Five Must-Do Things in Summer

Even though the weather here in Muscat is going horribly hot – 45 to 50 degrees – I just wanted to send some good vibes out there and do a little summer related / weekend inspiration kind of a post.



1- Pull Those Curtains Back

The first thing I do after waking up is pulling the curtains back and letting the sunshine in. I love natural light. It has such a cheerful effect on the human mind and helps brighten up all the nooks and corner of the house.

2- Be In the Sea

For someone who didn’t get a chance to go to the beach yet, my only advice to you is – grab a set of spare clothes, splatter that sun-block on, get your flip flops out and go to the beach. Get inside the water and stay there till you see the sun setting in and the sky turning shades of orange, red and blue. Yes, that’s all you should do right now. If the weather is good, take out that grill and have a BBQ party with friends. These summer nights were meant for it. ❤

3- Drinks

You must, and I cannot emphasize enough but you MUST try all those amazing cold beverages they offer at every restaurant/coffee bar you go to. My favorites include watermelon juice, orange juice, Lemon & Lime Soda/Juice, a nice frappuccino from Starbucks and Dilato from Second Cup.



4- Go For That Cut

If your haircut is long pending this is the right time to get it. I would say the shorter the better. Get that chin length hair or that pixie cut you have been eyeing from forever or go for that shoulder length with steps and layers that would compliment your face. Just go for it. You will be thankful. Side note: you have some really cold weather coming up in next few months and seriously nobody feels awesome in the morning when they have to fix long wet hair.

5- Sweat It Out

I personally believe it’s much easier to lose weight in the summer than winter because you break a sweat real quick. Even a brisk walk can get you sweating like a sinner in no time. So sweat those extra pounds right now and be a smexy burrito in the winter.

Hope you guys liked this post. Have a lovely weekend and whatever is left of your summer.


~F x

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