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2014 Favorites :) ❤

Hola Fellaz!!

I can’t believe today is the last day of 2014. I mean it was just yesterday I was out and about shopping for my birthday. Time is passing so quickly I can hardly keep track anymore.

Now I am not a very cool person and doing monthly favorites or general favorites for that matter have never been my thing. I fall in and out of love way too quickly. However this year I decided to do a 2014 Favorites post. So let’s get started! 😀


~ Blog ~

I have written some cool pieces this year and I am kind of very proud of them (even if they aren’t very cool as per the standard, haha). The first thing I am super happy about is the ‘Lately’ posts – snippets of my everyday life. When I started Rebel’s Spot I had somewhat promised myself not to go personal on the blog but there was also a part of me who wanted to turn a section of the blog into my private diary kind of thing and hence started the Lately category. Thanks to Becky from MilkBubbleTea blog for inspiring me. I actually love all of them and am linking them (CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM) for you all to have a look. 😀

I wrote two personal posts which I love rereading every now and then and I think you should give them a read too so; SMILE – YOU ARE TOO YOUNG TO BE THIS SAD and THOUGHTS ~ Staying Strong 365 Days a Week Book by Demi Lovato & Mantra Magic

 My favorite post however remain saying Goodbye to 2013 (Click here to see it). Favorite post ever I would say.

beaut 2014

~ Beauty ~

I like how I have got into beauty recently (I don’t like the affect it has made on my saving plans though 😛 ) Most of the year has been spent checking the aisles of the beauty section of every store I have ever been to. I have experimented, learned and read so much about beauty, skincare and have discovered such nice products which is an extremely new thing for me. All in all I am happy about it.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash has been my constant partner this year keeping my oiliness much under control. The Body Shop Born Lippy in Strawberry has been a complete babe. I just love the lip balm so much. It leaves my lips soft, smooth, plum and pink. Maybelline Colossal Kajal and Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen have been amazing too. I do not look like someone has smacked my eye sockets ever since I started using these, ha. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 and Maybelline Fit Me Concealer have helped me cover up my acne so well throughout the year. I love these too as they are light on the skin and have 12+ hrs amazing staying power. The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream has been such a soothing product for my face and has fixed my dry patches immensely. The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask has been a champ. It reduces oiliness and blackheads when used regularly and I have been doing nothing else. I do let the routine slip sometimes and that’s just okay.



~ Body ~

Marks & Spencer Nature’s Extracts Fresh Aloe Vera Exfoliating Body Scrub has been amazing. It keeps the skin smooth and smells so fresh and green.



~ Nails Wise ~

Essence Nail Polish in That’s What I Mint, Wanna Be Your Sunshine and Off To Miami by Essence have been gorgeous. I love wearing these three together.



~ Fragrance Wise ~

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell in Bloom and Victoria’s Secret Night body mists has been my favorite this year. I have loved using 212 VIP Perfume by Carolina Herrera a lot too this year.


~ Fashion ~

I loved my Leopard Ring by Max and my Leaf Ear Cuff by Parfois. The best picks of this year, ha. Let’s not forget my latest purchase Printed TightsI am in love with these and can’t wait to wear them out, haha.



~ Books ~

I am actually sad about this category because I didn’t read much this year. With what little I read Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell (Click here for review) has been the best book. I loved it so much and would recommend it to the whole wide world. A must, must read if you haven’t already. There are two other books I liked and did not review yet; 1- Fifty Shades of Grey (Book 1) which was all kind of amazing and 2- The Truth About Alice was such a good read and I would recommend it to every (teenage) girl out there.

I wish I could include The Book Thief and The Forty Rules of Love here but as I sucked at reading this year, these two will be included in next year’s post, lol.



~ Movies/Shows ~

I am not a movie person anymore. I’ve become too impatient for them. Favorite movie for this year has got to be The Fault in Our Stars (Click here for review). The book didn’t have that much affect on me the way the movie did. I simply loved it.

SHERLOCK and DOCTOR WHO!!!!! Team Moffat all the wayyy, haha!!! 😀 I have loved these two so muchhhh and these shows have made me cry buckets and buckets of tears but that’s alright. Mr Moffat is allowed to do as he pleases. I can’t wait to watch more of these two in 2015.


~ Music ~

Hmm, I have been hearing a few albums on repeat this year. For once I have heard old albums of One Direction on repeat. Then albums wise I have heard X by Ed Sheeran, Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey, Four by One Direction and 1989 by Taylor Swift. Singles wise: Rude by Magic, I Wanna Be Yours by Artic Monkey, Parachute (acoustic version) by Ingrid Michaelson (thanks Pretty Little Liars), Counting Stars and Love Runs Out by One Republic, Team by Lorde and Ayo Technology by Milow. Soundtrack wise: (500) Days of Summer.


I didn’t do Food favorites because… seriously how do you even decide that? Some life related stuff; I graduated from uni with Bachelors degree and I have started working full time now for an Electrical Engineering company.

 And that’s it. We have covered my year in 2014, ha.

Hope you guys had a good 2014. May you have a splendid 2015 filled with love, happiness and lots of peace of mind. 🙂

See you on the other side, aye! ❤

Love yourself – often and enough

~F x

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Review – The Fault in Our Stars (Movie)

*no spoilers included*

source: google
source: google

My last post was a review of The Fault in Our Stars book and some of my favorite parts from the book (Link Here). I thought to do a review for the movie too.

My friend and I went for The Fault in Our Stars movie last week on Wednesday and without a doubt loved it. I had previously seen its trailer and it really caught my attention. I wasn’t sure if I’d go for it though because I didn’t like the book much. I procrastinated for about two weeks before I went. I am so glad I didn’t miss it because I do believe the movie made me like the book. (That’s a first.)

The acting was so good. Ansel Elgort did an amazing job portraying a cocky yet lovable Augustus Waters. Shailene Woodly was the perfect sarcastic and gorgeous Hazel Grace. Their chemistry was strong and they looked totally adorable together. The direction was great, plot, everything was done so well. They have included as many parts as they could from the book, which is always a thumb’s up. The soundtrack was good too and suited the movie’s theme.

Things I loved the most about the movie

1-      Their text conversations. I loved how they popped up on the screen – totally cute. I loved Ansel’s smirk and all the charm he brought to the screen. He made me question how a guy can be so freaking cute and humble. Major loved him. I watched Shailene in Divergent and didn’t like her that much. I found her okay. Maybe it was the braid thing. But in TFIOS she looked super nice even with the tube. The short hair suited her so well. (I am contemplating on getting the same haircut because so attractive.)

2-      ‘Oh go fuck yourself’ –Hazel Grace

Haha, this was my most favorite part and ever since seeing the movie I am tempted to say this to quite a few people. 😛 I simply loved the way she said it.

3-      Isaac!!!!! What is there to not love about this character? He is in mortal pain. He has cancer, he is losing his eyesight and his girlfriend is crazy. I loved all his parts especially the one in the start where he is singing out loud while listening to music with headphones on.

4-      ‘I am a good person but a shitty writer. You are a shitty person but a good writer.’ The way Ansel’s said this; wow, wow, wow.

Things I didn’t like about the movie

1-      The ending.


Naww, it should’ve been

I Do

But Okay? 😦 Anyway, I do think it wouldn’t have gone with the whole scene, so understandable. But…

I do, Augustus.

I do.

2-      Two of my most anticipated parts weren’t there

Last shred of dignity..
I dislike living in a world without Augustus Waters. (me too, bro, me too.)

3- Also, i was on edge waiting for the whole Gus pissing scene because that would mean the ending was near. It never came. -.- *False anxiety alarm*

Every book movie has their pros and cons but TFIOS movie had way many pros than cons. Even though in Muscat all their kissing scenes and love scene was censored but we loved the movie. People were laughing at all the humorous scenes and then everyone cried too while I sat there like. 😐 *heartless moments*

If you haven’t gone for the movie yet, I’d strongly suggest you to go. Coming from a person who is very picky about what I watch I’d say don’t miss out on this one even if you haven’t read the book. This movie is love.

For those of you who have read the book and/or watched the movie, how did you find it? I would like to know your opinion. Leave a comment below. 🙂


Fam xx

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Book Review, Books

Review – The Fault in Our Stars (Book) & Some Favorite Parts

*no spoilers included*

source: google

This couldn’t come out at a better time, ha. I read the book last year but I only came around to writing a review now. *uni life is hectic*

What drew me in about the The Fault in Our Stars book was its cover. I am a massive book cover lover and I often buy books if I like the cover a lot. TFIOS cover was blue which turned it into an instant love because it is my all time favorite color.

I had read so many reviews on goodreads raving about the book and how it is going to make you cry so bad and stuff. I was looking forward to the entire emotional trauma but by page 77 from 177 I was still wondering where the crying bits were? Are they coming ahead? What am I supposed to feel about An Imperial Affliction? I hardly know what it was all about. Yes I loved Augustus’ cocky personality and how he had an opinion about everything. I loved Hazel’s sarcastic comments and how she could shut Gus up. I loved their love story but what I didn’t like was the whole Peter Van Houten part. It seemed very ‘extra’ like Mr. Green had to write about him to increase the number of pages. Isaac’s parts were hilarious too. He was a fun character.

The storyline is alright. I found the writing average. It was fast paced and within 177 pages everything ended, which is a good thing if you like to read short books. It can be used for light reading but I would say there wasn’t much of an emotional trauma. A character dying doesn’t always mean it’s a cry book. Another thing, the dialogues were amazing.

I went for the movie last week and loved it. It reminded about all the parts I found cute and like I mentioned above, the dialogues were really good and last night when I was cropping some to add in the post, I read them and reread them twice or thrice. I guess I might reread the book someday in the future after all.

PS. No offence intended towards John Green or any of his fan. I am looking forward to read more of his work.

PSS. Below are all my favorite parts from the book and some of my thoughts about them. There are a lot of pictures but I hope you guys don’t mind and enjoy them. 🙂 Content below will contain spoilers so if you don’t want to know them, don’t see the images below.


Fam ❤

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I often think about it. Our house/homes see us go through everything when nobody else does. We might be perfect from the outside, but its only our house who know how imperfect our lives are and how we break apart every night. *deep* (yes. i am making fun of myself)
It’s my privilege and responsibility xD
Positivity at its best. ❤
Only Gus ❤
Oh ❤ Favorite part ever ❤
This is what i keep saying to everyone.
Gus and I both agree Humans ruin everything. 😛 *antisocial moment*
Men all around the world. -_-


Oh I know this is everyone’s favorite line ~ It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you. ❤
I Hate You, Mr.Douche Pants.
This line always hits me. Family is such a sensitive topic to me.
Best Love Letter Ever ❤ Yrs ❤


I lit up like a Christmas tree… <!–3


Pay heed fellows – stop holding back your feelings from people who love and care about you
The world is not a wish-granting factory ~ I’ll fight it. I’ll fight it for you.. <!–3




It is a good life, Hazel Grace.
Punch him maybe, Hazel Grace?
This ❤




I wished this part was in the movie.


I felt the same when my best friend moved to USA and we barely used to talk because we were caught up with studies.
True that.
Funerals are for the living.





Humans are never satisfied.


Most favorite parts from here till the end.





Oh Gus ❤ why are you not real? 😦
That’s how you get out of the friendzone, bro. source: tumblr
Okay? Okay. source: tumblr
This part of Isaac should have been there in the movie. 😦 source: tumblr