Five Must-Do Things in Summer

Even though the weather here in Muscat is going horribly hot – 45 to 50 degrees – I just wanted to send some good vibes out there and do a little summer related / weekend inspiration kind of a post.



1- Pull Those Curtains Back

The first thing I do after waking up is pulling the curtains back and letting the sunshine in. I love natural light. It has such a cheerful effect on the human mind and helps brighten up all the nooks and corner of the house.

2- Be In the Sea

For someone who didn’t get a chance to go to the beach yet, my only advice to you is – grab a set of spare clothes, splatter that sun-block on, get your flip flops out and go to the beach. Get inside the water and stay there till you see the sun setting in and the sky turning shades of orange, red and blue. Yes, that’s all you should do right now. If the weather is good, take out that grill and have a BBQ party with friends. These summer nights were meant for it. ❤

3- Drinks

You must, and I cannot emphasize enough but you MUST try all those amazing cold beverages they offer at every restaurant/coffee bar you go to. My favorites include watermelon juice, orange juice, Lemon & Lime Soda/Juice, a nice frappuccino from Starbucks and Dilato from Second Cup.



4- Go For That Cut

If your haircut is long pending this is the right time to get it. I would say the shorter the better. Get that chin length hair or that pixie cut you have been eyeing from forever or go for that shoulder length with steps and layers that would compliment your face. Just go for it. You will be thankful. Side note: you have some really cold weather coming up in next few months and seriously nobody feels awesome in the morning when they have to fix long wet hair.

5- Sweat It Out

I personally believe it’s much easier to lose weight in the summer than winter because you break a sweat real quick. Even a brisk walk can get you sweating like a sinner in no time. So sweat those extra pounds right now and be a smexy burrito in the winter.

Hope you guys liked this post. Have a lovely weekend and whatever is left of your summer.


~F x

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So You Are Sad.. Leme Cheer You Up With Music~


So you are down in the dump and don’t know how to sort your gloomy mood… and you are one of the music types i.e., your mood can be instantly turned around by music. If so, I have the perfect suggestion for you. Download 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack right away.

A combination of cheerful, energetic and slow songs makes for a fun listen. You will get hooked. Groovy tracks (Bad Kids (which I didn’t know would be such a favorite of mine), Vagabond, Sweet Disposition, You Make My Dreams) with some romantic and heart breaking songs (Quelqu’un M’a Dit, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want, There Comes Your Man) and also tracks that you can relate to on a whole different level (Us, There Goes The Fear, Mushaboom, Hero, She’s Got You High, Sugar Town) assures this whole album is perhaps the most perfect soundtrack there ever could be.

Give it a listen and have a happy day!! 🙂


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NOTD ~ Flashy Pumpkin by Essence

If you live in the Middle East, summer is never really over. While other countries celebrate spring in full swing, we wait on just the tiny ruffle of leaves. It’s not false to say we mostly experience season summer year round. Well it does give us a privilege of wearing summer clothes, accessories and do summer bits like go to the beach for a swim and not bundle up in our sweaters and stay home when we don’t feel like it, ha, and this is when I present a new nail color which goes well with our hot weather.

Flashy Pumpkin by Essence ( (1)

Flashy Pumpkin (does it ring a bell? :D) by Essence is a bright/neon orange color that goes with about anything and I do mean anything. It even looks amazing with black and grey dresses, what else would one need. I wanted to get it from a while but when I went to purchase it I was dissuaded by a friend but once home I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Hence I had to make another trip to Essence’s counter the very next day.

Flashy Pumpkin by Essence ( (2)

I have been enjoying this color very much. I love wearing it with anything white. It gives the right pop of color any plain dress or tee-shirt requires. It is such a happy and bright color and I often reach out for it more than I do for Wanna Be Your Sunshine, again from Essence. Another reason why I love Flashy Pumpkin is because of its name as it reminds me of The Slutty Pumpkin from How I Met Your Mother.

Now that Halloween is just a few days away I think I have an idea what I want to dress up as, ha. Flashy Pumpkin, you are going to come very handy this year. *evil laugh*

Have a good day everyone!

F x

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Fashion, Nails

Nail Polish ~ Wanna Be Your Sunshine by Essence

Wanna Be Your Sunshine by Essence (

Wanna Be Your Sunshine by Essence ( 2

After buying That’s What I Mint (link here), I was so impressed by the quality of Essence nail polishes that I went back to purchase some more and as 145 Flashy Pumpkin was already on my wishlist (link here) I had to go back anyway. I entered The Sultan Centre Qurum to get only that but ended up buying another bright shade that had me at hello. 😀

137 Wanna Be Your Sunshine is a bright shade of yellow and makes you want to instantly change in to your swim suit and go off to the beach or wear a flowy sundress in white and show off your pretty sunny nails. It is such a happy shade that it lifts your mood too. (Tried and tested, my friend)

It took me about two coats to get a flawless texture and opaque nails. These lasted long too like That’s What I Mint. This is exactly what I love about Essence. They have such pretty nail colors with amazing quality and at such affordable prices. RO 1 for a nail polish is not a bad price especially if you compare it to brands like Rimmel/Revlon that start at RO 3.500 or what we get from exhibitions here (which are considered to be low priced but are not and their quality is super bad too).

I love the packaging too. The bottle is pear shaped and the brush is wide enough to cover your nail in one go. It can also be easily carried in a bag if you are rushing out and don’t have time to paint your nails.

I am very happy I got this color in my nail polish collection.

Which is your favorite sunny nail polish from?


~F xx

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Annayah’s Books

Hello everyone!! 😀

Hope everyone is doing! 🙂 The Iftar gathering at our place went superb. Everybody loved the food and went home in a very happy mood, which made my parents days and did justice to all our efforts. 🙂 It was really fun and the food was really delicious. Mum’s the best cook ever. ❤ I don’t know in which century I will ever learn to cook as awesomely as she does, and with such ease. She makes cooking look like a child’s play.

Anyway! As I shamelessly admitted in my last post that I had ditch my Summer-Reads list for a bunch of books I borrowed from a close friend, Annayah, I would like to share their titles with you!! 😀

1-      The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

2-      One Man’s Art (The MacGregors, #4) – Nora Roberts

3-      Friends Forever – Danielle Steel

4-      Have a Little Faith – Mitch Albom

5-      The Last Lecture – Randy Pausch

6-      Fallen – Lauren Kate

7-      Thinner – Stephen King

8-      I Don’t Know How She Does It – Allison Pearson

9-      How To Be Popular – Meg Cabot

10-   Remembrance – Danielle Steel

So far I am done with the first three books in the list. Of course I had to start it off by reading Paulo Coelho’s first. It’s more like a ritual to me. 😀 After all he is my favorite author!! xD

I liked them three, but on a different level each.

I wanted to read something girly hence Annayah suggested me I Don’t Know How She Does It and How to Be Popular. I hope they fill my appetite for something fun, humorous and girlish. I think I remember reading a bit of How To Be Popular a few years back and found it a little boring. Let’s see how I find it now.

I really wanted to read Stephen King as I have just read one book by him and disliked it a lot. But I want to give myself a second chance with his work. Maybe I just got on with the wrong book of his to start with. Like some people say the read Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and never liked it but loved all his other books. I am biased about Coelho though. 😛 I love all his work. Except for The Winner Stands Alone. Though I did end up liking one character, Jasmine, and branded her one my favorite from all Coelho’s characters.

Fallen’s cover is really beautiful. 😛 Annayah liked it so yes I wanted to read it too. Mitch Albom is another of my really favorite writers. 🙂 That’s why his book made it to the list. And then Annayah suggested me The Last Lecture.

I took Remembrance before I borrowed all these books. I wanted to read Danielle Steel because it had been really long I didn’t read a novel by her. I had only read one, Accident, which was good and a very long time back. Plus I have this really cute person called Niall’s Mofo, who wrote that Bruno Mars Fan Fiction for me, and her best friend Izzie, who is just as adorable as Niall’s Mofo. They are HUGE fans of Dianelle Steel and wanted me to read her again. 😀 So yeaaah!!! xD

For now I think I will take a little break from reading. I am worried I will screw my eyes. So I am going to lay a little off. Plus I have an Iftar gathering to go to tomorrow and one again on Wednesday. Then prolly we are inviting some guests for Iftar on Thursday. So I think it’s going to be a busy week again and I wont have much time to do anything at all. I hope it’s a fun week though. 🙂

~Keep Calm & Read On ❤