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I am a massive short hair fan. There is just something so very attractive about a short bob, boy and pixie cut that attracts me so very much. In February I blogged about how I am going to try take care of my hair so I can cut them short and dye them blue (Click here to read it). Well the taking care part didn’t happen much and my hair fall didn’t stop too. So two weeks ago I was in one of my ‘fuck it’ mood and that’s when I decided I’m cutting my hair short. ‘Fuck it’ is my favorite approach for making ‘rational decisions’.

If you follow me on Instagram (Click here if you’re not!), I posted a picture and you can see they were pretty medium to long length. I never really had long hair while growing up and that’s why I suck at managing them when they grow below my shoulders. Anyway, when I told my hairdresser, who is one hell of a meanie, that I wanted a short bob, I received a look that said ‘NOT HAPPENING’. It took me fifteen minutes of nonstop talking (I don’t do that shit) to convince (read beg) that I really do need it. After a lot of exasperated scowls and tantrums, we came to an agreement that the cut will be short but with a bit of oomph effect to them. This is the end result and I am over the moon right now!! 😀 Short bob with a mix of layers and steps is exactly what I had in mind when I would picture myself. It’s so perfect!!

What do you guys think?

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