Fitness Diary: January

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I didn’t make a very elaborate resolution list this year because 1) I didn’t have the time to and 2) situations always change. So I thought to stick with the most basic things I would like to achieve and adjust accordingly. My first priority this year is towards my fitness. A few weeks back I wrote about my muscle injury that occurred last year. (Click here to read) I thought maybe you guys will be interested in reading how I plan to get back into my routine.

I would like to state here that I am not a professional and I am still very much a beginner. I have never followed a fitness plan through. I would achieve a certain goal and then just let myself lose which is the worst thing one can do. My only aim is to write about positive and healthy fitness methods that I personally follow. So if you’re someone who made a commitment to their fitness at the start of this year, stick around. I plan to share quite a bit of my fitness journey here and maybe that might inspire you to stay focused, motivated and on track. 🙂

So, ever since I got a green signal from my injured muscle, I have been looking for ways to get back into a proper routine without hurting myself again. I am being very conscious with whatever I do because the fear of relapsing several times before is still afresh in my mind and I want to avoid it at any cost. Personally I have never been someone who would work out at a low intensity. That just never cut out for me. I was always one of those highly intense working out type and yes I do want to get back to it – but at a very slow pace. Right now I don’t have much of stamina but it will build up as I keep trying.

The Goal: I have accumulated quite a lot of fat and look like Mark Gatiss (Mycroft) in 1800s from BBC Sherlock: The Abominable Bride right now. So my first goal is to lose as much fat as I can. I haven’t decided on KGs I want to lose yet because I don’t want to pressurize myself and end up doing some reckless routine and relapse. My second goal is to work out at least five days a week. Be very specific with your goals because that’s how you end up knowing what needs to be done aka formulating your plan.

The Plan: For starters I want to start off with cardio at least four days a week. I am being very realistic here. My life tends to get extremely busy when I least expect it so the only sensible plan is to walk at least four days because 5km takes an hour and 10 minutes for me and I can’t take that much time out if I have deadlines to meet within two hours at a 2 minute notice. I started yesterday with 5km walk on the treadmill. It left me quite sweaty and huffy puffy which is always great. So I am going to keep to it for at least four weeks that is till end of January. I picked cardio because I have noticed that I lose the most when I am walking a lot. If you think there is an exercise that helps you the most, stick to it and tweak it in intensity every now and then.

The Alternative: Now I do tend to get bored easily so on days when cardio isn’t cutting out for me I would switch to an exercise circuit of my choice. If you Google, you will find a gazillion circuits that you can do. Pick the one you like the most and you feel can push you a little harder. For me I am sticking with Eat Run Lift Winter Guide 2015 that I got for free after registering on their website. It’s run by Rachel Aust (youtuber) and her partner Beau. They are an incredible fitness duo. This winter guide has a great beginner routine that makes me almost die catching my breath by the time I am done with it andI damning well love it.

What are your fitness goals for this year? Let me know in the comments below and let’s get fit together. 🙂

All the very best for 2016, guys!


~F x

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Lately #12


1- Live In Muscat

After delaying purchasing Ed Sheeran’s ticket in the first few weeks of the announcement and then losing on the tickets when they all sold out, I cried for weeks and weeks on end begging someone, anyone, to sell me their ticket. I finally got lucky this week and got a regular ticket for extra price but that’s okay I guess. So yap, Ed will be here in the end of Feb and I am going nuts. Gotta start listening and memorizing all his song, ha. 😀


2- W.H. Smith Hauling

So let’s ask who spends a fortune on notebook that they will never use? Me, guys, me. I went to W.H. Smith two weeks back and saw these and I knew I was going to take them home with me. I spent shit load of money on these three notebooks and I don’t regret anything. Now I just need to think what I’ll use them for.

Copy of DSC05772

3- New in Kitchen

The splurging didn’t end up there. I bought a new mug saying I need a separate cup for Hot Chocolate cuz com’n how can I have Hot Chocolate in my Coffee Mug. Don’t you agree?

615 women men work shutterstock nmedia

4- Office Series

I am going to be writing an Office series kind of a thing for February. I plan to write a post every Monday till February end. To know what all will be in it, don’t forget to check my blog at 7am (GMT +4). I am excited to be doing something different on the blog. I hope you guys like it.


5- Sadness

I am a very moody person and I tend to get very sad for reasons that shouldn’t bother me that much. I am sensitive but refuse to accept it. I think I can deal with everything without getting affected by it but it’s never true. Lately I have been covered with foam of sadness and I don’t know how to get out of it. From outside I look fine but inside my mind is in chaos and I just hope to get a fix because it’s driving me mad.


6- Exercise

I think it’s high time I get back to exercising seriously. I have been lacking so much and I have gained so many extra kgs that when I look at myself in the mirror I can’t recognize it’s me. I plan to keep a Journal and schedule my exercise for the next day in advance so I am mentally prepared. If this works for me I will share it with you all too.


And yaay another Lately post done. I don’t know if I’ll have anything to share for next week but if I do there will be a Lately post, but if there is nothing going on I’ll prolly do a normal post or something.

Thanks for reading guys! Means a lot ❤


~F x

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