Nighttime Skincare Routine


I am not really a routine kind of a person. I like to use different products that too whenever I want to so following a routine has never been my thing. However, recently I made a little effort in sorting a nighttime skincare routine for myself because I need to finish off products so I can buy new ones, ha. Also because I want to write in-depth honest reviews.

I wear foundation almost every day now so the first thing I do when I come home is take it off by applying The Body Shop Cucumber Cleansing Milk. It is one of the greasiest cleansing milk I have tried and under normal circumstances I would have hated it but this product does wonders for my skin. It takes of the makeup in a jiffy and doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped off any moisture after I wash it with water. If I have a lot of makeup on my face I first remove it and then I go on a second round with this cleanser just to massage my face and pamper it a little extra. It feels so good and helps fighting any next day break out.

In case my skin is feeling dull and there is sign of breakout, I go for The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask because it is just amazing at fight off acne. It presses new pimples down and makes sure there are no new ones the next day under normal circumstances. It evens out my skin too and gives me a smooth canvas for the next steps.

Next I go with The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner for Combination/oily skin. I take a few drops on a cotton pad and rub it in my skin. I focus on my nose because I have horrible blackheads problem and no matter what I try they don’t go away. I have noticed if I use this toner regularly there are fewer blackheads on my skin which makes me very happy. It is so light and refreshing on the skin you can feel it tingle. I am half way through with this mini and can’t wait to get my hands on the full sized bottle.

Once the toner has sunk in, I take a few drops of The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil and warm it between the palms of my hand. I then apply it on my face dabbing it and later massaging it in circular motions. This product has helped me a lot with restoring my complexion blurring acne marks. I breakout when I am stressed, not eating right or abandon cleansing completely so new pimples keep coming and the marks are increasing. I am trying to combat them with this product and so far it’s working well.

After the serum/oil I go for moisture and my pick is either The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream because it is very light on skin and is quite liquid so you get in a little massage time or Olay Essentials Beauty Fluid because it sinks in real quick and does the moisture job pretty well too. I usually go for oily/combo one but my mum picked up normal/combo this time. It still works great.

Guys I want you to keep this in mind that these beauty products only work if you use them on a regular basis. They are not a permanent fix. If you want a permanent fix you need to take care a lot of your physical health and mental as well. I am prone to stress and sadness and I do try to fight them off but I don’t win every time. Hence I use these products because I welcome a little extra help. 🙂 So far this routine has been working quite well for me unless my internal system messes it up.

I am quite low maintenance still in this skincare department but I do plan to include some more products soon but let’s just leave it for another post. 😉

Let me know if there is a product you would like me to try and review. Blackheads and acne are my main problem so any help/suggestion would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


~Fatima x

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FOTD with New Drugstore Purchases

I thought to do a Face of The Day with some products I recently bought. I haven’t done any FOTD posts before so if you like it, do let me know and I might post some more. 🙂



This is an everyday kind of a look for me these days. Starting from primer, I don’t own one and rely on my The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream. My skin has been acting up recently and I have got dry patches on my cheeks. I prep my skin by apply the Moisture Cream as it hydrates those dry patches instantly and gives me an even canvas to apply my foundation on. I take my newly purchased Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Foundation in shade 115 Ivory. This is such an incredible foundation. I had been eyeing it since forever and I finally get the chance to experiment with it. I use about one and a half or two pumps. It is liquid so it gives you about two to three minutes to set it before it settles. I don’t use a foundation brush yet and apply it with my fingers in a stippling motion. Maybelline Fit Me gives a smooth finish and feels weightless on the skin – definitely my kind of foundation. I will do a detailed review on it soon. For blusher I went for a light pink tone without any contouring this time.

Once done with the face I go for the eyes. I keep it quite basic. I use Maybelline The Colossal Kajal in Black/Noir on my water line. If I don’t use any kajal/kohl my eyes look quite dead/sad. For eyeshadow I went for an orange color with copper/rust touch. For eyeliner I use Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen in shade 01 Blackest Black Noir Intense. An easy to use liquid pen eyeliner that stays on for half a day at least. Its my most favorite and recommended eyeliner. For Lashes I use Essence Get Big Lashes Volume Curl Mascara. This is an amazing Mascara as it gives such a great volume to your lashes without clumps. Love this product. Detailed review for this one will be up soon too.

For lips I use Maybelline Baby Lips in 05 Quenched to prep them as it sinks in real quick and doesn’t leave much of a residue. I apply my lipstick on top of it. Here I used Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in number 12. It is a bright orange that I bought as compensation to MAC So Chaude. I tried So Chaude and I don’t think I can rock that color (This doesn’t guarantee I won’t buy it). Rimmel Kate Moss in number 12 looks much better on me. If you dap your lips on a tissue paper after applying this lipstick, it gives a salmon color which looks quite good too.

I hope you guys liked this post! If you did do leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading 🙂

~F x

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SKINCARE ~ The Perfect Moisturizer To Fix Dry Patches

I have combination to oily skin. I get a lot of dry patches around my T zone and cheeks and my skin becomes very tight after I’ve washed my face. It’s very annoying because I like to make faces 😛 and when I do so, my skin stretches and hurts. Nothing was really helping me fix this problem for the long run and then I discovered The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream. I had bought it just because I wanted to try something else other than my standard Olay Essential Moisturizer. You want to try new things when you start writing about beauty and skincare, right? The reaction it had on my skin was amazing. I didn’t notice it right away though. It happened a week or so later.

Vit E (1)

Vit E (2)

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream has an extremely cute packaging. It comes in a 50ml pink tub with a black cap. It is pink in color and of creamy texture. It smells amazing like the rest of the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop. I started using it regularly after washing my face in the morning. It is an extremely light formula and you can’t really feel it, though your skin feels instantly hydrated, super soft and smooth. It stays that way for hours without any greasiness.

After using it for about a week and a half I noticed I wasn’t getting any dry patches after washing my face and without having anything on the skin. I have been using it as a face primer lately and noticed fewer breakouts. It’s been keeping my skin well hydrated underneath all the makeup. I am so happy with this product and would recommend it to all because I have also noticed how it has somewhat reduced oiliness on my skin. A must try product for anyone facing the same skin problems I do.


~F x

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A Bit of Shopping

A BIT OF SHOPPING #3 ~ The Body Shop Mini Haul

The Body Shop Mini Haul

The shops in Muscat are on sale these days thanks to the upcoming National Day. I sneaked into The Body Shop to have a little peak. The store is offering amazing discounts and I got my hands on a few lovely items. Two of them were mentioned in My Pamper Routine (Click Here)

1- The Body Shop Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask

I mentioned it in a recent wishlist i did. (Click here to see it) I was desperate to get my hands on it as I’ve heard such rave reviews about it. I tried it on my hand while I was in the shop and liked its feel. Some people say it smells pungent but it smells just fine. Don’t judge it by its Tester. Testers always smell odd. If I were to judge on it I wouldn’t have ever bought The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter which smells amazing in real but its Tester always smells gross.

I have tried the mask on a couple of times and I have stuff to say about it. A review will be coming up soon so stay tuned! 😀

2- The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

I am already using the Overnight Serum-in-Oil from this range. So when I started looking to try a new moisturizer I thought to get one from the Vitamin E range only.  It smells heavenly and so far its working well with my skin. A detailed review will be up soon. If you want to read my review on the Serum in Oil (Click Here).

3- The Body Shop Cucumber Milk Cleanser

This was such a random pick. It was on half price and I really needed a gentle cleanser so I just grabbed it. Also, I wanted to try a different milk cleanser than my usual one from Olay. Cucumber Milk Cleanser comes in a huge bottle and I think it will last me quite a while. A review will be up soon. If you want to read Olay Milk Cleanser review (Click Here)

The sale is till 19th November and I might go again to have a little peak, ha!

Have a good day ya’ll! 🙂


~F x

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