I ❤ Autumn

Copy of Autumn

The downside of living in a desert country is that you will only get two seasons: very hot summer and mild summer. For some people this might be ideal but for me not really. I like all the four seasons and there is nothing more I like than to daydream about them when most of the world is enjoying them and I am not.

Autumn is my favorite among the four and the amount of autumnal vibes coming my way through social media this month made me want to write a huge post on all the things I love about this gorgeous season. ❤

Changing Colors

Changing Colors

This is my most favorite part of autumn. I love how the trees change colors from green to yellow and orange. I love how the roads and parks are filled with dried up leaves and the crunchy sound they make when a person walks on them. Sunsets become even more beautiful than usual with the sky displaying shades of deep blue, pink, purple and violet and a trip to the beach is always an amazing idea.




I love it when summer turns to autumn and instead of harsh heat we are welcomed by a cool breeze in the afternoon and evening. For someone who works out this is such a great time to leave the gym or indoors for a while and do their cardio outside. I love walking in huge parks that are not stripped off most of their nature. I love it when we can walk to places that are not very far to get some errands done. I just generally like the whole idea of spending more time out in the nature when the weather is being such a babe.


Instagram: Lia Selina – Artist & Illustrator

Hot Beverages

After summer and all the cold beverages encircling that season, I love how the choices go from cold coffee/tea and frappuccino to latte, mocha, macchiato, black and green tea. I love drinks so I am always happy when there is a change in that section. I also love how Starbucks comes out autumn inspired drinks like ‘Pumpkin Spice Latte’ and if you’re lucky enough you get autumn themed cups to go with them.




I love how the lip colors get berry colored bolder and eye lashes become intense than usual. The copper eyelids are another of my favorite thing about this season. Fashion wise I love how everything starts getting darker. Maroon and navy blue colors are such hits. I love those stunning slouchy sweaters and blanket-y yet stylish scarves people start wrapping around them. I also like how everyone starts wearing super cool boots and sneakers.




I love it how with the start of autumn everyone gets excited for Halloween for real and planning their getups. I like it how YouTube gets filled up with videos and tutorials of new ideas every day. I love the mad obsession with pumpkins too and lovely shots people post on their Instagram.



lush bath bomb

All the Other Things

These are things that I haven’t experienced yet but love them still. I love how everyone starts talking about and buying new fall inspired candles and fairy lights and lanterns become a part of home décor. I love it when people talk about Lush Bath bombs or put up picture of the lovely effect of them in their tubs.


This was my mini love post for autumn. I hope you guys liked it. Now, why don’t you guys tell me what’s your three most favorite things about this lovely season? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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People I know

Bloggers Day Out

IMG_20151005_173559IMG_20151005_170543-1 Copy of IMG_20151005_171353

Hello fellas!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was mighty fine and not the usual staying at home kind. I got done with a lot of errands *cough* shopping *cough* and got a chance to meet some friends. There is one special thing I did this weekend. I meet a fellow blogger – Hunaina from The Peppy Potato. We are good friends but thought to do a ‘Bloggers Day Out’ kind of thing lol.

Hunaina is a Muscat based Beauty, Health and Lifestyle blogger. She writes some of the most informative articles that I have ever come across. There are Do’s & Don’ts, beauty reviews and a lot of DIY beauty stuff. She is fairly new but every post of her is worth reading (and following). Head over to her blog and show her some love, people! ❤

We met on Friday over lunch. First we sat and talked nonstop for an hour or so catching up and all that. Then we had lunch at Santino’s Pizza. Hunaina ordered a slice of Cheese Pizza and Potato wedges and I ordered a slice of Tandoori Chicken Pizza and wings. Once done with lunch, we did a spot of shopping at Victoria’s Secret because why the heck not. This is what bloggers do when they are together. We ended the day at Starbucks *typical*. I ordered a Caramel Frappuccino and Hunaina had a Vanilla Mocha Frappuccino.

Halfway through our convos we realized our choices and tastes are poles apart but concluded that we should meet often, ha. We had a fun day and now let’s see when we plan to meet next. 🙂

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Living The Starbucks Life ~ Red Cup Edition

Seeing how much you guys liked my last Living The Starbucks Life post, I decided to do another one featuring their festive Red Cups. Whenever Christmas season starts, Starbucks come out with their Red Cups. I absolutely love them and I honestly wait all year for it. Coming from someone who doesn’t like paper cups, these cute cups are my favorite thing about Christmas now.

Red Cup

1- Toffee Nut Latte

The moment I spotted Red Cups in my local Starbucks I ordered their limited edition festive drink Toffee Nut Latte. The sweet taste of toffee melting in my mouth is perhaps what I look forward to in December. It is not a sickly sweet taste as long as it’s hot. The moment it’s cold I can’t have it unless I force it down my throat. While going through the pictures I realized I did not order Toffee Nut Frappuccino this time and I deeply regret it. From what I remember, Toffee Nut tastes milder than it does in the Latte. Have to wait till December now to get my hands on it – dammit.


2- Signature Hot Chocolate

I didn’t keep it to just ordering Toffee Nut this time around. I ordered their Signature Hot Chocolate. I haven’t had it since forever. I loved the creaminess and how soothing it was for my tummy. I can’t wait to have another cup over the weekend.


3- Double Mocha Macchiato

Like I mentioned in my previous post – I LOVE DMM!! It’s like the best drink ever. I would advice every single one of you to go have it right now if you haven’t tried it already.


4- Obsession

I am currently obsessed with trying their Peanut Butter Stack but Chocolate Lovin’ Cake won’t let me. I always go for it instead. It has become my standard order.

What is your favorite drink/food from Starbucks?

~F x

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Lately #9


1- Revisiting

I haven’t mentioned it on the blog yet but before I started having Starbucks like an addict I was too much into Second Cup and that too just one drink – Delato. I used to have it so much but then I discovered Starbucks and ever since then I joke around saying I cheated on Second Cup with Starbucks. I know lame. I went back to Second Cup last week and ordered Delato again and enjoyed it immensely. I also thought about how I haven’t ever tried anything else there and that I should visit Second Cup sometimes too. It would be so much easier if they can open it in Carrefour Mall.


2- Doctor Who

I started Doctor Who in September I guess. I can’t remember. I loveeeeeeee this show. I have been so occupied with work and life I haven’t been able to watch more of it. I have season 8 to watch and I must add I LOVE Peter Capaldi. He is extremely cool and his accent is AWESOME!!!! I did see a few episodes of season 8 but stopped because I wanted to see it all in one go with the finale. Here is a picture of me watching the last episode of Matt Smith as The Doctor. I cried, I cried a lot. ‘The first face this face saw’. Thank you for all the feels, Mr. Moffat. I love you. Drowning my tears with the help of McDonald’s McFlurry Oreo.



3- Obsessed

I am obsessed with buying new books these days and want to increase my collection as much as I can even though there are about 50 books in my shelf that I haven’t even started reading yet. If you have any suggest for good books do let me know, especially with gorgeous covers. I am feeling very spendy at the moment.



4- Movie Time

I went to see Penguins of Madagascar last week. Seats were booked throughout the first week and I was busy with work so couldn’t really go. We had this deal over here where we could order drinks and popcorn and in a tumbler and a bucket with the penguins on it – such an awesome offer. The penguin on the tumbler was removable so I took it off and placed it next to Sherman on my table. They make a great team. Now I am just wondering what to fill the bucket with.


5- Happy Meal

I love me some McDonald’s Happy Meal every now and then. They had Penguins of Madagascar this time and of course I had to bring those adorable creatures home. I have all four of them and I am one happy chappy at the moment.

6- Movember

Forgot including this in last week’s Lately post. I was supporting Movember with me bushy mustache last month. xD


7- Change

Lastly I got a haircut. As you can see my hair were long and pretty untamable, this was bound to happen though I really didn’t think my hairdresser would cut them real short. I love the change and my head feels really light. I am contemplating on cutting them shorter. What do you guys say?

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Catch-up Posts


This week has been quite random. It is all sorted now and from next week you will see a proper organization in posts again. 🙂

Catching up this week we have:

catch up 6

1- Lately #6 – Lately post of last week.

2- Living The Starbucks Life – My life as a Starbucks addict, what drinks I like ordering the most and drinks I try.

 3- MOVIE REVIEW ~ The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 – Went for Mockingjay on the weekend and wrote a review on it. Rest assured there are no spoilers included in this review.

4- NOTD ~ Off To Miami by Essence – New nail polish love. ^_^ A mix of Peach and Salmon. Absolute favorite.

5- SKINCARE ~ A Lesson Learned The Hard Way – Pimples and Blemishes talk/note.

6- Lately #7 – This week’s Lately post.


~F x

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Lately #7

Call It Spring 1

1- Reads

I popped into Call It Spring in Muscat City Center and picked up their booklet. It was quite interesting and consisted of interviews by their staff and some famous bloggers about various dressing styles and what items they are more interested in. It also had some great photography. I felt the theme was quite awesome. Don’t forget to grab a copy if you find their outlet in your local mall.


2- Music

I can NOT stop listening to 1989 by Taylor Swift lately. This album is just so good. I love all her Harry related songs especially Wildest Dreams, Styles and You’re In Love. Shake It Off, Blank Space and I know Places are amazing tracks too.

Red Cup

3- Drinking

I had my first Red Cup of the season from Starbucks this week!! I am one happy chappy and can’t wait to have more. 😀 The return of Toffee Nut is welcomed with open mouths.


4- Movie Time

I went for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 on the weekend. Totally loved the movie and would recommend every Hunger Games fanatic to go and see it. Don’t forget to take a tissue box with you because you will need it A LOT.


5- Flowers

Brightening up the dining room by placing this gorgeous bunch on the dining table.

20141125_184436 ed

6- Bobbi Brown

Had a cheeky appointment with Bobbi Brown the other day. Stay tuned for details in the coming days. 😉

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Living The Starbucks Life

Starbucks seems very homely to me from past few months. I have been spending quite a lot of time in there. I have tried other cafes too but there is just something about Starbuck and their beverages. They are so distinct in their taste. I do believe that once you’ve had Starbucks you can’t really like another café. I might be wrong but that’s just my opinion. Following is what I have been having there:


1- Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino

This was a limited edition drink and was released in I guess August. I totally loved it. As the name suggest, it had cookie crumbles in Starbucks standard cold Mocha. It was such a fun beverage. I hope it comes back as a regular drink.


2- Double Mocha Macchiato

This is my signature drink. Throughout my uni years I used to pop into Starbucks every other day and order a Large DMM. It was the perfect jolt to wake me up and prepare me for my 8am to 8pm lectures.


3- Caramel Macchiato

After uni I decided to try some other beverages too. Not something totally different to DMM though. My barista suggested Caramel Macchiato. It had the same macchiato taste but with hints of caramel and was really good.


4- Chocolate Lovin’ Cake

This cake is all kinds of pleasure wrapped into one. This cake does things to you and I am not even kidding. Perfect for any chocoholic out there; even for people like me who doesn’t like overly chocolate taste. It’s neither too sweet nor too dark. It’s the perfect mix. A must try.

What is your favorite drink at Starbucks? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂


~F x

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Look What We Got Here ~ Red Cups by Starbucks ❤

A big Hello to you all!! 🙂

Today’s post is about one of my favorite coffee bars – Starbucks.

To begin with, even though it’s not part of my religious festivities, I am a major Christmas fan. I love everything Christmassy; from the tree to decorations, from the cake to the gifts, from color red, green, white and gold to Santa Claus himself – I just love it all. I even have a mini tree I bought when I was in school and I had put it up on Christmas’ eve twice I think. I had bought all the decorations and lights and even a star. My favorite item was an angel with a musical instrument. I don’t know if I have all those decorations anymore because I have been shifting around houses quite a lot in the past years and with every move there was packing and unpacking and more packing and unpacking to do. Guess my stuff is lost somewhere in some cartons or something.

Ever since summer ended this year I have been waiting for red cups to appear in the Starbucks outlet in Muscat. I have literally lost track of times I have questioned all my friends asking them if the cups have arrived yet or not. To be very honest, I was not very hopeful they will come here because I don’t remember seeing them around previously. Or maybe I have been a Second Cup fan for far too long to give much notice to Starbucks.

Yesterday, a friend of mine and I met up in college in the evening to work on our Marketing assignment. We both are grouped together with two more people. The two of us had decided to get done with most of our work by yesterday itself.

We took out the handouts and assignment papers and were engrossed in taking down points to type out and writing a list of things we had to Google. Once done with it we started searching the internet for our topic related information. A while later we realized the college’s IT department has blocked some of the most useful sites as precautionary measures for plagiarism. Boy, we were furious.  It’s not every day that we get serious about working on our assignments. 😛

Now I was hungry and low on energy because of sleep deprivation so we decided to pick something up from McDonald’s to eat and then head to Starbucks for some coffee and to get done with our work as we can get free Wi-Fi there without any blocked websites. Yaay!!

So we went to Starbucks after getting our food, with me eating it all in the car itself, and got greeted by lovely RED CUPS!!! 😀 OHMYGOD!!! My happiness was beyond measures. I was almost giddy with it and excitement. The first thing I did was to rush up to the counter and see them with mesmerized eyes as if I haven’t seen anything so lovely ever in my life, LOL. I am quite sure my friend must have thought I have lost it at seeing some red plastic cups, but oh, the beauty and happiness. Christmas is definitely around the corner now!! Hehe!! 😀

They have introduced two ‘Holiday Delights’; Toffee Nut Latte and Toffee Nut Frappuccino. Same flavor in two opposite temperature drinks, Ahhh. ❤ Coffee has got to be the synonym for love.


After choosing a spot and dumping my bag and books on the table I went and ordered myself a small Toffee Nut Latte. I always go for either mochas or frappuccinos so this time I wanted to try a latte. And to be honest, it was one of the best I have ever had. I am not a fan of very sweet drinks anymore or toffee flavor, but this was an amazing taste of mild sweetness and wasn’t too heavy on the taste buds. I totally loved it and would recommend it to every single person I know and whoever reads this. I want to go back again and try Toffee Nut Frappuccino now.

Copy of 1424435_10151830546652671_1586816010_n (susan)

1465214_10151830546917671_1565280443_n (1) anthony

Another very important thing to add here, I finally discovered Starbucks’ official website for the Middle East. Hahaha! I was very happy with myself on finally finding it. And while I was at it, I couldn’t help seeing their header and copy it to add here, hehe.




Have you tried any of the two Holiday Delights yet?! Which one is your favorite?

Much Love!! ❤