why that happens but it mostly happens in winters. Last year I headed to Borders and stacked some classics due to this reason. And boy I am glad I did so because this year I just went to my bookshelf and got my Jane Austen books out before I became extremely restless.


4- I’m In Love & Always Will Be~

I think I haven’t emphasized enough on the blog about how much I love One Direction and Louis Tomlinson in particular. I’ve been madly in love with him from album one. Maybe it was his mischievous nature that took my heart away or his sass, I don’t know for sure but my love for him is unconditional and endless. When that love becomes too much to handle I distance myself from One Direction completely. I eventually go back to them and that’s when I fall in love with Louis all over again. Let me just tell you how not very easy it is. I don’t know if it’s humanly possible to love someone as much as I love Lou but I just can’t control myself when I see his cute nose and his extremely perfect jaw line and oh those blue eyes – I can drown in them ❤ and when he speaks.. His voice is the brightest I have ever heard. He is such sunshine in my life. If I am having a bad day or stressed out, I just have to listen to his voice and it makes me smile ear to ear. I love this guy so much. *sobbing*

(Picture credit: @ZouisBro on Instagram)


5- In Between News

I don’t know if you remember but a few Lately (Lately #2 – wow I can’t believe it. Time flies) posts back I talked about how much I miss Jamie Campbell Bower and the whole The Mortal Instruments movie. A few weeks back we heard great news that the movie is going to turn into a TV series which is AWESOME. I always find movies ruin books but TV series are always great. Not as awesome as books but far better than movies. Not sure if it’s going to be a continuation or they are going to take it from the start but I really hope they don’t change anyone from the cast because it was perfect and I do hope they make it as per the book completely. That’s the only way they can make it a hit because TMI books were really good. I did a review on them some times back to. (Click here to read it)

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Lately #6

I haven’t done a Lately post in about two months and I have missed writing about it but there wasn’t much going on in my life. Now however I am having a bit of fun so thought to blog. So let’s just dive into it 😀


1- Mum’s The Best

I love coffee and enjoy trying a lot of different cafes but nothing comes close to the coffee my mum makes. It is heaven. I try making it like she does but I can never do so. She is just so amazing at cooking and everything food and drinks related.


2- Best Friend Always Know

My best friend Annayah gave me a late birthday present and it was a book, Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead. I loved the movie and I was crying over the book ever since I saw it in Borders. I was broke so I didn’t buy it and it was the last one in the store. Annayah bought it for me the next day and surprised me when we next met. I was over the moon. She recorded me while taking the gift squealing excitedly in the middle of the mall, ha. Best friends always know what makes you happy. I love you, Annayah, my reading partner. ❤

x and ultraviolence

3- Music

I know I am a little late but that’s always the case with me about almost everything. I downloaded X and Ultraviolence the moment they released but I didn’t have much time to listen to them because I was moving house. Now I listen to these two albums on repeat and I just can’t get enough. I might do a review post on both the albums. Tell me if you think it’s a good idea in the comments below! 🙂


4- On My Wall

ONE FRICKIN DIRECTION IS ON MY BEDROOM WALL!!!!!!!! Yaaaaayyy!!!!!!!!!! I can’t really believe this. FINALLY!!!!

I won two tickets from Hi FM radio of their latest movie premier and they were giving out posters. They gave it to teenagers but someone in VOX cinema management took some pity on me and gave me and my friend one too. Thank you, whoever you were, Mister Kind.


5- Working On

I did a blog post about a really huge Book Haul (CLICK HERE) I did a while back. I have now started working on reading those books. I read The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown some weeks ago. It was on my to-read list since years now. So glad I got done with it. 😀


6- Shopping 😀

Last weekend was simply amazing. I shopped after a really long time. I am trying to make lists of important things I want and trying to go through them one at a time. Let me know if you want me to pop those wish lists on the blog often too. I would love to share and also know what’s on your shopping list.

I am so happy I am back to blogging my Lately posts. These are my absolute favorite to write. Let me know if you like them as much as I enjoy posting about what I’ve been up to.

Love yourself often and enough ❤

~F x

A Bit of Shopping


Hieee Guyss!!

I have recently discovered I can’t be left alone in the mall with my wallet for even five minutes. I have become a shopaholic. Yes, I do tend to think (read over-think) and contemplate a million times before I buy something (and later sometimes regret why I bought it) but I’d still shop.


I went to buy myself a pair of trainers last month and I have no idea how this all happened (VS had a really good offer I had to avail it of course!! He he) Following are some things that’s been on my wishlist from a really long time.


1- Trainers

I’ve been looking for a pair of gorgeous but sturdy shoes that would be compatible with workout as well as walking/running/jogging. I’ve been obsessed about the idea of owning a pair of Nike so I gave in and got myself these Air Free 5.0. Best thing about these, they can be worn with casual clothing as well.  Expensive as hell but I do hope these last me a really long time.

z Bobbi Brown

2- Foundation

Foundation is such an important part of a person’s makeup. I previously owned Maybelline 24hr Superstay foundation in a shade that didn’t go with my complexion. I actually picked it in a wrong shade. I didn’t wanted to go back and buy the same one in another complexion because 1) I wasn’t satisfied with its application and 2) I wanted to try something else and then came Bobbi Brown. I bought the Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF 15 in Warm Sand 2.5. I am totally in love with it. It is so light on the skin and really lasts a long time. A detailed review will be up soon in the coming weeks so look out for that! 🙂

Copy of IMG_20140919_175421

3- Scent

With my Cabotine and CH 212 VIP almost ending, I am looking for new perfumes. I think body mists is such a good idea as they are cheaper than the perfume and come handy in making a decision if you want to buy a certain perfume. I am in love with Bombshell in Bloom and want to be certain if I want to buy the perfume hence taking the body mist on a test drive, ha. Angel smells equally nice. To me it smells like Jimmy Choo Flash. Not sure if I want to buy Angel perfume but Bombshell in Bloom is definitely making it to my wishlist.

(The offer  was too good. Buy one body mist and get the  other free. It’s a permanent offer here in Oman. Its on the big bottles too. The variety is superb)

20140919_173939 --

4- Face Powder

I lost my beloved unbranded pressed powder while we were shifting. It was my absolute favorite and now it was time to replace it. I picked up Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder in 01. Let me be honest with you. The crown on the powder is the reason I bought it. I love crowns/tiaras. (I sound like Amy from The Big Bang Theory here)

20140919_171405 --

5- Candles

Giving scented candles a go. I actually like the pot and oil thing more but candles are easier lol. Got this from Lifestyle in Lavender and I would just say I am rather disappointed. The smell is too faint and unless and until you are sitting too close to the candle, you can’t really smell it. I think I will stick to Adore. Adore is a little more in price but so worth it.

That’s all there is to the haul. I hope you had fun going through the post.

Please don’t be shy and leave a comment or two and let’s interact! 🙂


F x

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PS. and if you want me to keep up with you leave your contacts in the comments below! ^_^

Catch-up Posts


Hi Guyss!

I realize I didn’t do a catch up post for last week and it’s really messing up with my OCD, ha. Following is a roundup of my last week! 🙂

Catch-up #2

1- Dinner at D’Arcy’s Kitchen – Went out for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. Lot’s of food, drinks, dessert and decor pictures in this one. It is also one of my favorite posts so far. 🙂  ❤

2- The Body Shop Wishlist –  Talked about quite a lot of The Body Shop products here that I have been eyeing from a while and need in my life. I personally love wishlist post. They are such a good reminder when you are in store and can’t make up your mind on what to buy.

3- Marks & Spencer Aloe Vera Body Scrub – Did a review of this amazing exfoliating body scrub from MS thats smells heavenly. A must try for anyone on a budget and looking for a good quality body scrub.

4- Staying Strong 365 Days a Week Book by Demi Lovato – Shared my thoughts on Demi Lovato’s new book and talked about having your own special mantra  to get you through tough situations. Mine is mostly included in my blog post. 🙂

5- Lately #4 – At the end of the week I shared a bit of my life in my weekly Lately post. There is a lot of talking about Benedict Cumberbatch,  Sheldon, food, coffee and movies too.

And here’s the end of this post and my OCD is delt with now.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! 🙂


~F x

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1-      Flowers

I was a flower obsessed person and wanted everyone to get me them on my b-day at least for three-four years. Last year I started thinking it’s a waste of money because they die very fast. My friend gave me a bunch of these lovely red roses last week and that’s when I realized no matter how quickly they dry off, they do have the ability to brighten up the mood instantly. I take my thoughts back. I would love to get/buy flowers more often now. 🙂


2-      Reads

H&M spring book has been my latest read these days. Getting into the whole fashion grove at last I guess.



3-      Missing

I don’t know if it’s just me but I have been missing Jamie Campbell Bower and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie too much lately; JCB more. They should definitely come up with the second movie. I do believe no one could have played Jace as sassy and badass as Jamie. I miss this punk rock.


4-      Crush

I listened to I See Fire last week and was reminded of my love for Ed Sheeran, and ever since then I’ve been crushing over him. This guy is so freaking cute and when combined with a cat, it is cuteness overload.



5-      Music

500 Days of Summer soundtrack is on a repeat on my phone these days. It was suggested to me by my friend Haya. If you haven’t heard it already, you must. The soundtrack is so beautiful it makes me nostalgic reminding me of a very beautiful time and of Eleanor & Park because The Smiths.

Favorite songs: The Smiths – There is a Light That Never Goes Out | Zooey Deschanel – Sugar Town | Carla Bruni – Quelqu’un M’a Dit



6-      Attitude

Aggressively shopping from H&M. I have lost count of how many times I have been into the store this previous one week only. Somebody stop me before my mum confiscates my wallet.


Goodbye 2013 :)

Warning: This post contains a lot of pictures. 🙂

Its New Year’s Eve, guys!!! and I am home because I have no plans of going out. *yaaaay (morbid tone)*

2013 has been an interesting year. For me it has largely revolved around three things; food, books and All-Things-British.

1-    Food Junkie – Eat like there is no tomorrow

In my spring semester this year, my friends and I had taken a secret oath to eat at every restaurant we know of or wanted to try, that too every single day. We used to get an hour’s break, sometimes two or sometimes we would stay back in college just because we had plans of going for lunch or just talk and stuff. I am very proud to say we literally left no place we didn’t eat at. It was one hell of a semester and yes I got broke multiple times in a month. 😀 Then of course there were a lot of dinners with family that contributed a lot to my calories intake. 😛

 My Food Year In Pictures








D'arcy Kitchen
D’arcy Kitchen




Paul ❤
Paul ❤

I had been cheating on Second Up with Starbucks year round. xD
I had been cheating on Second Up with Starbucks year round. xD




Address Cafe
Address Cafe


Address Cafe
Address Cafe


Deyar Cafe - Moroccon Tea
Deyar Cafe – Moroccon Tea

Deyar's Chicken Submarine sandwich is to die for ❤
Deyar’s Chicken Submarine sandwich is to die for ❤ 


Charlie's Grilled Subs
Charlie’s Grilled Subs




Smurfilicious - Blue McFlurry Oreo
Smurfilicious – Blue McFlurry Oreo


Peri Peri ~ Nandos
Peri Peri ~ Nandos


2-    Reading

“I drank coffee and read old books and waited for the year to end.”

This quote describes my 2013 so well. I literally did nothing but read all year. I would take a mug of coffee or a cup of green tea and sit all day and all night reading books. It all started with me crying the whole 2012 about how I want to read so many books but don’t have the time to. By the end of 2012 I resolved I should quit crying and instead utilize that cribbing time by reading books. I started slowly and by the end of summer 2013 I was done with 39 books. Much of them included books I had wanted to read since forever. Then of course college started and I couldn’t read much because final year and too much pressure.

 “People are okay. But I prefer the company of books.”

Fallen by Lauren Kate - and my Note II
Fallen by Lauren Kate – and my Note II


Fallen by Lauren Kate


This reminded me of Pretty Little Liars xD – Fallen by Lauren Kate









The Time Keeper by Mitch Album ❤
The Time Keeper by Mitch Album ❤


My Eyore took quite a liking towards this book!! x)


Prize World by James Smith


Prize World by James Smith




The Hunger Games – Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins



3-    The British Invasion – All Things British

This year had been a major British Invasion in my life. Be it Television, Music, Fashion, Blogging… anything – it had mostly been just British, British and British.

~British Invasion On Me~

Totally in love with Downton Abbey
Totally in love with Downton Abbey

Take Me Home Tour and Midnight Memories – One Direction has kept their Directioners very busy this year. 😀 ❤

Bastille - New Music Love - This band is LOVE.
Bastille – New Music Love – This band is LOVE.

The hoodie and accessories ❤ (going to do a post on the accessories later)
The hoodie and accessories ❤ (going to do a post on the accessories later)

Bloggers - Zoe Sugg and Tanya Burr | Love these two so very much ❤
Bloggers and YouTubers – Zoe Sugg and Tanya Burr | Love these two so very much ❤

PointlessBlog - Adorable Alfie :) ❤
YouTuber – PointlessBlog – (Adorable) Alfie 🙂 ❤

Blogger/Youtuber - Lily Pebbles ❤ | she is so inspiring. I love her. ❤
Blogger/Youtuber – Lily Pebbles ❤ | she is so inspiring. I love her. ❤

Blogger and recently YouTuber - (Beautiful) Becky from Milk Bubble Tea :) | Love her blog and her pictures. ❤
Blogger and recently YouTuber – (Beautiful) Becky from Milk Bubble Tea 🙂 | Love her blog and her pictures. ❤

All in all, 2013 was amazing. Wishing and praying 2014 is way more awesome. 🙂