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Hi Guyss!

I realize I didn’t do a catch up post for last week and it’s really messing up with my OCD, ha. Following is a roundup of my last week! 🙂

Catch-up #2

1- Dinner at D’Arcy’s Kitchen – Went out for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. Lot’s of food, drinks, dessert and decor pictures in this one. It is also one of my favorite posts so far. 🙂  ❤

2- The Body Shop Wishlist –  Talked about quite a lot of The Body Shop products here that I have been eyeing from a while and need in my life. I personally love wishlist post. They are such a good reminder when you are in store and can’t make up your mind on what to buy.

3- Marks & Spencer Aloe Vera Body Scrub – Did a review of this amazing exfoliating body scrub from MS thats smells heavenly. A must try for anyone on a budget and looking for a good quality body scrub.

4- Staying Strong 365 Days a Week Book by Demi Lovato – Shared my thoughts on Demi Lovato’s new book and talked about having your own special mantra  to get you through tough situations. Mine is mostly included in my blog post. 🙂

5- Lately #4 – At the end of the week I shared a bit of my life in my weekly Lately post. There is a lot of talking about Benedict Cumberbatch,  Sheldon, food, coffee and movies too.

And here’s the end of this post and my OCD is delt with now.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! 🙂


~F x

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Thoughts & Reflections

THOUGHTS ~ Staying Strong 365 Days a Week Book by Demi Lovato & Mantra Magic

I recently started reading Staying Strong 365 days a year by Demi Lovato. My friend Haya’s younger sister Sarah posted a picture of one of the pages from the book which I liked and it also got me curious. I asked her if the book was any good because I have recently read so many below average books judging by a quote thinking they would make an amazing read and none of them did. -_- Sarah replied saying it’s for people who feel insecure, depressed, suicidal and are having a tough time coping with their lives.


I’ve read a few pages and so far liking it. It has some great advises for people of all ages as I do believe insecurity, depression and suicidal thoughts can come to anyone at any age. The first page itself made me like it because it talks about making it your goal of having a mantra of your own that helps you think clear and motivates you every day.

I started blogging last year but it wasn’t until now that I took it seriously. I guess it was a month or two back when I was reminiscing about previous years and thinking how naïve I was. I have this thing where I tend to compromise on myself just to see someone else happy. I made up my mind that it needs to stop because there were multiple occasions when I put myself down and let someone else shine. This usually happened when I believed that I didn’t deserve good things in life and other people did. I do know it is not wrong to be there for someone or help people out but it is wrong if you are not okay and are doing it just because you can’t see someone else upset.


I came up with ‘Love yourself – often and enough’ as a reminder to let myself know that I need to love other people alright but I don’t need to stop loving myself in the process. You must be a priority in your life or no one else will make you a priority in theirs. That’s something I’ve learned after wasting so much time on so many people who indirectly showed me that I didn’t love or respect myself enough for them to treat me with love and respect in return.

I now say this to myself in situations when I know I am slipping away into the hopeless / sadness / depression zone. I keep saying it till I don’t start feeling okay. I often add it at the end of my blogs because I do believe we forget to love ourselves with all the high expectations and goals we set for ourselves to achieve. We get busy in them and in process forget that there is lil old us who need some love and attention too by our own self.

I was very happy to read that Demi included such a small but vital advice in her book. We all need a mantra that motivates and inspires us every day.

Do you have a mantra of your own? Please do share. It’s always good to inspire positivity.

Until next time,

Love yourself – often and enough! 🙂

~F x

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