Lately #14 ~ Summer Edition

1- Summer Skincare

Muscat is experiencing one of the craziest summer ever. The temperature goes as high as 54 degrees. The air conditioning is giving up again and again. It’s horrible. My skin is being more oily than usual. I am keeping things under control by using The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash every morning. It’s been helping in keeping the oiliness/grease away and keeping my complexion stable. I love my The Body Shop Cucumber Milk Cleanser but it wasn’t helping me with this crazy summer skin so I switched back to my Neutrogena Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit Facial Cleanser. I stopped using it because it would leave my face very dry but these days it is the only product that’s helping me in reducing breakouts and minimizing acne. I use it in the morning before my face wash and then later by itself in the evening. It is not a must that you use it twice a day. I do it when I feel my skin has become very greasy. I don’t like to over wash my skin because it strips off the natural oils.

2- Go to Mask ATM

I have been using Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Fruit Mask – Papaya + Apple – for Normal to Dry Skin. It’s an alright product. It’s quite drying and sometimes I get this intense burning sensation on my face when I have it on. The only reason I am using it these day is because my The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask is almost finished and right now whatever of it is left has turned into proper hard mud. I softened it by adding some rose water and it been working just fine.

3- On My Face

My Maybelline Fit Me Foundation isn’t working much wonders in this summer. It doesn’t stay for long and gets my face really oily. I purchased Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Nude Foundation in 100 Ivory a few weeks back and have been experimenting with it ever since. I thought it wouldn’t be that great but it is super good if you are looking for a foundation that would withstand this heat. It doesn’t budge at all. I will do a detailed review very soon because I have got lots to say about it. Stay tuned. 😉

4- On My Body

I am obsessed with Victoria’s Secret So Sexy fragrance these days. It’s a mix of floral and fruit smells and isn’t subtle at all in a very good way. The only thing that comes to my mind when I sniff it is – oh, so very sexy. For me it’s the perfect summer night out fragrance. Totally love it.

picture: internet

5- Obsession

I am obsessed with the idea of doing an extremely huge book haul these days. I mean at least 50 books. Yes, I do know that is far more books than I can read in a year but I am just obsessed right now. I am refraining from going to Borders or any online bookstores these days because I don’t trust myself. I am just going to lock myself in my room and wait this feeling out.

6- On My Cell

I finally got some new covers for my Samsung Note 3. I went to Dragon Mart for it. It’s a good place for such accessories. I am so happy with my purchase because I was sick of seeing my cell in the same covers. Yes, they had to be blue because you can just never have enough blue. I love them both. I don’t know if you can see it but the plain one actually has lines like threads. It’s really pretty in person. Did you see the tiny horns my Sully cover has? SUPER CUTE!!

What have you guys been up to? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

Love yourself often and enough,

~F x

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Empties #1

_1428829644686 (2)

Sorry for the lack of posts guys. There is something wrong with WordPress and Omantel connection here. I cannot access a lot of things on WP. Sometimes I can’t even view other blogs and that sucks. I hope they fix the problem soon because I want to get into the blogging zone again and want to discover more blogs too. I miss reading everything you guys have been posting.

For today I thought to share my garbage with you all, ha. I have been saving some of these empties from a while now and that’s absolutely gross but then it was necessary, lol.

Before we start I would like to tell you guys that back in the days I was very careful about what I pick. There wasn’t much experimenting involved. I am still careful but I do tend to experiment now. The stuff I am going to talk about is almost everything I would want to repurchase because they were really good. Now let’s get started. 😀

So I tried Carolina Herrera VIP 212 and loved it. The smell is strong, not very feminine and superb for any occasion. You can wear it on a daily basis or keep it for special occasions and it will go perfectly with anything. It might come off very strong in the beginning but you adjust pretty quickly. I love the packaging and do plan to repurchase it soon.

I remember Cabotine De Gres was suggested by Annayah to me and as soon as I had a sniff of it I knew I wanted it in my life. It’s my most favorite scent and I have worn it so much. I always used to get asked out about it. The sad thing is I went to repurchase it but they ran out of it and maybe another version of it came out and they discounted this one. That was quite upsetting but I shall find it and make it mine one day – like a gazillion bottles of it.

By the number of Olay Essential Beauty Fluid in this picture you might have already guessed my feelings for this product. Non greasy, smooth finish, hydrating – Olay Beauty Fluid for normal/combo skin is an essential for me. I go through a bottle very quickly now because I use it on a daily basis. It works as my moisturizer, primer, day and night cream; it’s basically everything for me. Thanks mum for getting me addicted to it. I have already repurchased it a number of times.

If there is one moisturizer I would prefer over Olay Essential Beauty Fluid it would be The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream. Extremely light on the skin, perfect for dry skin days because extremely hydrating, works amazingly to fix dry patches, gives a boost to your dull complexion and a superb primer. So many good qualities and I can still not make myself to repurchase it unless they put it up in the Sale section because RO 5.700 for a 50ml cream; I just can’t justify this purchase. If only they come up with a bigger tub I wouldn’t mind buying but 50ml is just too less.

I have raved about Olay Gentle Cleansers Softening Milk so much in a lot of posts. It was my favorite milk cleanser before I ran out of it and I found out they discounted it. It was the most non greasy milk cleanser, would remove my makeup in one go, was amazing as a facial routine and was generally very good. I plan to try the new Milk Cleanser they came out with but I doubt it will be as good as this one. Stay tuned for a review on it soonish because I am half way through with my The Body Shop Cucumber Milk Cleanser so Olay will be my next target.

The first time I used The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash I was not really sure if I would repurchase it. The thing is I like changing my face wash after I am done with one or I just buy a new one while already using one because I get bored and I like variety for my face washes. This bottle was very trying. It’s huge (250ml) and took me nearly 8 months to finish. I was frustrated in between and bought a Neutrogena face wash but returned to Tea Tree face wash because IT’S INCREDIBLE!! It smells a little funny in the start but the way it clears your skin after a night, no other product can. It’s very soothing and brightens your complexion. It doesn’t do much for your acne but it does help with oiliness. I repurchased it even before it ended because that’s just how much I cannot live without this product.

YC Whitening Facial Scrub with Mulberry Extract – officially my favorite scrub ever. Gentle on the skin, scrubs in well, made out of natural stuff and an extremely economical price; I love it. I repurchased it in Avocado this time. It smells a lot like Nair hair removing cream lol but love how well it exfoliate without hurting the skin.

I love my waterline black as the darkest night and nothing does that well than Maybelline The Colossal Kajal in Black/Noir. It stays in place for a really long time and is generally very good. Can be used as an eyeliner too but not for people like me who have no eyelid space. I repurchased it the moment it ended. It’s a staple.

And we are done. I hope I did not bore you guys to death because this was a really long post. I never thought it would be. o_O

Until next time,


~F x

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Catch-up Posts


Hieee Guys!!

Hope everyone had a good week and is ready for the weekend. I am rounding up some of my recent posts in this new edition of Catch-Up Post series yet again. I believe this week was quite good content vise. I blogged about varying things. Here’s what I have posted recently.

Catch-up #5

1- THOUGHT OF THE DAY – I think I am going to include such posts more. I like sharing my thoughts on the blog every now and then. This was just a picture. Maybe I will start writing a little bit too under the images I share.

2- Mood of The Day ~ Louis Tomlinson ♥ – A little bit of Louis a day goes a long way for me. This guy is my one true love. ❤

3- REVIEW ~ The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream – My go-to product on no-makeup days. Must read review.

4- BOOK REVIEW ~ Divergent Series by Veronica Roth – Finally got around to writing a review for Divergent series. If you are a fan, you wouldn’t like it. It’s spoilers-free btw.

5- A BIT OF SHOPPING #3 ~ The Body Shop Mini Haul – Picked up three beauts from the recent The Body Shop sale. So habby.

6- REVIEW ~ Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 – Bobbi Brown foundation is one thing that won’t disappoint you. One more must read review. 🙂

7- Song of the Day ~ – I’m a Brooklyn Baby, I’m a Brooklyn Babyy~

8- Currently Reading ~ Half Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat – Started this book a few days back and got done with it this morning. Loved it ❤

That’s it for this week guys. Have a wonderful weekend.

See you on the other side.


~F x

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Flawless Face On a No Makeup Day (Beauty Routine)

Copy of 20140906_153623

Copy of 16


Do you some days feel like you don’t want to put any makeup on and just wash your face, be out of the house but still have a flawless face? While some of us may be blessed with blemish free and non oily skin, I certainly am not one of them. I have faded pimple marks from when I was a teenager and some of the blemishes I have are quite recent and prominent. Me walking out of the house without any product on and being totally ignorant about is no more possible. Even though my makeup craze has only now begin and I want to use every product I get my hands on, I do have those days too when I don’t even want to be reminded of something called foundation, let alone put it on my face. For such days I have come up with a routine of my own that I have been putting into successful practice.

After waking up and doing my skincare routine, I apply Olay Essential Moisturizer on my face and neck. Olay moisturizer is non greasy, soaks into the skin quickly and works as an excellent face primer. I then take The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream in shade 01. It is of light to medium coverage. It is very lose in consistency so while taking it from the bottle I make sure the opening side is upwards. I take two drops of it and put it all over my neck and face in dotted form. I then spread it using my finger tips. Once done, I take my favorite Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 20 and apply it on areas that need more coverage like under my eyes and some prominent blemishes.

Applying Kajal/Kohl is a very important part for me before I leave home. If you see me without it you will think I had been crying or am sick. So if it’s a makeup day or even a no makeup one, Kajal/Kohl is a must. Once done with the face I focus on eyes and take Maybelline The Closssal Kajal Eyeliner Pencil Black and apply it all over my water line. That’s my eyes done. I then take The Body Shop Born Lippy Pot Lip Balm in Strawberry and apply it all over my lips in generous amount. This leaves my lips soft, moisturized, glossy and pink stained. If I feel like I can do more I sometimes apply Maybelline Color Sensational Shine Gloss in 130 Fuchsia Flash on top of The Body Shop Lip Born Lippy Balm.

That’s my face done as minimal as possible.

What routine do you go for when you feel like having a no makeup day?

Much Love,

~F x

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Have you ever encountered a situation where you have been using products that have been a part of your skincare routine since years but they aren’t working for you anymore? This is one situation I have been facing from a few months.

I had been a Clean & Clear girl since forever. I switched to Neutrogena once in middle school but it didn’t suit my skin. However, Himalaya Herbals is one brand that did. I used their Neem Face Wash to help me with acne and oily skin. So recently when I started facing those problems again including dull complexion, which my trusted Clean & Clear face-wash wasn’t helping in solving, I realized it was time for a change.

I went and repurchased Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Wash as it had worked for me previously and I was looking for a budget product only to replace my Clean & Clear face-wash. Within a month of using Himalaya Herbals Neem face-wash I realized it wasn’t helping me. I was still having acne and my face used to get oily very soon. I am not one to waste products so I waited for it to end before I bought another one. My second try was Himalaya Herbals Gentle Hydrating face wash. To my dismay, it didn’t work either. It would leave my skin feeling greasy and my complexion was getting duller by the day. I don’t know if it was due to this product or some other reasons. Anyway I realized I needed a new and different brand altogether if I needed to see results. I ended up going to the most trusted place for skincare products – The Body Shop.

I had been eyeing The Body Shop products from quite a while but was reluctant to shop from them due to the price tag but when I did my first haul from there (Link Here: Part 1 & Part 2) last month and used their products I realized they are worth the money.

TBS Tea Tree Facial Wash

In my hunt for a good face wash I came across The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash. I can’t even begin to explain how amazing this face wash is. It not only restored my natural fair and glowing skin within first three washes, it also helped in removing the excessive oil from my face. I have read so many reviews saying it dries up your skin and is for people with really oily skin. I felt that way in my fifth wash or so, but once I was done washing I would pop on my moisturizer and my skin would go back to feeling dewy. The smell got me off guard as I’ve never used any product made of natural things. I found the smell funny but got used to it. Once you put the face wash on its like having mint on you face as it gives such a cooling effect. It did sting me in the eye a little bit (no I did not put it in my eye) which I guess is due to its cooling effect only. Overall this product helped me A LOT. Only regret, I didn’t buy it earlier. It would have saved me a lot of time, mental stress and money. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with oily or combination skin both. It is so good in dealing with excessive facial oil and anyone dealing with dull complexion.

Till next time, lovelies!

Love yourself – often and enough! (And don’t fear on spending a little more on your skincare products. It will go a long way and save you from the mental stress which is worst than money issues, trust me.)



Wishlist #1 ~ Summer Lovin’

Hiee Beoble 😀

Did I ever tell you guys about how bad I am at shopping? Or how annoying I find the whole process? Well not really anymore as I shop quite often now but previously the word shopping itself used to give me headache. I was never a very girly sort of a girl. I was more of a tomboy and anything girly would instantly bug me. As the years went by that part of me started to sober down and now I enjoy a lot of activities that I previously used to hate; shopping for once, cleaning the house, being in the kitchen preparing food, etc.

Lately I have been shopping like a diva and would like to tell you guys I survive on a pocket money as I don’t work yet. I am pretty broke right now because oh I am so good at planning my shopping lists and how-to-save money plans. (Signboard: Sarcasm – for any Sheldon Cooper out there reading this. Ps. I love you) Summer is full swings in Muscat with temperature rising to over 45 degrees in the day and the sun being brighter than any yellow/orange dress I will ever own. Ever single store here is on bumper sale – 50% off, 60% off, 70% off. Days like these I wish I had a very strong saving plan, but I don’t so I shall just look at them with wishful eyes.

To satisfy my broke self I came up with a wish list in hopes of organizing my needs and wants and buy things on priority basis and not succumb to being an impulsive shopper. I know it’s hard not to be one but I also believe that if you work according to a plan it can be avoided. Following is my wish list #1 for summer.

Wishlist #1

1-      The Body Shop Tea Tree facial wash – Because we are having a crazy summer, I need something that will help me fight off oily skin and acne

2-      The Body Shop Tea Tree body wash – I actually have heard a lot about this range from TBS and I want to try it myself to see if it helps acne on body too.

3-      The Body Shop Vitamin E overnight oil-in-serum – skincare, skincare, skincare – how much more can I emphasis on it now. I read quite a lot of good reviews about this product and I want to give it a go as recently my skin hasn’t been like it used to be. It’s rough and breaking out very often. I do believe I need to invest in good skincare products and eat/drink healthy too.

4-      Nike Free Trainers – Summer is the best season to work out and get into shape. No matter you workout indoors or out, you sweat a lot and you lose quickly. I want to lose whatever weight I have gained in my last two college semester and get fit hence I need me some Nike Free Trainers in Mint specifically because Nike is sturdy and Mint is lovely. 😉

5-      Essence 146 That’s What I Mint – now that we have Essence here in Oman I am dying to try their nail polishes. That’s What I Mint is such a soothing mint, I definitely want it in my collection.

6-      Essence 145 Flashy Pumpkin – 10 points to you if it reminded you of the Slutty Pumpkin from How I Met Your Mother. Flashy Pumpkin is a mix of Peachy Orange and I find it so attractive. Summer is all about bright colors.

7-      GAP Sandals – These lovely sandals were posted by Angie on her blog and immediately caught my attention. They are exactly what I have been wanting. Most of the stores are coming up with similar styles and I think I will go bankrupt trying to buy them all. Love these. Really hoping I can get my hands on them. *fingers crossed* (PS. Angie has a lovely blog. You should head over there are give hers a read and follow her too. You won’t regret it 🙂 )

I hope you enjoyed my wish list and this might have helped you in adding a little something to your own wish list. If you are making a wish list do let me know as I will be more than happy to read your wish list and blog too. 🙂

Till next time,

Love yourself often and enough!

Fam xx